Copywriter Lynn Swayze with copywriters
Jason Hanson, Tony Policci,
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Copywriter Lynn Swayze and "Mr. BeardyFace"

About Copywriter Lynn Swayze
And how she gets entrepreneurs 
more leads this month

"In 2012, I left my Pre-Law degree to work as a Help Desk Team Lead, then as a Business Analyst and IT Project Coordinator. And what I discovered is that many businesses had amazing teams, perfect processes, revolutionary products... and yet still struggled for sales. 

It was flabbergasting, really. How was it that great businesses suffered while crappy ones made millions?

That question didn't get answered until 2014 when I discovered Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting. I learned how to create marketing campaigns which worked to generate leads and make the sale.

By 2015, I began working with Information Marketers and Consultants across a variety of industries and they'd ask me, "Is it possible to earn $20,000 - $50,000 a month as a consultant or information marketer?" And the answer is yes, absolutely.

The key is to harness the POWER OF ONE...

ONE key "problem" you solve. The greatest copywriter of our lifetime insists that "problems are markets"... not demographics. I tend to agree with him.

ONE key "market" you serve. (See "problems are markets".)

ONE key "solution" you offer to this problem. This is your defined plan and the way you go about attacking the problem.

ONE key "offer". Sure, others will want to sell 1000 different things. Let them. If you want to become the preeminent expert at what you do, you must zag where they zig.

And all of it should be wrapped up in copy which hits people's hot buttons and makes them want what you're offering. Getting traffic and conversions is easy once you simplify with the Power of One."


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