How your next marketing campaign will be so astonishingly effective at selling your product, your competition will accuse you of mind reading

Converting copy hits your marketing campaign out of the park by giving you a flood of sales … 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Lynn Swayze, Direct Response Copywriter and Operations Consultant

Trail blazing direct response copywriter makes you more money and removes all four risks using an exclusive “20-step Swayze Copywriting Method”
and triple protection guarantee…


Dear Friend and Results-Hungry Entrepreneur,

If you’ve been around the block a few times, you’ve already experienced at least one of the following four risks associated with hiring a direct response copywriter…

Risk #1: You Play The Waiting Game

Your copy isn't delivered on time... if at all. You spend weeks wondering if your copywriter is even working on your copy.

My "100% On Time Guarantee"

I guarantee that I'll deliver on time or I will pay you 5% of my fee for every 24 hours I'm late (up to the full cost of your investment). This ensures your campaigns roll out on your terms.

Risk #3: Your Project is a Black Box

You send your money to the copywriter and then... nothing. You have no clue what or why your copywriter is doing what he's doing.

Exclusive Client Area

Your exclusive client area reveals in which stage your project stands and elucidates the what and why for everything we're doing by giving you free PDFs and videos. (It's like free marketing training!)

Risk #2: Your Copy Doesn't Convert

When you do receive your copy (finally!), it doesn't convert any better than what you used before, which means you wasted your investment.

My "90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee"

I guarantee that you'll be 100% satisfied with my copy thanks to the increase in opt-ins, sales, and revenue or I'll repay your investment.

Risk #4: Ego the Size of the Titanic

Some copywriters have huge egos. You're treated as if you are a thorn in their side, rather than a respected client and partner.

Partners, not vendors

I treat you like the badass visionary you are... which means respectfully and with consideration of your time and investment.

High converting copy contains the following elements:

1. It speaks to your best buyer in language which moves her to act now.

This is done by crafting marketing assets (e.g., copy, ads, funnels) which create a sense of urgency about your product and positioning it in such a way that your competition isn’t even in the same league as your product.

2. It contains a “hook” which reels her into your copy… and into ordering.

This is done by knowing your ideal buyer more than she knows herself… and using that data to create an offer so compelling she can’t refuse.

3. It is built using proven structures to make the sale. 

When your marketing is built using the time-tested methods of direct response, you sell. No more guessing at what works; we’ll use proven approaches which we KNOW will work. 

4. It separates you from your competition and makes them effectively obsolete.

The best copy…which is the only kind I write… transforms your business from a “me too” business into a product which stands on its own in the mind of your ideal buyer. As far as they’re aware, no one else is in the same league as you. That’s the kind of marketing campaign I design.

In order to ensure that all of these success factors – and none of the risks – are present in your project, I developed a proven 20-step system (based on in-the-trenches strategies of successful copywriters who’ve come before me) which guarantees the success of your marketing campaign.

. . . which means your products and services (courses, books, high ticket funnels, etc) sell like cold lemonade on a hot day –
every time.


Before I describe a portion of my
20-step process, you should know that I mainly work with two types of
growth-ready entrepreneurs

Information Marketers who want to see an increase in sales of their course, membership site, or mastermind. In addition to core offer sales pages, we may also write emails, webinar sales pages, and lead magnet copy.

Consultants who want to see an increase in sales of their high ticket consulting offer, mastermind, or done for you service. In addition to core offer sales pages, we may also write emails, webinar sales pages, and lead magnet copy.

Either way, you should be someone who wants to see a high five figures (or more) as a result of the marketing campaigns using the copy created.

If you aren’t prepared for this kind of kick ass result (and the corresponding investment in copy and advertising required), then please do not apply and instead get on my mailing list of free marketing tips.

Trusted by…

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Connector.Connector.

    Intake Application

    The first step is to fill out the client intake application. This helps me determine if you’re a good fit for my services. (If not, I’ll send you to someone who can be of help. Either way, it’s a win-win.)

  • Connector.Connector.

    15 Minute Intake Phone Call

    Here, we’ll have a 15-minute call via Zoom to discuss your application and project.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Customized Proposal

    Because every project is unique, so is every proposal. (That way, you only pay for what your project needs and nothing of what you dont.) Within a day, I’ll send you a customized proposal unique to your campaign.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Campaign Folder

    Unique to my client engagement process is a campaign folder we’ll use to keep everything in order. It comes with pre-filled sub-folders so we easily get moving on your project. And even better? When we’re done, you’ll get to keep the folder and all the documents we created! No more wondering where that piece of copy went.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Project Questionnaire

    Once you reserve your project on my calendar, I send you a project questionnaire. This gives me the ingredients needed to create “secret sauce” copy which resonates with your ideal buyer. This questionnaire will also highlight any holes in your marketing which cause profit leaks and lost sales.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Copywriting Stage

    Then we’ll move into my exclusive 20-step copywriting stage. This includes in-depth research, “big idea” brainstorming, a unique Agora-style drafting method called “copyboarding”, intensive editing, expert review by my proven, A-List copy mentor, and a secondary review by an elite group of copywriters (with details excluded to protect you). Then, I’ll polish the copy until it’s tight and bullet proof. I promise that you’ve NEVER had copy written with as much care as what you’ll see from this process.

  • Connector.Connector.


    Then, I deliver the copy ON TIME and ready for you to add to your marketing campaign. You’ll know it works by the flood of sales you’ll receive.

* "Lynn's Guarantee..."

The “100% On Time” Guarantee

“I guarantee that your copy will delivered on the date we agree upon when your project questionnaire is delivered or else I will pay you back 5% of your investment for every 24 hours I’m late.” This protects your marketing budget and ensures that your assets are delivered on time.

The “90 Day Satisfaction” Guarantee

“I guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the copy I produce because you will see more sales and more revenue thanks to my copy and the marketing tweaks you make. In the unlikely event my copy does not convert like gangbusters within 90 days, I will either 1) rewrite it for free, OR 2) refund the entirety of your investment.”

The “A List” Guarantee

“I guarantee that every piece of copy I write will pass the inspection of at least one proven, control-winning copywriter. If I fail to pass your copy by review of at least one other proven copywriter, I will rewrite until it does. And if for some reason I cannot get one of my A-list copywriting mentors to sign off on the copy, I will let you know immediately and refund the entirety of your investment.” This inspection ensures that every aspect of your marketing asset is built to convert the highest amount possible on a first test.

Lynn Swayze