"I want to send YOU my secret for organizing documentation." 

I use this spreadsheet to track and organize documents inside Google Drive. I want to send YOU a copy for free as a thank you for visiting the site. Just let me know where to send your copy and I'll rush it to you ASAP. 

Operations Consultant, Copywriter,
Project Manager, and Polyglot. 

How can Lynn Swayze help you today?

Hi, my name is Lynn Swayze.

I've spent the last twelve years in a variety of industries, learning how organizations work from the inside out. I've served organizations as a Marketing Coordinator, Helpdesk Team Lead, a Direct Response Copywriter, an IT Business Analyst, and a Marketing Project Manager.

Now, I help organizations (especially small businesses) with their operations, processes, and conversions ... so they're more profitable across the board no matter what their long-term goals are.

Together, we'll address five areas in your business: Delegation, Documentation, Conversion, Optimization, and Automation. And I give you a LOT of free resources on this site to make that happen. 

I also talk about my personal interests such as language learning, direct response marketing, entrepreneurship, and mastering new skills. You can find more about me, my side projects, and other important information on my About page. 

Again, thank you for visiting and I wish you all the best, no matter who you are.

Here's to your health, wealth, and abundance,
Lynn Swayze