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Overcoming the Price-Commoditization™ Scale and the "Negative Goldilocks Zone of Pricing" means transforming yourself as an expert. Click below to learn the foundations of OfferTherapy™ Positioning for consultants, coaches, & agencies. You'll get actionable insights and tips you can use right now to grow your service-based business. 

Lynn is a talented writer with the rare ability to write in whatever voice a brand requires, from the casual to the most formal. Perhaps most importantly, she knows how to create content that delivers what most of us are looking for: results.

Susan baroncini-moe
Executive Coach & Bestselling Author

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Lynn is one of the sharpest direct response copywriters that I've ever worked with.

Laura Carr, project manager

Beast copywriter right here.

todd brown, marketer

Thanks to her expertise and talent, I finally have a website that speaks the right language, attracts the right clients, and gets me money.

hisham assi, interior designer

The OfferTherapy™ Blog

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Lynn Swayze

Hi, I'm Lynn Swayze

Intuitive Marketing Coach & Direct Response Copywriter

Since 2005, I've helped consultants, coaches, and service providers transform from commodity providers to in-demand experts in their market. From helping coaches remove mindset resistance all the way to optimizing offers and embracing intuition, I have a program to help you scale. 

As you're enjoying the FREE resources on this site, you'll find many ways to begin optimizing your positioning, offer, and messaging right away. You might even start thinking about joining OfferTherapy™ University or getting 1:1 coaching.  No matter what growth path you choose, I look forward to helping you manifest your vision and deliver greater impact.

Lynn M. Swayze
Offer Whisperer™ for Experts


The OfferTherapy™ Foundations to Positioning as an Expert in a Sea of Sameness

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