A good direct response copywriter has only one goal in mind when it comes to writing copy.

It’s not to sound pretty…

Boost my (or your) ego…

Or increase “brand awareness”. 

My job as a copywriter is to get you results.

Whether that result is an opt-in to a lead magnet, a purchase of a tripwire product, or sales of a subscription or high end consulting package…

My copy should bring you measurable results we can test and optimize over time.

If you’re looking for a direct response copywriter who understands the type of copy you need….

  • Insert ads
  • Advertorials
  • Articles
  • News Items
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Letters
  • Direct Mail Pieces
  • Welcome Emails
  • Email Autoresponder Sequences
  • Sales Emails
  • Adword Ads
  • Space Ads
  • Book Blurbs and Sales Copy
  • ClickFunnels Copywriting
  • Funnel Copywriting
  • And more…

Then I’m the copywriter for you. Contact me today at (317)296-1627, by using my contact form, by Skype at lynnswayze1, or by emailing me. 

I’ve written for various organizations since I started in December 2015, including:

  • CEG Worldwide
  • Nuance (PowerPDF)
  • SQL Data Partners
  • Psych Insights for Modern Marketers
  • The McMethod Email Training
  • Get Fit Now
  • SlideWave LLC
  • David Berman Plastic Surgery
  • Berrolia iPhone Cases
  • Various marketing agencies

Contact me today at (317)296-1627, by using my contact form, by Skype at lynnswayze1, or by emailing.

9 Benefits to Hiring Lynn Swayze as your Direct Response Copywriter

Benefit to You #1 : Copywriter Lynn Swayze comes to you already trained in Direct Response.

Do you really want to have to train your copywriter before he or she starts on a project? Unlike other copywriters, Lynn Swayze is perpetually learning direct response copy and all the latest “ninja” moves to increase sales. This includes taking part in things like the Gary Halbert 30 Day Copywriting Challenge, AWAI Advanced Training, Ramit Sethi’s Call to Action, and membership in Digital Marketer. (Plus too many other books, courses, etc to count.)

Benefit to You #2: Quick Turnaround

I subscribe to the Clayton  Makepeace school of thought on copy. That is… it shouldn’t take weeks and weeks to write good copy. With the proper research, good copy shouldn’t take forever to write. I can turn around most copy in under 15 days provided you’ve given me enough background information.

Benefit to You #3: Affordable Fee Structure

I completely understand that it’s difficult to find good copy for reasonable rates. That’s why I keep fees reasonable. Right now, I’d rather get results and data than make millions of bucks off of you.

I have three different fee structures:

  1. Pay me for the time I put in for you. It’s not my preferred method of billing, but it works for many. If you’re an agency or someone who can provide consistent work (e.g., in-house copywriting), then this method might work for you. My rate is $50 per hour.
  2. Pay me for the work I do for you. This is done by flat fee per project. Fees range from $100 to $15000 per project.
  3. Pay me for the results I get you. Fee + Commissions. My rate is $1000 down plus 5% of net profits. (Gross minus refunds)

Benefit to You #4: Direct Communication

I’m not one of these mountaintop guru copywriters who can’t be bothered to talk to his or her clients. If you need me, I’m here. I answer questions. I offer advice. I take criticism. Whatever it is, know that you can easily reach me when you need me.

Benefit to You #5: Drama Free Team Member

I’m not a diva. I don’t think I’m the greatest person on the planet just because I can write copy. I can accept criticism and feedback on my copywriting. I won’t pick fights with your current team members or otherwise cause you problems.

Benefit to You #6: Tested Advertising

As a direct response copywriter I welcome testing such as split tests, measured marketing, and all that jazz. I want to know whether my copy is actually working (e.g., making you money) based on hard data… not gut feeling or wishful thinking.

Benefit to You #7: Already in the Copy Community

I’m a proud member of Kevin Rogers’ Copy Chief as well as other groups (AWAI, Digital Marketer, Cult of Copy, etc). If you need other team members for your project, I’ll be able to connect you to some of the top players in the industry. Also, you can bet that you’ll be able to ask others in the industry about me to verify and allay your concerns. In other words, I’m not some fly-by-night writer. I’m a professional who wants to be in this industry for the long haul.

Benefit to You #8: Extra Marketing Help

I’m a student of direct response and digital marketing as well as the copywriting… which means that I can help you plan your strategy. While I work mostly as a copywriter, I can provide tips on things like:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Inbound Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Positioning
  • Pricing Strategy

Benefit to You #9: RESULTS

I’m not satisfied if you aren’t getting results in terms of more prospects, more customers, and more sales. I’m more than happy to rewrite a piece of copy after 30 days to act as a split-test against the original copy and campaign.

Contact me today at (317)296-1627, by using my contact form, by Skype at lynnswayze1, or by emailing me.