Hi, my name is Lynn Swayze and 
I'm a Marketing Automation Technologist.

As someone who specializes in marketing strategy and automation for IT consulting firms and family lawyers, I help busy professionals connect their  marketing, revenue, and technology quickly, affordably, and without having to hire a whole team to get it done. 

For example, my clients have had the choice: hire a marketing firm for $150 an hour at $10,000+ a month OR... hire me for $75 an hour and get the same expert help at a fraction of the cost and with less "agency overhead". 

As a result, my clients are able to quickly launch omni-channel marketing campaigns, generate more and higher quality leads, and segment and target their leads more effectively... all for a fraction of the fee.

Which means more revenue and profits at the end of the day.

As a Marketing Automation Technologist...

I help busy marketing leaders and business owners who need to connect the technological dots quickly, affordably, and without having to hire a whole team to get it done.

I'm experienced in creating direct response and inbound lead generation and nurturing funnels using:

In practice, this means I help digital marketing leaders... 

  • Define a digital marketing strategy for targeting, attracting, nurturing, scoring, and closing leads for your organization
  • Identify the technology stack most conducive to your goals, existing tools, and budget, regardless of my personal affinity or "partnership" with a tool
  • Generate requirements and a project plan for the technology implementation
  • Audit and clean up an existing CRM or marketing automation instance, including clean out contacts, update and optimize properties, and document workflows
  • Build lead magnet funnels, opt-in forms, and follow-up email sequences
  • Build dashboards and reports for determining the success or failure of a campaign
  • Write conversion-oriented, SEO-friendly content and copy
  • Review existing copy written to make it stronger and more conversion-orientated
  • Perform SEO research to identify target key phrases and potential content ideas  
  • Create an automated lead scoring automation using marketing automation tools such as ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, and Salesforce

Ready to discuss your next marketing project?

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