Sep 24

If you're a consultant or consulting agency and looking to expand into conferences - especially speaking at conferences - then what I've written in this article is for you. Here are 7 ways you can transform those appearances into a lead-generating funnel you can "count on" - literally.

Here's what I suggest you implement right away, no matter how "big" or "small" your agency is:

👉 Post about your attendance at the conference in advance, and invite interested people to "opt in" to a reminder email list used exclusively for the conference; be sure to email them on the day of with slides and the week or so after with follow-up Q&A

👉 Create a landing page for your speaking session, with an opt-in to get the slides, watch the recording, or get more info (relevant to the conference)

👉 Give some kind of value-added offer at your booth (make sure to get contact info)

And then...

👉 Make sure FOLLOW UP with all your leads and track the "source" in your CRM as that conference/talk

👉 Create more content out of your talks - white papers, articles, YouTube videos, social media posts.

👉 And of course, create complementary gated content (self-assessment, etc) to go with those pieces so you can generate leads.

👉Even FURTHER, use retargeting ads promoting topic-relevant info to those who attended the conference, downloaded your gated content, etc.

If you do this, you'll start to be able to discern between profitable conferences and unprofitable conferences when it comes to attracting consulting leads and CONVERTING those leads into paying clients. You'll also be able to "prove" to your business team/stakeholders that conferences are worth your time.

Again, everything you do to market yourself can be accountable if you do it right.

👉 👉👉If you'd like some help talking through HOW to implement this using the tech stack you have, let's talk.


About the Author

Direct Response Copywriter Lynn Swayze has specialized in Consultant Marketing and Information Marketing since she jumped on the scene in 2014. She's worked with big names like Agora, Kevin Rogers, John Bowen, Mike Weiss, Jason Hanson, and more. She works as CMO to IDRM LLP and is a staff copywriter at several organizations.

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