Are you making the copywriting mistake that plagues most tech firms?

When I talk to many software entrepreneurs like yourself, one thing I hear over and over again is that they don’t like writing marketing copy.

It’s too salesy, takes too much time, and they don’t know where to start.

So they do it themselves, hire someone on Fiverr, or worse…

Do nothing at all.

But what’s the potential cost of not solving the copywriting problem?


That can be the cost of not solving your “copy problem.”

Is good copywriting really that important? You bet it is. The words on your site sell your products and services.

It’s easier to understand the reason a web business fails if we first understand how the problem started in the first place.


Here’s how it happens for many businesses (yours too?):

  1. Someone goes into business (maybe as a startup or consulting firm)
  2. Then they set up a website (probably a free template or theme)
  3. They write the copy themselves, talking about themselves, to …. someone?
  4. They pray to the SEO gods that “tags” and “inbound content marketing” will generate leads automagically
  5. They wait for the orders to roll in

….Guess what happens next?

Nothing. Nothing happens.

Most websites are like ghost towns. You can literally see the tumbleweeds as they bounce down the street. And worse, most marketing efforts (if there are any efforts to speak of) fail miserably.

The sales problem that plagues most businesses isn’t always tied to copywriting, but in more cases than not, the strength of the marketing copy matches the response of the marketing effort.



Is it possible that you’re just one copywriting job away from financial success with your business?

… one informative white paper away from a full email list of prospects?

… one well-crafted LinkedIn messaging campaign away from an inbox full of eager prospects?

… one saliva-inducing landing page away from a successful launch?

… one enticing Kickstarter page away from millions?

Good copy is that important.

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The cost of not fixing your copywriting problem could quite literally be everything.

The solution: hire a copywriter who specializes in technology company copywriting.

In most cases, I can solve your copywriting problem. And if I can’t or don’t think we’re a good fit, I’ll provide a warm introduction to a few of my copywriting buddies who are likely a better fit.

If I’m wrong but you still hired me, then you will have at least gained marketing insights and positioning knowledge too, as I’m pretty generous with  my clients and always thinking of ways for them to improve their business, just like I’d do with my friends that I want to see making a million bucks a year.

If I’m wrong but you still hired me, you’ll have copy for landing pages, email campaigns, adwords, LinkedIn, and more that at the very worst you’ll repurpose for other needs.

If I’m wrong and you didn’t hire me, then maybe you’ll suddenly make a lot of money through your copy and get the kind of quality clients you’ve always dreamed of pounding on your door.

If I’m wrong and you don’t hire me, then maybe you’ll make it rich without the help of a copywriter that’s spent thousands of dollars and hours into learning the craft that makes the big guys millions. (Hand copying hundreds of ads… mentoring with the big gurus… reading all of the books… getting painful copy critique… it goes on an on.)

…. but what if I’m right?

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