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The Case For Specialization

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If you’re having trouble with knowing what to write in your blog posts…

… or what to share on social media…

… or where to find your ideal clients…

… then today’s post is for you.

What I reveal today may very well blow the lid on your existing marketing efforts and finally get you the wins you the deserve.

Sound fair?


So let’s get down to it.

The secret to getting more leads and sales isn’t always a matter of having the right process.

Sure, that helps, but it’s not the whole picture.

That’s because one principle I’ve learned as a result of building the 11 Marketing Factors is that specialization wins when you want to attract high quality clients, earn more respect, and achieve more success as a consultant, copywriter, or other service-based entrepreneur.

Which means, if you have the right tactics but not the right focus, then all your hard work will be for naught.

(That is to say, you’ll have wasted your precious and irreplaceable time on tasks which won’t actually push the needle.)

Specialization – especially when combined with my 11 Marketing Factors – helps you know exactly:

  • Who you serve, and where to find them
  • What you sell, which is something they desperately want
  • What to sell it for, which is within their “Pricing Goldilocks Zone”
  • What problems it must solve, which they have in spades

… and much, much more.

When you know these things, you’ll be able to know with complete confidence whether a big idea, offer, or marketing message will work, because you’ll know your prospect as well as you know yourself.

Your stories will actually resonate with your audience more often.

Your offers will land with responses like, “This is EXACTLY what I need!”

Your pain point descriptions will make them say, “This is me!”

And your buyers? Well, they’ll be the kind of people who will actually use and implement what they buy.

But  this stuff doesn’t come by accident. It comes when you’re deliberate about the 11 Marketing Factors and when you SPECIALIZE.

So if you’re having trouble getting enough clients, then it’s time to niche down even further. W

Here are some more benefits to specialization:


Imagine knowing everything that’s going on in your industry. Who the players are, what offers are being made, what’s working, what’s not working. You know the industry inside and out, and that lets you create better marketing than your “competition”. So you never sound like a copy-cat or a wannabe… you’re a leader who’s always one step ahead.


Diving deep into the market also allows you to know exactly what your ideal buyer struggles with. You know what other “gurus” they’ve worked with. You know the books they’ve read. You know where they’ve succeeded, where they’ve failed, and what a “win” looks like for them. You even know what “trigger words” to include in your  marketing to make them buy.


Specialization allows you to master the delivery of a very specific result in a very specific way. You become proficient in consistently getting the promised result for your client. So you get more referrals, more positive testimonials, and more amazing case studies every time you take on a client. Which in turn keeps your calendar booked with amazing clients who pay well. Win-win for everyone!


In addition to consistently getting excellent results, you’re also going to get those results efficiently. You’ll be able to know how to do that thing – whatever it is you do – with speed because you’ll have seen so many permutations of the same problem. You’ll have enough experience to know when to do X instead of Y… or when Z is really best. So you end up doing less work while getting better results for higher pay and more respect.

If you’d like to learn more about the Eleven Marketing Factors and how they help you build a competition-proof business with stronger marketing, then you’ll want to get on my list to be first in line to get a copy. The first 15 will even get a FREE copy.

Opt in to the insider’s list by sending me a PM. I’ll personally reach out when it’s ready… AND I’ll rush the condensed 3-page version as a thank you for being so awesome.

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The 7 Clients You Attract When Your Mindset Monkeys are Running the Show


Confession time:  People tell me I have a ton of confidence and that I’m nice and empathetic.

The truth is, a lot of that comes from having a sucky life and learning everything the hard way.

Like, scarred for life kind of life. Molested, raped, neglected, broke, homeless, family law drama … been there, done that, got the tee shirt. 🙈

And what happens when you’ve had that kind of life is that until you get your 🐒 mental monkeys 🐒 in order, you’ll attract all kinds of narcissists, energy vampires, and abusers into your life.

While I DEFINITELY saw this in my love life…

I ALSO saw this in client relationships too…

And the experiences cost me hundreds of thousands in lost work and a whole boatload of misery and self-doubt. 😭😭😭😭

Over the years, I attracted just plain terrible clients who took advantage of me.

