“A Pile” Positioning (Plus 8 Ways to Stand Out)

If you read this article to the end, you’ll get at least 8 ways to immediately improve your marketing so you win more bids, get quality clients, and ultimately love your job a bit more than you do now. You’ll also learn more about the “A Pile” theory from Gary Halbert and why commoditization sucks eggs.

The Importance of Rapport

What I’ve found is that entrepreneurs and marketers start their message at themselves and what they want to say, rather than starting with market research and what the buyer wants to hear. In today’s essay I discuss a podcast episode, rapport, and salesmanship in print.

Myths Tech Consulting Firms Believe that Kill Sales

Is your tech consulting firm passing around these money-sucking myths? Find out how to really market so that your website begins to build you a database of leads that actually convert to sales. End RFPs, pitching, and poor fit clients TODAY.