December 9

What most entrepreneurs get WRONG about “copying” other people’s funnels…


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You guys, Lynn Swayze here, I’m the founder of OfferTherapy™ and a copywriter and a marketing strategist.

Today I want to talk about what entrepreneurs get wrong when they go to copy other people’s funnels and what to do instead. So and I’ve seen this happen many times often with entrepreneurs. They’re a little less sure of themselves, a little less in alignment with their abundance, right? They’re less in alignment with who they are and their authenticity, and they just want to do what (they think) works. And they’re not sure that the model that they have, or they think that they have will work. So they go and go, Oh, I see. So and so, you know, usually someone they think is their competitor, or maybe it’s someone they admire and they go, I’m going to do what they do. Right. So they completely model their hook, their pricing, their delivery, the whole nine yards.

Right? And do it that way. So it’s like, I’m going to change my entire business to offering Instagram reviews and, you know, doing this whole program, I would charge 97 just like these guys. And they copy the whole thing. That is not the way to take marketing inspiration. You know, when you think about marketing as not only something that is in alignment with who you are, right. And the 11 marketing factors that I talk about and the three power levers that I talk about and the entrepreneur types that I talk about. Right. But marketing all, you have all of the hat, but marketing is structure. So instead of looking at someone’s funnel and going, I’m going to do exactly what they’re doing because it’s working. Why don’t you instead look at the structure? Oh, look, they’re doing a book funnel. They’re doing an ad to a free plus shipping offer.

And then the upsell is an audio book, and then they have another upsell. That’s a course. And then another upsell, that’s a high ticket coaching. Oh. And you don’t take that. There’s a down sell of a, a masterclass or an event or something. Right. So you’re mimicking the structure and then making it your own rather than copying the whole thing.

And this goes for hooks. It goes for pricing. It goes for products. It goes for product names. I have seen it all and it is so natural to one to look at someone who’s successful and go, Oh, I’m going to do that too, because it’s working. Here’s the thing, you know, the foundation of my 11 marketing factor system is that one of the 11 marketing factors is you. And one of those factors for someone else’s offer is them. And just because you can mimic the other things doesn’t mean they’re in alignment with who you are and the world, according to you and your underlying in your bones principles and your, in your bones philosophy, that’s going to leak out on everything you do.

So you can try to copy someone else’s business, but it won’t work because it has to be aligned you. And once you’re in alignment, you’re going to start seeing less resistance. And then you’re going to see abundance, which is why I say alignment is abundance. That’s why I say marketing is math because like tumblers in the lock as you optimize one and the next and the next firm adds to your opt-in pages to your email sequences, to your offers, to your pricing, to, you know, how you, you display yourself as a persona. All of these things will eventually click, click, click, click, click, and it’ll work. Bam, every time flood of leads, upsells, you engaged tribe. You know, you’re just going to come up with stuff easier, you know, and that’s what I do in my offer therapy sessions. Right? So I, I meet with you, you know, there’s a little bit of a psychic connection going on.

I also have a worksheet and whatnot, and we’re, we’re planning all this out and then we’re planning the funnels. What will the funnels look like to get you to those 10 year goals, but there’s three-year goals or that one year goal, right? What’s the fastest path to cash. That’s right. So yeah, if you want more, you can get into my patron, forward slash Swayze. I have some free offers coming up here soon. So Follow me on social. If this is on YouTube or you’re watching this go ahead and subscribe.

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