The Beliefs Under the Hood

Individuals charged with hiring direct response copywriters have to evaluate many factors:

  • How a copywriter was trained and if it’s enough to indicate she knows what she’s doing
  • The working habits of the copywriter and how quickly she will deliver quality work
  • How well her style aligns with the house style and how quickly she can likely adapt
  • The risk the copywriter poses to the hiring manager (in other words…will she pan out? Can she deliver?)
  • The personality and how well she fits into the current team

These are all appropriate and responsible questions. Yet one aspect that resumes and interviews overlook is the philosophy that powers the copywriter. Which beliefs shape her writing and are imbued in tone and word choice? How will she act when things get tough?  This page reveals my personal beliefs when it comes to my profession and to a successful ad… whether that ad is a landing page, space ad, sales letter, VSL, or email.

My Fundamentals

I am  a direct response copywriter. It’s my mission to increase your revenue to its maximum through my consultation and my deliverables. Which means that I will use all of my training, experience, and observation to give you the leading edge. I value punctuality, frequent communication, and feedback.

First, I believe that the primary purpose of any marketing is to sell. I don’t write sales copy that makes your friends “ooh” and “ahh”. I write sales copy that engages and turns browsers into buyers. The only way to measure the success of your marketing is by directly tying sales copy to sales.

Second, I believe that the customer knows best. I believe that the best writing only comes from in-depth market research before launch and testing after launch. I only work with those willing to be wrong about what they think people want… because the buyer knows best.

Third, I believe in you and your business. I chose to pursue full-time copywriting because I love helping entrepreneurs’ dreams come to life. When I make you more profitable, you are then better able to provide for your family, your employees, and your community. I believe that your achievements can match your aspirations and it’s my job to align the two.

Fourth, I believe in selling with honesty and integrity. A well-designed product and an irresistible offer don’t require hyped up copywriting. (Too much hype doesn’t work, anyway. Ask Gary Bencivenga!) I believe in down-to-earth, honest marketing techniques based on time-tested salesmanship in print.

Fifth, I do not believe in victimhood. There are no victims, only choices. When an ad doesn’t work, we won’t blame the market or the price of your product or the typography. We’ll dig deep into what we created, try again, and test again. We’ll examine your offer and the message to market match. But we won’t give up and we won’t accept defeat. There are no victims in my court.