Direct Response Copywriter
Lynn Swayze, CMO​​​​

"Hi, my name is Lynn Swayze and I’m the CMO here at Indiana Direct Response Marketing (IDRM). Over the past 4 years, I’ve been a part of helping 6, 7, and 8-figure entrepreneurs build effective and profitable direct response marketing campaigns. I’ve seen first-hand the positive effect a powerful marketing strategy can have on businesses of all sizes.

At IDRM, we build accountable, data-driven marketing campaigns you can actually “count” on in increased leads, sales, and revenue. Whether you need just one marketing asset or marketing for a year, you can rely on my team at Indiana Direct Response Marketing to have your back.

Which is why I personally invite you to take our “Triple Guarantee” on a test drive. In the unlikely event we don’t exceed your expectations, we’ll gladly redo our work for free until we do... or else find someone who can.

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In it, you'll discover 5 ways to get more clients in less than 30 days. You'll also see how Indiana Direct Response Marketing’s unique approach to small business marketing and how we can help you succeed today.”

The Indiana Direct Response Marketing Team

Adam Hall, CEO

Adam Hall is the CEO and Sales Manager for Indiana Direct Response Marketing. He's extensively trained in the health and alternative nutrition space. He handles sales outreach for Indiana Direct Response Marketing. 

Lynn Swayze, CMO/Copywriter

Lynn Swayze is the CMO and Copywriter for Indiana Direct Response Marketing. Her training is in direct response marketing and copywriting, including digital marketing, sales funnels, and "high ticket" program development. Before becoming a marketer, Lynn worked as an IT End User Computing Team Lead. She spends her free time learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming and studying the intersection between marketing, politics, and propaganda.