Hi, I'm Lynn Swayze. 

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    Direct response copywriter who specializes in alternative health, information marketing, and ecommerce niches
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    Experienced in VSLs, sales pages, and direct response funnels
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    Now only taking on "staff" contracts, with a 3-month minimum commitment required

Keep reading below to discover how I can help you get out more converting promos each and every month for a fraction of the investment it'd normally take to hire a copywriter.

I'm a Direct Response Copywriter who specializes in ... 

Alternative Health & Finance

Information Marketers

"Ecommerce" Copy

My name is Lynn Swayze, and I'm a direct response copywriter who specializes in alternative health/supplements, financial copy, information marketing, and ecommerce copy.  Clients most often hire me to write short- and long-form video sales letter (VSL) scripts, sales pages, and start-to-finish funnel copy. 

"She's a talented writer with that rare ability to write in whatever voice a brand requires, from the casual to the most formal. Perhaps most importantly, she knows how to create content that delivers what most of us are looking for: results."  - Susan Baroncini-Moe, The Bounceback Artist

In over 38 months as a full-time professional copywriter, I've accomplished the following ...  


Written over 342 individual pieces of marketing copy 

Received over 7 certifications in business and marketing


Worked on over 15 client projects in various niches

I've written over 342 pieces of copy, I've received over 7 separate training certifications, I've completed over 25 marketing training programs (such as Jon Benson's"3X VSL", Todd Brown's "E5 Method", Kevin Rogers' Copy Chief, Ramit Sethi's Call to Action, AWAI 6 Figure Copywriting and Advanced Copywriting, and more...), and helped over 15 clients with their copy needs. Which means, while I'm no John Carlton or Marcella Allison, I do take my job seriously and have a few "wins" under my belt. I'm neither newbie nor master, therefore affordable for those who want an experienced but low ego copywriter for their growing team.

"As a fellow copywriter and in her writing role, I trust Lynn with B2B, finance, serious tone topics that the conversion content for will be placed in front of an intelligent audience. Leaders wanting increased conversions in such marketplaces would do well to hire Lynn, as we have." - Jason Kanigan, The Closing Engine

Some Clients I've Worked With Since 2015

My Clients Have Seen Results Like ...

Wrote a supplement sales page that's earned over $155,000 and is still running a year later

Helped a software client grow from 0-5 employees within 6 months thanks to pricing & offer changes


Designed an offer and funnel a biz consultant used to grow from $0 - $30K/month within 2 months

I wrote a medium-length supplement sales page that generated almost $13,000 in sales in the first month, and is still running a year later. I helped a software consultant grow from a team of 1 to a team of 5 in less than 3 months thanks to copy, positioning, and pricing changes. I also helped a business consultant scale from $0 per month to $30K per month within 2 months of launching an offer and copy I built for him. 

"Lynn is a true genius when it comes to Copywriting! She just has a way with words that I have not seen with many people and has created amazing content for me and the program which I am currently about to launch." - Madhura Joshi, "Create Your Legendary Life"

Now, I work as a staff freelance copywriter for direct response organizations who... 


Need good copy FAST to test against existing controls

Understand and value direct response style copywriting

Need someone on the team who can do a variety of copy work

I work as a retainer-based, "staff" freelance copywriter for direct response-style organizations who need fast, good copy to test against controls, who value direct response copywriting, and who need someone on the team who can do a variety of copy work to get more promos out the door. 

Which Gives Busy Marketing Teams the Following Real-World Benefits... 

Get copy published FASTER (giving you a leg up over the competition)

Get copy for a lower up-front cost (versus one-off project work)

Get better copy consistently (with room for edits and re-leads)

The Question Remains: is "Lynn Swayze" the Right Freelance Copywriter for you and your marketing team? 

On this brief page, you've learned that I've been working as a copywriter for a little over three years now. You've seen some of my results and clients I've worked with. You've even read a few testimonials from people who've worked with me. If you're marketing and copy savvy, you probably have a good idea about the level of copy I can produce and the value it can add to your bottom line. The question remains, are we a good fit for each other?

To answer this question, let me tell you a little bit about what I look for in a client.

You'll get benefits from me joining your team IF ... 

