“Copywriting is the foundation of a strategic marketing mix. The right messages — presented in the right way — will be the key to successful content marketing in today’s competitive climate.”

— AWAI “State of the Industry Report on Copywriter Rates and Top Performing Marketing Methods”


For example price ranges for the industry, see AWAI’s Copywriter Rates Report.

1. Flat Project Fee for Copywriting

Customers who know that they’ll make a lot of money on an ad prefer this option because it caps what they pay me for my work. Flat fees range from $50 to $15,000 depending on your project scope.

Read the Copy Methodology Page for more information about my process.

2. Hourly Rate for Copywriting

This option is for agencies or in-house copywriting only (average 20 hours/month). My fee is $50 per hour and I invoice twice a month for regular clients.

3. Percentage of Sales / Commission Copywriting

A third option is to simply share a small portion of the revenue shared. In this model, I’m investing in you as much as you’re investing in me. This model also requires that you have a good tracking system in place for your ads and funnels. This option is perfect for new ClickFunnels entrepreneurs, high ticket consultants, and information marketers.