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Thanks for your interest in thinking about involving me in your next marketing project. 

If you're unsure whether I'm a good fit for your budget and project, you're welcome to send view the Frequently Asked Questions page and see if your question is answered there. 

Here's some other ways to get the information you need quickly:

1. Read my marketing articles. 
2. Join my "Marketing Vault", where I share my custom copywriting and marketing tools, worksheets, and training. It's just $99/month and you can cancel at any time. Learn more here.
3.  Explore my copy offerings. I have four tiers of copywriting: Overnight, Contingency Only, and Triple Guaranteed; I also offer copy that mirrors certain copywriters, such as Gary Bencivenga, Jon Benson, and more. 
4. Review my Copy Process.

Hope that helps, and I look forward to connecting with you soon. Simply send me an email at when you're ready to discuss further. 

Lynn Swayze
Direct Response Copywriter & Fiction Author