Crap Copy? Add THIS.

I want to share an in-the-trenches “copy secret” with you.

Before I reveal it, I want to make sure you’re in the right place by asking a few questions.

Sound fair?


So, is your copy exciting to read?

Or is your copy as flat as week-old soda?

And are you getting the steady tide of new leads and sales you deserve?

Or is your engagement more like a teeny trickle, threatening to dry up at any moment?

And finally, are you getting all the sales you want?

Or is your business piggy bank sounding a little less full as of late?

If any of the above applies to you, then listen up. What I’m going to reveal to you today may very well save your bottom line from complete collapse.

(Or at least give you a morale boost. Because hey, sometimes that helps too.)

And while there are probably a LOT of things wrong if you’re not getting any traction on your copy…

(Including but not limited to a bad offer, wrong or inadequate traffic, and message/market mismatch)….

… there’s one thing you can do to immediately improve any piece of copy and which you’re very likely missing worse than an impossible-to-solve Where’s Waldo picture.

This “missing piece” is amazing.

You can insert it into your headlines to make them more exciting…

You can add them to your stories to make them more believable…

And you can even slide them into your bullets to give them that “one-two-punch” they need…

… basically, this component is like salt.

And you can use it to make almost anything that much better.

So what is this “magical component” you’re probably lacking in your copy?

It’s specificity.

To give you a leg up, here are some specific ways to add it in. 🙂




(If doing a benefit/pain/problem headline and not starting in the middle of a story)

  • What specific benefits
  • How fast? (minutes, days, seconds)
  • How easy? (easier than…)
  • Without? (x, y, and z that sucks eggs)




Where were you when this happened?

– WHEN was this event? (Month, day, and year specifically)

– What were you wearing?

– What was the weather like?

– What were you thinking at the time?

– What else was going on in your life to compound the problem?

– What was the exchange of information like?

– What were you feeling before, during, after?

– How did the pain / relief manifest in your life?




– Add numbers (e.g., 347 different ways to say “screw you” and still keep your clients)

– Add metaphors (e.g., what is this benefit like? Paint a word picture!)

– Add pointers (e.g., “on page 27, you’ll discover…”)




– Add worth (e.g., worth $297)

– Itemize (e.g., you’ll get 5 binders… over 7240 pages…. Of proven industry secrets…)




– Add specificity to the source (e.g., not just “Jane S.”, but “Jane Seymour from Hollywood, California, 69, Actress)

– Add specificity to the customer journey (before/during/after – see “stories” above)

– Add specificity to the result (e.g., not just “more money”, but “over $111,242.13 in additional revenues over 30 days….”)


Hopefully, that’ll help you get started with making your copywriting more powerful, especially on sales pages.

And if you’d rather have an expert come in and help, you know where to find me. Simply email Adam and I at

About the Author

Lynn Swayze is a Direct Response Copywriter, fiction author, and NLP Master-in-training who uses empathy, visualization, and time-tested persuasion techniques to write better copy. She writes copy for consultants, course creators, alternative health supplements, mindset coaches, and IT companies. She can be hired for landing pages, funnel copy, webinars, VSLs, and story-based email series. Send an email to to discuss your next marketing project and how Lynn can help.