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My name is Lynn Swayze and I act as "Marketing MacGyver", COO, Butt-kicker, and consultant for "Visionary Entrepreneurs" in the consulting, coaching, and information marketing fields who want to scale their business FAST.

In 2015, I quit my job as an IT Business Analyst/Project Manager to write copy full-time. Prior to leaving the corporate world, I built entire help desk systems from the ground up, advised on ITIL process improvement, and routinely identified core issues causing inefficiencies.

Once I left, I focused solely on writing effective and profitable copy. I was hired by consultants, information marketers, course builders, and even a supplement company to generate direct response funnel copy. I've worked with names like Kevin Rogers, Jon Bowen, Mike Weiss, Jason Hanson, and more. 

Yet as I worked on various teams, I discovered that marketing wasn't helpful if the CEO couldn't stick to one idea. For example, I had one client who changed his business name in the middle of a very large marketing campaign. Another changed his product name and pricing. Yet another changed his entire brand in the middle of marketing. 

How could my copy help someone like that? 

I began to see that the "revenue problem" couldn't be solved by marketing alone... and marketing only helps when EVERYTHING ELSE in the business is in alignment. 

But when we could combine good business strategy with good marketing? BAM, results!

Which is why, when you bring me on board, I ​bring my whole toolbox with me. We might work on:
👉 "Productizing" your business so you can systematize what you do and then DELEGATE and AUTOMATE some of the work (Scale Fast System™)
👉 Creating your Marketing For a Year™ calendar so you can stop worrying about marketing and get back to running your business
👉 Helping you writing that book, so you're seen as an EXPERT and have an authority-based front-end marketing funnel
👉 Creating better marketing campaigns by tweaking strategy, strengthening your offers, and writing better copy (such as through my 11 Marketing Factors™ System)
👉 Uncovering the "Big Idea" and "Unique Mechanisms" at the core of your business offer and then weaving that into your messaging and copy

And much, much more... 

If you'd like to get more LEADS, REVENUE, and STABILITY for your business without spending MORE TIME working, then let's have a chat. I offer a free information kit and call so you can see what working with me is like. Click the red button below to start the process.