Does Your Marketing Strategist "Triple Guarantee" Their Work? (I do.)

Hi, my name is Lynn Swayze and I'm the OfferWhisperer™ for solution providers, consultants, experts, high achievers, advisors, agencies, attorneys, technology firms, and service professionals who want to create an offer that ALIGNS with who they are and what they want to achieve in their business.

My clients are able to:

  • Market themselves more effectively thanks to crystal-clear clarity on their offer and positioning
  • Effortlessly attract more ideal-fit clients
  • Earn more revenue thanks to optimizations across their funnel, including their lead magnets, sales pages, and email sequences

This is no time for Visionaries to Give in to Fears.

Everywhere we look today, negative news and situations take center stage: businesses are closing due to COVID-19, people are suffering, and the world is (quite literally!) on fire. 

While there is much suffering the world, you can be one of the few who's shining a light. Instead of retreating into the darkness, you could be the one shining the light into the future.  

You could be the one to succeed where others fail. 

BUT there's a catch. You aren't reaching the people you know you could be reaching. Your  marketing isn't telling the rights story - your story - and you aren't selling as much as you should.

Even worse, your competitors - the ones who don't offer as great a services as you do - are wiping the floor in the marketplace. 

It's time to level up your game. 

If you're like many when you're doing this, you're probably taking time to sit down and "finally write some blog posts"... or social media... or website copy... or whatever else. 

Yet as you're sitting there, the cursor is blinking and you're facing the blank page because you can't connect what you know in your head and heart with what the marketplace needs to hear. Or worse, you have someone else writing copy for you and it doesn't sound like you, jive with who you are, or match with where you want to go.

As a result, there's always a reason not to launch, not to run ads, or not MAKE MORE MONEY.

I call it Internal Offer Resistance, and it's what happens when your offer and business isn't in true alignment with who you are. You hold back because something isn't right. You don't know what it is, but it's there. 

Case in point: I once had a business consulting client go so far as to change his business name in the middle of launching to avoid putting himself out there. Instead of getting in alignment with his unique methodology, he spent his time copy-catting every competitor in the industry (despite my advice!). So of course, he never felt confident to launch his own thing because there was no "him" in the thing he was launching. 

My job as an Offer Whisperer™ is to help you get radical clarity on each of the 11 Marketing Factors necessary to have a compelling, converting offer. And, if you decide to move forward with my help, I'll write ALL of the copy needed to successfully launch that offer including:

  • Ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube
  • Compelling Lead Magnets or Self-Published books
  • Advertorials (such as for supplements)
  • Nurturing emails, social media posts
  • Inbound content marketing
  • Converting Sales Pages that push a Discovery Call or a Purchase

And once we launch, we'll start gathering data and optimizing your funnel for long-term success, aiming to meet or exceed industry standard conversion rates. And because our partnership incentivizes both of us to rely on results, I will stick around and keep optimizing, updating, and adding to your marketing so you keep making money. 

How it Works

  • We'll get on a call and feel each other out. If we're a good fit... that is to say, if you like the energy and passion I bring to the table and I like your energy, business, and goals... then we'll talk about next steps, including retainer to get started.
  • Then, we'll conduct several OfferTherapy™ sessions so I can help you develop each of your 11 Marketing Factors and 3 Power Levers for your business, in accordance with your goals and unique Entrepreneur Type.
  • I'll write an OfferTherapy™ Copy Guide and funnel plan so we can optimize copy based on your unique 11 marketing factors
  • Then I'll work with you to write new funnel copy which beats your current conversion rates.
  • BONUS: If you need marketing automation advice, I'll help your team map that out too so you can get the best data and results out of your campaigns. 
  •  Finally, we'll evaluate the data as often as necessary (at LEAST once a month) and fix what isn't working until you MAKE MORE MONEY.
  • Again, I will KEEP WORKING WITH YOU to make more money and keep scaling up.

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Hi, my name is

Lynn Swayze

Since 2015, I've worked with 7- and 8-figure consulting firms as well as industry leaders including Jon Bowen, Kevin Rogers, Mike Weiss, Eric Balance, John Grant, Tony Policci, Jason Hanson, Aaron Crocker, and more to help them MAKE MORE MONEY. 

I help influential consultants and expert-led businesses connect with their vision and manifest success through expert positioning, offer development, and ultimate alignment with their abundant future through my OfferTherapy System™. 

I've also won contests and written converting copy for almost every project I've touched, all of which I attribute to a solid foundation in direct response training, knowing good people, my 11 OfferTherapy System, and "Stack the Deck" marketing.

Here's a recent rambling of projects I've worked on:

  • December 2020 - Launched my proven, proprietary OfferTherapy™ System Training and One-on-One Workshop
  • October 2020 - Top 2 in the Copy Accelerator LITE Copywriting Competition for a credit offer adverotrial
  • October 2020 - $25MM/year Tech B2B client says, "we're getting new requests for proposals almost every day. I attribute that directly to our LinkedIn campaigns."  Landed a 40+ person project for the client.
  • October 2020 - Personally recommended by Todd Brown for a Copy Chief Role with an up-and-coming Influencer and Info-marketer named Eric Balance
  • September 2020 - Semi-finalist for a Relationship Coaching Offer. Was told, "Your copy made me cry." (Was asked to write an emotional life story.)
  • September 2020 - Volunteered for Copy Accelerator LIVE 2020 to help successfully execute the online-only event
  • September 2019-September 2020- Marketing Manager & Consultant for a $30MM/yr Tech Consulting Firm
  • April 2016-August 2019 - Worked with dozens of offer owners to write copy, launch marketing campaigns, and optimize offers and operations
  • November 2017 - Helped launch the first Copy Chief Live event with Kevin Rogers
  • July 2016- "Bullet the Podcast" Winner for John Carlton's PI4MM Podcast
  • October 2015 - Started copywriting. Hired to write for CEG Worldwide under Paul Martinez

Training & memberships include:

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