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The Irresistible Lead Magnet Guide for Tech Consultants and Solution Providers

Unsure how to create assets that generate more opt-ins and pre-sell your core offers without wasting your time with lead magnets that won't work? If so, this free guide is for you.

When you download, you'll discover. . . .

  • 18 types of lead magnets you could create for your business. . . including some you might not have heard of. (One is especially helpful for SAAS!)
  • The essential elements of your lead magnet funnel, including the exact types of emails you should send to generate results
  • Which questions to ask to ensure your lead magnet is aligned with who you're trying to attract and what you want to sell

 BONUS! Includes a downloadable "Checklist" (pictured above) to ensure every campaign has all of the essential elements for success

About Direct Response Marketing Strategist Lynn Swayze


I'm Lynn Swayze

My name is Lynn Swayze (yes, related to that Swayze) and I'm the go-to OfferWhisperer™, Direct Response Copywriter, and Direct Response Marketing Strategic Advisor for 6, 7, and 8 figure consultants and info-preneurs you've probably heard of, seen on TV, or bought from.

My job is to get my technology and information marketing clients RESULTS they can count on.

For example . . .

My last direct response client paid me $20,000 and earned over $1MM thanks to the sales copy I wrote for him.

A technology consultant paid me $30,000 to get a sales and marketing system that got him an extra $36,000 per year, per client. This let him immediately go from a team of one to a team of five and start a second location faster than expected.

A tech CEO got "the biggest project ever" for their tech firm after launching a client-getting LinkedIn funnel and some service productization. (We're talking 6 figures here.)

A B2B sales consultant (and info-marketers) went from $0/month to $30K/month in the FIRST 30 DAYS of launching an offer I developed for him and his team.

And that's just a drop in the bucket of all I've done in the past six years offering my services to tech consultants, technology service providers, and info-marketers.

Today, I can be hired to help with direct response marketing campaigns for information marketers, as your Expert HubSpot Advisor and Technologist, or as your Strategic Marketing Consultant helping you align your sales and marketing for more leads, revenue, and results.

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