About Lynn Swayze

I assume you're on this page because you want to know more about me. 


"Who the heck is this chick?!"

And, "How tall is she?"

And, "Is she really related to Patrick Swayze?!"

Calm your horses, because I'll answer each of those questions and more.

In short - yes, I'm related to Patrick Swayze. I'm also ridiculously short -- well under 5 foot.

And I'm a Marketing Diagnostician for consultants, coaches, information marketers, and "experts" who sell products and services. 

That is... I have the unique ability to evaluate your marketing "symptoms" and prescribe what you need to sell more, earn more, and have a greater impact. 

And how to work with me -- there's a process, which you can start here or by getting on my email list.

A word of warning!

There are certain reasons that would make us a bad fit:

  • You're a retail business owner*, a product seller, or someone who wants to hide behind a brand and not tell your story.
  • You haven't yet run traffic or don't want to run any traffic. 
  • You don't yet have money to invest in getting BIG wins. (I am not cheap because I don't give you cheap results.)
  • Your core service sells for less than $2000. 
  • You are indecisive or take a long time to launch anything.
  • You have a hard time taking advice from women. 
  • You're adverse to authority-building methods like building a persona, writing a book, or creating a Unique Mechanism. 

* Unless you want to use the Celebrity Method to become a local celebrity and get more sales through authority marketing. 🙂 

Some Clients I've Worked With...