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The “Twilight Strategy” to Writing Better Marketing Stories

sharon-mccutcheon-679480-unsplashPhoto by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

If you’re using stories in your marketing but finding they’re falling flat…

… then today’s post is for you.

But first… are you familiar with Twilight?

If not, let me paint a picture for you.

Imagine you’re a teenage girl. You’re a little awkward. Kind of “average”.

And you go from a big city to a small town where you’re the most interesting thing since sliced bread. No matter where you go, your arrival is on everyone’s lips.

At the diner, everyone is fawning over how much you’ve grown.

At home, new friends come bearing gifts (a truck of your own).

And at school, everyone wants to befriend you and join your inner circle.

Sounds amazing, right?

But wait, there’s more.

Turns out, the hottest, most available guy in school likes YOU.

In fact, he’s so attracted to you, it pains him physically.

You end up together. Then he leaves.

Then another guy, equally hot, also fawns over you.

Meanwhile, entire bands of vampires ALSO want you.

Basically, everyone wants to either be your friend, date you, or kill/eat you.

And moving on, you end up becoming a vampire with super powers.

Again, you’re hot shit and super special.

So special the vampires are going to start a war over you and your gorgeous lovechild.

But in the end, you live happily ever after being your badass powerful self with access to magical abilities, immortal beauty, and riches.

Now, if you’re anything but the target demographic of 12-18 year old women who want a romantic fantasy, that story might seem a bit gross.

But to the target audience?

It’s compelling enough to spawn a hugely profitable ($$$) empire.

That’s the power of story. The trick is knowing WHO you’re writing to and what story will actually move THEM.

The problem?

So many entrepreneurs try telling a story about themselves which doesn’t resonate.

I mean, I can tell you how crappy my childhood was, but do you care?


What you want to hear is the process I used to drum up a winning campaign.

Or how I came up with ideas for this, or that.

Or maybe some nightmare story, long past, about how I went from flat broke to millionaire.

But a current nightmare story? Nope.

Or a story that has NOTHING to do with what the buyer wants? Also nope.

Or even, a story that has NOTHING to do with the buyer’s current experience (or a worse version of it)? Also nope.

Your story has to resonate with WHO you’re selling to…

… what pain points they have…

… and what promised land they hope for themselves.

You can do it with your own story, if you have a good one.

But you can also do it by using:

  • Client case studies and stories
  • “Expert” case studies and stories
  • Media/Pop culture references
  • Buyer Objections
  • Competitor Stories

And if you really look around, you’ll find highly successful people ALREADY using this method to their financial benefit, and you could do the same.

Or, you could keep pumping out lifeless stories no one wants, hoping eventually something will eventually ring a bell for your audience.

Listen: I’m writing a book that will help you come up with the eleven marketing factors (one of which is the story) you need to write great marketing. I’m also giving out 15 FREE copies to those who let me know they’re interested NOW.

Simply email to get on that list. As a gift, I’ll send you the concise version (3 pages) free.

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The Disney Secret to Better Sales

almos-bechtold-448574-unsplashPhoto by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

The Disney Secret to Better Sales

Almost everyone loves Disney.

The stories…

The fun…

The magic….

Disney is hard to beat in terms of notoriety and success, wouldn’t you agree?

And of the three elements mentioned above, I believe their most important piece of the puzzle has to be the magic.

The magic is what makes people buy.

They want to believe you have a magic wand who can solve all their problems.

And they want to believe it’s as easy as pulling those crisp greenbacks out of an ATM.

Yet as entrepreneurs, we forget about the magic.

We’re so entrenched in our own systems and processes and industry knowledge that it’s become stale.

What is mesmerizing to others is just sleight of hand to us.

And we forget to include the magic, the curiosity, the wonder.

Instead, we get all boring with our marketing. We leave out the magic in our process. We forget to let the buyer believe there’s magic.

They know magic isn’t real.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to believe anyway.

So let’s feed their desire to believe, even for a little bit, that you have the magic solution.

Give your process a sexy name – a unique mechanism – and make it your magic spell.

Give the problem a unique name, too – the villain you must heroically help them defeat.

And then like Ursula painting cauldron pictures, paint their ideal life in the copy.

But remind them of the barely adequate doldrum of a life they have now, too…

… so they’ll want to get back to the land of magic as soon as possible…

… preferably, with credit card in tow.

That’s what needs to happen in your marketing, especially if you’re a consultant.

And if it’s not, let’s talk.