Lynn’s Ultimate Copywriting Resource Page

Lynn’s Ultimate Copywriting & Marketing Resource Page

This is my ongoing bookmark page of posts, books, and resources relating to marketing and copywriting.  A downloadable PDF version is coming soon.

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Copywriting & Marketing Training Courses

  • AWAI Advanced Training
  • AWAI Accelerated Training for Six Figure Copywriting
  • Call to Action (Ramit Sethi/IWT)
  • NLP Copywriting with Harlan Kilstein
  • Email Alchemy with Daniel Levin
  • CopyChief
  • Copywriting Forums & Memberships
  • Marketing Forums & Memberships
  • Copyhackers Training
  • 3X Sellerator VSL Training

Books on Copywriting

Podcasts I love

NLP, Hypnosis, and Persuasion

  • Book –
  • YouTube Channel – NLPPower with David Snyder

Learn Copywriting Storytelling

  • Daniel Levin

Email Copywriting & Marketing

Write Better Landing Pages

Pricing Strategy


High Ticket Selling

Webinars & Master Class Funnels


Useful Tools