Copywriter Lynn Swayze

Got Traffic? Now It's Time to Monetize It.


Niches: Alt. Health, Finance, Mindset, B2B, Ecommerce
Copywriting: "Funnels", Sales Pages, VSLs, Webinars, Emails
Past Clients: Copy Chief, CEG Worldwide, Spy Escape & Evasion, Celebrity Method, Bounceback Artist, Create Your Legendary Life, Client Engagement Academy, The Decluttering School, Nuance, Jay Lab Pro, The Closing Engine, and more...
Project Fees: Flat fee + Success % (tiered)
Referral Fee: 10% of Project Fee, Paid Immediately upon Monies Received

My name is Lynn Swayze and I'm a "direct response" style copywriter for information marketers, experts, consultants, authors, and supplement providers.

My job - my only job - is to come onboard, immerse myself in the "11 Marketing Factors" unique to your business, and then design marketing funnels and write copy which is congruent with YOU, YOUR OFFER, and YOUR IDEAL BUYER and which does one thing and one thing only...


I do it through a mix of:

  • In-depth market research that hones in on who you are, who your ideal buyer is, and which "competition-proof" elements will stack the deck in favor of sales
  • Industry-proven copywriting techniques based on persuasion, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), storytelling, and human psychology
  • A systemized, structured approach to writing copy, which gets copy written FAST (no more waiting for "the muse" or other nonsense)
  • A little bit of empathy/psychic skills, which I use as part of connecting with you and your ideal buyer to pull out the emotions and needs that sell the best

Which means you're attracting more leads, winning more clients, and getting more of the profit you deserve. 

If you know the value of this and have the traffic and offer necessary to make use of a classicly trained direct response copywriter, then contact me today.

"Lynn is a true genius when it comes to Copywriting! She just has a way with words that I have not seen with many people and has created amazing content for me and the program which I am currently about to launch."

- Madhura Joshi, "Create Your Legendary Life"

"As a fellow copywriter and in her writing role, I trust Lynn with B2B, finance, serious tone topics that the conversion content for will be placed in front of an intelligent audience. Leaders wanting increased conversions in such marketplaces would do well to hire Lynn, as we have."
- Jason Kanigan, The Closing Engine

"She's a talented writer with that rare ability to write in whatever voice a brand requires, from the casual to the most formal. Perhaps most importantly, she knows how to create content that delivers what most of us are looking for: results."
- Susan Baroncini-Moe, The Bounceback Artist