August 14, 2021

How Resistance Shows Up in Your Business - Lynn Swayze's Offer Therapy

I have a personal mantra: “Alignment is abundance.”

It means this:

When you are fully aligned with your 11 Marketing Factors™, then abundance happens naturally because you stop resisting the flow of abundance that’s trying to reach you.

Literally, you stop acting as a “resistor” and let the electrical abundance come to you. It’ll just flow, because you stop holding it back.

When you’re in alignment with who you are, what you’re selling, how you’re different, and the value you bring, all of a sudden everything becomes easier.

You’re no longer struggling to know what to talk about, because you’re confident in the problem you solve… the promise you deliver… and the person you serve. You’re no longer stopping marketing efforts, blogging, or launching that “thing”.

It just FLOWS OUT OF YOU like crystal clear waterfall.

And this CLARITY pulls your ideal client to you. They can SEE YOU, FEEL YOU, and FIND YOU.

No longer are you hemming and hawing about your price, because you are sure-footed in the value you bring.

No longer are you changing your business model or “niche”, because you’re doing what ONLY YOU can.

No longer are you struggling for success, because the resistance holding you back is ELIMINATED.

Instead, you shine! And your ideal clients find you, resonate with you, and buy now.

What is “Resistance” ?

In a circuit, resistance acts like a “buffer” against electricity, and stops the energy from flowing as it should. It doesn’t matter how much power you pour into the beginning of the circuit, because that resistance is going to keep the electrical current constant and in check.

But the same is true in your business.

Resistance is EXACTLY what happens when you hold back WHO you are, what makes you unique, and the actual business you should be in.

Resistance looks like:

  • Mirroring your business after someone else’s business
  • Not sharing your story (especially your vulnerability)
  • Not playing in your “zone of genius”
  • Putting off what you want to do until you “get rich enough”
  • Putting off launching your business altogether
  • Doubting your skill
  • Trying to be everything to everyone
  • Undercharging and “nice pricing”
  • Not putting your personality into your branding and content
  • Constantly changing your funnels, offer, or even business name
  • “Visionary Whiplash” and “Visionary Chaos”
  • Constantly asking people for advice / buying courses instead of implementing

Your FEAR in doing what you SHOULD BE DOING creates RESISTANCE and it WILL hold your brand back from truly having the impact you KNOW you can have on the lives of others.

Where are you struggling to let go of resistance?

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