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If you want to create more powerful, converting content, hear this. According to one little-known communication genius, sentences should contain less than this many words on average. Go past this number, he says, and you risk confusion. Even more, he says it’s not just the word counts, but the _______ you convey. (I’ll reveal the

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Have you ever struggled with pricing your product or service? Then this article is for you. Learn why people object and how to use pricing to land your ideal client or customer.

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With a complex Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform like HubSpot, with regular use there’s bound to be a few areas in need of cleanup every now and then. Before you start your next cleanup project, here are a few questions to ask to make sure you’re cleanup up the right things and keeping the data

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In the previous article, I introduced some questions to ask as you clean up your HubSpot CRM. Today, I want to discuss some easy tweaks to increase the quality of your B2B leads from start to finish. This article presupposes you’re using a marketing automation and CRM tool like HubSpot, Marketo, or ActiveCampaign. Qualify leads in the

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Introduction If you’ve ever worked with me on a project or read some of my content, you’ll know that I love seeing brands highlight their professionals and boost their own marketing efforts through their employee thought leaders. I’m also crazy about professionals using personal branding to boost their visibility, increase their salary, and become competition-proof. Today’s

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This is a tale of two B2B firms and the “38% difference” that could mean millions for your bottom line. One firm – let’s call them Firm A – has a traditional model when it comes to sales and marketing. This firm believes marketing to be a cost center, and only relies on marketing to create sell

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If you were to ask me which marketing components I’d rather never do without, I’d say that you absolutely must have three: PROOF, PRESTIGE, and PATH. And of these three, the most important (and all-encompassing) is what I call your path, or your STORY. That’s because there is nothing without your story. Even your proof

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Ancient aliens is a ridiculous show that somehow captures viewer’s attentions and keeps people talking. How is it so persuasive? I reveal their secret in this blog post.Table of Contents:I. What is “Ancient Aliens” and Why Should I Care?II. The Ancient Aliens FormulaIII. Implementing the Ancient Aliens Formula in Your CopywritingIV. Conclusion & ResourcesWhat is

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Hey there, Family Law Game Changer. When it comes to figuring out what to put on a website, the options can feel overwhelming. And if you’re looking at other lawyer’s websites to get inspiration, you might be left just as lost as where you started. In this article, you’ll discover the 10 questions your family

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“It’s becoming increasingly difficult for law firms to stand out in search results…” I saw this in a Facebook ad today for law firm marketing and frankly, it’s TRUE…. to a point… You see, it’s HARD to stand out if you’re using the same legalese and language everyone else is using. “We’re a {location} law

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One of the best books about copywriting I’ve ever read has nothing to do with copywriting or being a better copywriter. In fact, I’m not sure it’s on any copywriter, marketer, or guru’s top list of marketing and copywriting books. So it’s not very popular in marketing circles for that reason. It’s also not a

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