You Already Have Copywriting Controls and are TESTING. 

While I can and do work with new businesses, I find that they don't have the traffic or infrastructure necessary to test and make full use of my copy. 

You Have an Existing Copy Team, maybe even a Copy Chief.

I work best within an existing copywriting team where I am one of many excellent copywriters you have working for you. 

You Need a Lot of Copy Done YESTERDAY.
I work best when there's more than enough work for me to pick up and keep me busy. It doesn't all have to be promos, but it should be copy.

... and you can commit to having me on the team for at least 3 months to test.  Here's what that looks like per month.

3 Month Commitment

$3500 + % OR $5000 Flat Fee
Save 10% if Paid in Full*

6 Month Commitment

$3000 + % OR $4500 Flat Fee
Save 10% if Paid in Full*

12 Month Commitment

$2500 + % or $4000 Flat Fee
Save 10% if Paid in Full*

... you'll also get the following BONUS GIFTS ... 

PLUS, you and your marketing team will also get lifetime access to any training I produce with my parent company, IDRM, Inc, including ...

Marketing for a Year

Discover how to build marketing for an entire year and then run it all on autopilot so you can focus on the important things. Course is worth over $997 at full price. 

11 Marketing Factors

The eleven marketing factors you need to know in order to write converting copy.

Course is worth over $1200 at full price.

Scale Fast System

Grow your business by focusing on five core areas: Delegation, Documentation, Automation, Conversion, and Optimization.  Worth $2997 at full price.

Together, worth over $5,194 per person (and growing), yours FREE when you bring me on your team as a staff direct response copywriter. 

Here's how you can 

Get Started Today

When all this sounds like what you're looking for, then here's how to get the process started.

  • 1
    Check my Waitlist Status: Like any good freelancer, I keep this page up all the time. Please check my waitlist status before you apply by clicking here.
  • 2
    Fill Out The Application: Fill out the application, which tells me more about you, your organization, and your team.
  • 3
    Meet with me via Skype: if the application looks good, we'll have a brief conversation via Skype to assess fit and discuss your needs. 
  • 4
    Project Start: If all is good, we'll send each other the appropriate documents and get to work.
"Lynn M. Swayze"

Direct Response Copywriter

More About Copy​​​​​writer Lynn Swayze

Lynn Swayze is the 4'11" powerhouse building brands and helping consultants achieve more success with better marketing and copy. When she's not digging into buyer psychology or Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), she's chasing her four kiddos (plus 3 cats and 2 dogs), or gardening. As a growing polyglot, she's speaks two languages (French and English) and is learning three more (Spanish, German, and Hebrew).  She also dabbles in writing fiction.

She lives in Indianapolis, IN with her husband, Adam Hall. 

Advantages vs Disadvantages of Hiring a Staff Copywriter

While it's my  job to paint everything as all rosy, we both know that there are advantages and disadvantages to hiring a copywriter on retainer. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to weigh with your leadership team.


  • You get a lot more copy for less fee than if you'd contracted each piece individually.
  • The copywriter learns your voice and business, and is more invested in getting that consistent.
  • Your copywriter will likely make other marketing suggestions which will improve your bottom line over time.
  • You get a team member who's "on your side" as you grow and launch.
  • Copywriter is available for edits and re-leads/rewrites. 
  • Copywriter can mentor other newer writers.


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    A several-month commitment may be higher than for a single project. 
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    This setup isn't ideal for someone without a LOT of work to be done. 
  • angle-right
    If you can't or don't track data, it will be hard to convince a copywriter to stay on board. 
  • angle-right
    There is a small risk of not getting as much work as you'd like, if the copywriter gets involved in too many "non copy" tasks. 
  • angle-right
    Copywriters on your team may be competitive rather than cooperative if not encouraged to support each other.


The only way to know if we're a good fit is to complete the application and get started. While the process is free, please know that I take all applications as serious inquiries. 

Therefore, I would prefer that if you know already you can't afford to hire me right now, that you please instead simply send my team an email at copywriter@lynnswayze.com to ask questions or inquire about other services.

If we aren't a good fit, I will gladly refer you to other copywriters or resources which would be a better match.

So you really risk nothing by getting started today.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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