Or on the flipside, I attracted good clients but created bad working relationships because I wasn’t doing authentic work and living authentically. 🙁

Either way, the whole point of consulting – great results – didn’t happen as often as I would have liked.

Which is why, I think, almost every expert and “guru” you talk to will recommend books and mentoring on MINDSET before they recommend ninja tactics, strategies, or tools.

Tools are useless until you can actually USE them.

I’ll share my own mindset resource recommendations in a moment.

But first, let’s talk about the 7 types of clients you attract when you aren’t your authentic, powerful self (and the 4 you attract when you get your ducks in a row):

👉Actually Broke Brenda
This type of client is actually broke, and expects free work. They will give you the biggest sob story about how bad off they are, but when you give them advice, they don’t implement. Or if they pay you, they’ll nickel and dime you for every ounce of work you give them. This person is likely to not launch or launch waaayyyy later than originally planned.

👉Fake Broke Billy
This client insists they’re broke, but they actually aren’t. So they’ll give you the same sob story and how broke they are, and often negotiate percentage deals. However, they aren’t broke… or at least not as broke as you. (For example, I once had a client give me a sob story about how they were broke… and then they put $20,000 on a credit card, including paying other venders four figures to do less work than I was doing.) This person is likely to not launch or launch waaayyyy later than originally planned.

👉Narcissist Nancy
This client makes everything about them. They expect you to respond to every call and email within minutes, drop every other client, and devote yourself exclusively to them and their project.

👉Boundary Pushing Pete
This is the type of client who’ll hire you for one thing, and before you know it, you’re running everything and working waaaaaay past scope.

👉Multiple Personality Mary
This type of client doesn’t know what they want and can’t let their inner visionary chaos stop for a day. So they’ll change everything as soon as you’ve built it, including their business name, lead magnet, and core offer… only to leave you having to redo it all to keep up.

👉Sexual Harasser Harry
This client will start off slightly flirty, and then fall into sexual harassment at some point. You’ll get the nagging suspicion they hired you just to be able to fantasize about sleeping with you.

👉Forever Failing Frank
This client seems to figure out how to cause every business and marketing strategy to fail. Doesn’t matter, it doesn’t work for them. This person seem so fail at everything they do, and will gladly blame you for their latest failure while insisting if only you’d tried harder, you could have saved them.

And of course, here are the amazing clients you’ll come across when you are authentically YOU and build your marketing so you attract ideal fit clients consistently:

👉Inspirational Ingrid
This person is doing really amazing work… and their work is likely to change you in the process. This client is changing people’s lives and probably changes yours more than you change theirs, while insisting that isn’t the case. They pay well and respect your time.

👉Go-Getter Gary
This client is a BEAST. They have big dreams and they follow through, just as they said they would. They will implement what you say, move forward decisively, and launch on time.

👉Perfectly Reasonable Ron
This person is neither amazing nor terrible. They’re simply reasonable to work with. They pay well, show up, and respect what you have to say. They are, as the name suggests, reasonable people who get reasonable results.

👉Amazing Outcomes Oliver
Finally, there’s the knock-it-out-of-the-park client. This client gets BIG WINS and of course, provides an amazing testimonial/case study for future clients. They’re just great to work with.

And of course, YOU become a better consultant when you embrace your authentic expert status, because not only are you attracting great people who need help, you’re attracting those who’ll get GREAT results with you, which in turn makes you a better service provider because you’re only working with great people who’ll actually show up and get results.  (#Win-win for everyone!)

If you’d like some help figuring out the whole “how to be an authentic expert” part, don’t worry. I’m offering my free, uber concise guide to the 11 components you need to have in sync. It’s available now. 

P.S. If you’d like to upgrade your mindset so you can SHOW UP and GET RESULTS, here are a few resources:

  1. Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
  2. Reinventing Your Life by Jeffrey E. Young
  3. Anything by Dan S. Kennedy
  4. #Mindfix Consulting with Erin Pheil