The REAL Reason Copywriters Have Books and Courses

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Jan 13

The other day, a copywriting friend of mine declared that he couldn’t possibly write a book.

The reason?
“I just don’t have enough experience!” he complained.
I laughed and explained that not being at the top is the best time to launch an information product.
Listen: the copywriters at the top got there by writing a book, starting a course, or launching some other information marketing product.
The top copywriters… at least the well-known ones… began their major upward swing when they launched marketing.
And that marketing allowed them to get even better gigs, for better pay, with better results.
Few became well-known experts, gained expert results, and then said, “Oh, I should probably teach this to others.”
And among those who did, many became famous AFTER being involved in someone else’s marketing. (A podcast or two, an industry event, a conference, etc.)
So the correlation is still the same.
Let me repeat that:
If you want to join the upper eschelon in your field…
Be it copywriting, dentistry, consulting, or anything else…
Then you want to become a teacher. 
Think about it: let’s say you have a project which needs a copywriter and you need the BEST.
Before you are two very similiar copywriters who specialize in your niche. Both have similar results. The difference is that one of them has trained 5,000 others to do what they do… with similar, stellar results. And as a result, this second person is well-known by many, many people and came highly recommended.
If you need and can afford the best, who do you pick?
The copywriter who spends all his time alone in a bungalow, or the copywriter who’s generous and ultra successful in marketing his own products as well as those of others?
There’s a reason that people with books and courses have full calendars — and a high price list to boot.
THIS is why copywriters have courses and books. (Of course, aside from the fact that books and courses are great marketing tools in and of themselves.)
Books, courses, newsletters, trainings, and other information products set you apart as an authority. An expert.
And experts get to charge more… and receive fewer complaints at the same time.
For the exact same service as people charging 10x less.
Unfair? Absolutely.
Effective? You betcha.
That’s just how it works. Either you complain about it, or you do something about it.
Which is why I’m creating a program which walks you through the 10 (or so) elements needed to build a unique, competition-proof persona and charge what you deserve.
And just like writing a book or creating a course, ALL of them can be done even if you’re “at the bottom”.
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About the Author

  • If I were writing this article again, I’d add even more benefits of books:
    1. Americans don’t throw away books.
    2. Book readers (and those who DIY before hiring) make better customers and clients
    3. By selling a DIY product (like a book or a course), you serve those who might never outsource that task… while preselling your services to those who WILL eventually outsource/hire a consultant
    4. Books are great indoctrination tools
    5. The process of writing a book helps you cement and systematize your process, which for some is a huge business booster in and of itself
    6. Books make great assets to build funnels around 🙂
    7. Books work a lot better than brochures at pre-selling

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