"I want to send YOU my "secret weapon" for organizing multi-step marketing campaigns... " 

I use this spreadsheet to track and organize marketing campaigns, email tags, blog posts, and 100+ pieces of copy... all inside Google Drive. I want to send you a copy as a thank you for visiting the site. Just let me know where to send your copy and I'll rush it to you ASAP. 

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Which of the Five Business Areas Do You
Most Need Help With This Quarter? 

She'll save you a ton of money that will otherwise leak away

IDK if she'll like this, but I'm saying it anyway...if you're a business owner whose operation is taking off, consider talking to Lynn Swayze. She has a whole lotta "left brain" skills and talent good for organization and systems.

She has helped us at TCE, especially with reminders of oh PROJECT MANAGEMENT STUFF I KNOW BUT HAVEN'T BEEN DOING in my huge rush to try and accomplish All The Tasks.

Her help ain't cheap but if you've got a real business I'll bet she'll save you a ton of money that will otherwise leak away.

Jason Kanigan
CEO, The Closing Engine and Sales Call Overhaul

Lynn knows her stuff!

Lynn knows her stuff! I have been struggling with website conversions for the past year or so. After I applied Lynn’s feedback on my website, I got a conversion as soon as I rolled the new website out! Her feedback was on point. There were many important elements that I did not take into consideration before that she suggested I add, she also showed me how to market myself as a service rather than a commodity, which was detrimental to my positioning in the market and the quality of clients I attract. Thanks to her expertise and talent, I finally have a website that speaks the right language, attracts the right clients and gets me money.

Hisham Assi
Interior Designer

Her insight has been invaluable.

I'm very excited about an amazing opportunity for couples that I will be launching very soon.

I want to send a big "shout out" to Lynn Swayze, a powerful copywriter. She is a natural and her writing & marketing skills are amazing. Her insight has been invaluable.

I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her on this upcoming project. Connecting with your audience is important and she "gets it."

She's a real diamond! 🙂

For all of my entrepreneur friends, I recommend her highly!

Dr. Jeff Kane, PhD
PhD Counselor, Relationship Expert

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