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Offer Whisperer™ & Direct Response Copywriter

Hi, I'm Lynn!

My name is Lynn Swayze and I'm the "Offer Whisperer" for information marketers, consultants, and EXPERTS who want to level up their results without reinventing the wheel. 

My specialty is helping already successful info-marketers . . .

  • POSITION as an authority (rather than a commodity) so you earn what you're worth with fewer objections
  • MAXIMIZE "hidden marketing assets" you're probably under-utilizing 
  • STACK THE DECK in your funnels, follow-up sequences, copy, and offers so that you leave less money on the table

I'm also. . .

The ONLY Direct Response Copywriter Willing to Offer Select Information Marketers An OUTRAGEOUSLY CRAZY "TRIPLE GUARANTEE" on Your Investment

Since 2015, industry-leading information marketers, experts, and consultants have wanted to LEVEL UP their thinking, offers, and business so they could . . . 

👉 Generate more HIGH QUALITY leads from their marketing efforts (and turn away those who are a "bad fit")

👉 REDUCE the friction from first connection to MONEY IN THE BANK

👉MAKE MORE MONEY from their existing and new offers

And when they needed to make more money, they turned to ONE PERSON. 

" 'NEWBIE' Copywriter Outpulled Industry PROS..."

In 2015, an eight-figure information marketer needed to hire two new copywriters for his team. One was an in-the-trenches financial copywriter. The other was a new, female copywriter. In every test, the new copywriter out-pulled the “industry insider” every time.

"Simple Changes Led to $36K in 'Found Money'. . . Almost Overnight!"

In 2016, when a brilliant software consultant wanted to turn a "side gig" of $10,000 a month into an organization capable of hiring a whole team, little did he expect that an investment in ONE PERSON would FREE UP $36,000 in renegotiated contracts, get him a PAID PROPOSAL process that created instant cashflow and converted at 70% to full clients, and allowed him to hire 5 people a mere 90 days later.

"Operations and Offer Updates that Led to Profits. . . "

Agora copywriter Jason Hanson wanted to get a handle on his marketing campaigns and make sure all the T’s were crossed, he sought the ONE PERSON who’d turn the chaos into a humming machine. A few months later, they had systems, established processes, and two new products ready to launch. 

"Free Tips from the 'Offer Whisperer' Led to Massive Positive Traction. . . "

During an informal conversation, an idea for a specialization for a fellow copywriter was suggested. At first, the copywriter was hesitant to take on such a niche. In the first month of niching, the copywriter earned a podcast interview, a new job, and a positive testimonial. 

"From $0/month to $30K/month. . ."

This ONE PERSON created a "power offer" for a sales consultant who was earning NOTHING per month and spinning his wheels. After getting a custom offer from this person, the sales consultant was able to go from $0/month to $30K/month in the FIRST 30 DAYS. 

"Over $1MM earned from copy written in under 2 weeks..."

A supplement creator wanted to launch a new product. Two different landing pages were written in under two weeks, including one for a video sales letter (VSL). As a result, the client earned $13K in the first month and has since earned over $1 million from the copy. 

"Biggest Project Won to Date...!"

A $30MM tech firm wanted to optimize their marketing and land more clients. With offer and marketing help from this person, they landed the "biggest project to date" for the firm, resulting in 40+ placements and resulting in a six figure windfall. 

"$40K+ project won and we only just started!"

Another tech client wanted to optimize their website and copywriting for conversions. Immediately after launching the site, a prospect reached out through the site. The result was an over $40K project. 

. . . and that person was the "Offer Whisperer" Lynn Swayze

Since 2015, I've helped information marketers, consultants, "gurus", and even tech agencies leverage their unique 11 Marketing Factors, position better, and launch more effective offers and marketing funnels. 

When I come into a business, I don't just help with the copy. As the Offer Whisperer, I help identify the offer updates, pricing changes, and missing pieces needed to make your ENTIRE BUSINESS more profitable. 

What people say about my "Offer Whisperer" Ways. . .

"Biggest Launch Ever to Date..." 

"I hired Lynn Swayze as a copywriter in October 2017 and worked with her for several months. Lynn is professional, diligent, helpful, and a real pleasure to work with. She helped me run the most successful product launch I’d ever had in my business up to that time. Lynn worked hard to understand my business and the needs I had for the project she conducted for me." - Sarah Mueller, Declutter My Home

"Has a LOT of Chops..." 

"She is clearly enthusiastic and has a lot of chops... hire her." - Brian Kurtz

"Lynn delivers winners!"

"AMAZING! People throw that word around a lot, most often undeservedly, but I'm being very intentional when I say Lynn is AMAZING. I have had the pleasure to work with her multiple times and she has always delivered magnificent results. She has a sharp marketing mind, proficiency in all the relevant, (even cutting edge) automation platforms and her copywriting is always ideal for the intended audience. Whether it's B2B, B2C, technical, or highly emotional direct response, Lynn knows what she's doing and delivers winners. I almost hate writing this testimonial because I want to keep her all to myself!" - Tony Policci

"Lynn's Knowledge was Evident. . ."

"It was easy to connect with Lynn quickly, and she helped me with a 'game plan' in an organisational situation that is currently chaos. Lynn's knowledge was evident and I know who I'll be recommending to clients who's businesses are out of control and need structure fast :) " - Elizabeth Mills, Marketing Consultant to Dentists

"She can write the shirt off your back. . . "

"I can personally attest to Lynn Swayze's copy chops, as well as her focused work ethic. She can write the shirt off your back, and she can do it fast. I recommend her without hesitation." - Aaron Crocker

Are you interested in having the "Offer Whisperer"
in YOUR Corner? 

My job - my ONLY job, really - is to make your info-marketing business more valuable to prospects, more impactful for clients, and more profitable for you and your team. 

And even better, working with me is Triple Guaranteed. (I'll tell you about that when we talk.)

Sound sexy enough to act now? If so, fill out the waitlist form below and I'll be in touch when I am open to taking new clients.

Here's to your success,

Past and Present Clients