Alignment is Abundance 

Discover how to grow a business that's uniquely you.

When you position your business around your 11 Marketing Factors™, you'll become truly "competition proof" because NO ONE can replace you, your energy, your stories, and your unique take on the world. 

Hi, my name is . . .

Lynn Swayze

I'm the "Offer Whisperer" for Visionary Entrepreneurs who want to build a business in alignment with who they are and the impact they want to make in the world. 

I can help you "connect the dots" between the Eleven (11) Marketing Factors™ in your business so you can stop trying to figure out what to say and KNOW what to say, how to say it, and why it works.

So you can launch that marketing faster and more profitably the first (or next) time around.

Not all Visionaries are alike. Discover your primary "Entrepreneur Type" and how it affects the business you build. 

OfferTherapy™ Articles

Explore expert articles, interviews, and resources on the 11 Marketing Factors™  and three 11 Marketing Factors Power Levers™  present in your business, offer, and overall marketing messaging.