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Hi! My name is Lynn Swayze.

I'm a direct response copywriter who specializes in copy and strategy for information marketers and visionary entrepreneurs. . . and it all starts with an OfferTherapy™  Positioning Session

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Lynn's Philosophy on Marketing

In my OfferTherapy™ program, I tell clients to focus on "the world according to you". There are some Lynn-ism that can tell you a little bit about how I think about marketing and copywriting. 
  • Marketing is Math. Not all marketing lands out the gate; in fact, most don't. In order to claim all the revenue you deserve out of an offer, sometimes you have to keep testing your traffic, hook, headline, offer, pricing, bonuses, and more. Like tumblers in a lock, you have to keep testing and tweaking until you find the combination that works - for now, anyway.
  • Storytelling is Sexy. Ask a copywriter worth their salt what the secret weapon is to converting cold traffic, and chances are they'll cite storytelling. That's because our brains are designed for storytelling, and a good story will capture attention, elicit powerful emotions, and compel people to believe whatever it is you want them to believe. 
  • Big Ideas Matter. In order to stand out in a crowded market, your campaign needs to contain a compelling BIG IDEA that hits at something your prospects want... or a pain point they feel... or something that incites curiosity. Without it, your prospects will yawn and scroll on... leaving your great product in their rear view mirror.
  • Unique Mechanisms are a Must. Where would Beach Body and P90X be without unique mechanisms? Probably nowhere near as rich, that's for sure. If you want to be "Google Proof" (as Todd Brown says), your product has to contain a unique mechanism. This is especially true if you're selling to a hyper-sophisticated market that's already deluged with competing offers. 
  • Copy Sells Dreams and Results. When I'm selling copywriting services to you, I'm not selling you my time. I'm selling you the ability to elevate your brand's reach and increase your revenue. And the same goes for the prospects we're trying to reach: they don't want an ad, they want to be entertained, inspired, and to have a solution to their painful problems.
  • Copywriting is a Profession Like Any Other. I believe that copywriting is a profession like any other. Just like you wouldn't expect your lawyer to be a doctor, as a copywriter I specialize in copy and offer building for a certain few niches. I spent money to level up by attending conferences, investing in masterminds, and spending free time learning more about what works. And like any other profession, I also charge a fair fee that lets me feel good about focusing on your business and giving it my all.
  • The Price-Commoditization Scale™ is Real. I do a LOT of consulting with experts, info-marketers, and "gurus", and one thing is true: commoditization and being perceived/paid/promoted as an expert are OPPOSITE FORCES. Like a scale, the more commoditized your marketing (via pricing, generalization, etc), the less likely you are to be perceived as an expert. On the flipside, expert status comes when you specialize, price well, and use "Prestige elements" as I teach in my 11 Marketing Factors™ System.

Lynn's Copywriting & Marketing Training

I have invested time and money in a LOT of copywriting and marketing training. This list isn't exhaustive, obviously, but should give you a good impression of my knowledge and my investment in this as a long-term career. My investment means more money for YOU.

Lynn's Marketing Certifications

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