What's Your Expert Score?

In the marketplace, you are perceived as either a commodity service provider or an incomparable expert

This is true whether you're selling coaching services, information marketing, a course, a membership site, professional services, or are running an agency. If you're selling  based on your expertise and experience, then the Expert-Commoditization Scale™ applies.

Either you're experiencing the pleasure of being an expert or the pain of being perceived as a commodity. Where on the scale you fall depends entirely on how well you've used and aligned the 11 Marketing Factors™ in your marketing.

 Take the Expert-Commoditization Scale™ Diagnostic and discover which "Marketing Factors" are missing in your messaging.

Isn't it Interesting How. . . 

Isn't it interesting how some influencers, coaches, consultants, experts, and agencies seem to know. . . 

  • EXACTLY what to say in social posts, emails, videos, and blogs. . .
  • EXACTLY how to name, price, and position their services. . .
  • EXACTLY where to find the ideal-fit clients they work well with. . . 

. . . while others struggle to even "pick a lane" and stick with it? Or maybe, you've wondered how it is that some people are able to get clients BEGGING to work with them. . .

Clients who totally "get" what they're selling. . .

While it seems like you can only sell when you're on a call?

Alignment is Abundance

If you're like many visionary entrepreneurs I speak with, you probably have at least a handful of business ideas you've toyed with. Chances are, you can probably even do a whole lot, and you've tried various offers and specialties in the past. 

But you haven't stuck with them, and I know why. 

The reason you can't stick with any of these offers, marketing strategies, rebrands, and more isn't because you couldn't do any of those. It's because they didn't feel right. 

Something was off. 

That "something is off" feeling makes you feel like procrastinating on projects. . . putting off launches. . . and even changing your business name before "go live"! 

It doesn't have to be this way. 

I call this "off" feeling Resistance, because like in electricity, this resistance STOPS the flow of abundance from coming to you. 

When your 11 Marketing Factors™ are in alignment, then resistance magically falls away.

When your 11 Marketing Factors™ are in alignment, the competition becomes irrelevant.

When your 11 Marketing Factors™ are in alignment, your ability to "stick to it" becomes almost effortless

Your marketing messages attract the best buyers (for you). 

Your offer sounds like a no-brainer (for your ideal clients).

Your industry notices the value you bring to the table.

It. Just. Works.

Sure, maybe it'll feel like magic (and maybe it is, a little!) but the truth is that this is more a science. 

When these factors are aligned. . . truly aligned. . . your marketing can finally work for you in all the ways the "gurus" said it would and . . . 

  • Attracts a FLOOD of PREMIUM BUYERS!
  • Impacts the WORLD with your message and vision!
  • Brings you the FINANCIAL FREEDOM you always deserved!

And so on and so forth. But even better? (At least in my book. . . )

You'll be doing what you were put on this earth to do, making the impact only you can make. 

Hi, my name is Lynn Swayze

I'm the "Offer Whisperer" who helps entrepreneurs and brands define their powerful and incomparable positioning, messaging, and offer through a proprietary process called Offer Therapy

In a few powerful, one-on-one sessions, we'll define your: 

  • Unique Visionary Matrix which drives you and the types of clients you serve best
  • 11 Marketing Factors, which make up your positioning and ultimately your messaging
  • Ideal, in-alignment offer based on who YOU are and who serve BEST 
  • Marketing for a Year Messaging to use in social posts, emails, videos, and more 

When we're done, you'll have received insights about yourself, your offer, and your marketing messaging which you'll never have been able to get from a $29 marketing worksheet, a $997 course, or even a $25,000 mastermind. 

That's because you'll be doing this process with me, one-on-one, live. No cookie-cutter bullshit. No templated funnel path. 

Just crystal clear clarity on who YOU resonate with best, which pieces are missing in your marketing puzzle, and how you can show up powerfully in your copywriting. 

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