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If you're here, it's probably because you're intrigued in how Lynn Swayze can help, but not yet sure she's the right fit. Maybe you are just curious and wanting to know what all the hubbub is about. Whatever your reason, you've found the right page! On this page, you'll get answers to common questions about working with Lynn Swayze.

Is Lynn Swayze related to Patrick Swayze?

Yes! Lynn Swayze is related to Patrick Swayze. In fact, most Swayze's appear to be related. It's a pretty obscure last name which has popularity in Canada and the US thanks to migration in the 1500s. Sources say we came from Normandy or Wales, but who knows.

What is "direct response copywriting"?

Direct Response Copywriting is a niche style of copywriting made popular by marketers like Dan Kennedy, Gary Bencivenga, David Ogilvey, Jay Abraham, AWAI, and more. The style focuses on action-oriented language, direct action, and increasing overall lead quality, lead quantity, and revenue. Direct response copywriters tend to work in information marketing, but can be found in any niche. 

Lynn Swayze calls herself a direct response copywriter because this methodology best encapsulates her approach to marketing and sales. 

Is Lynn Swayze a HubSpot Certified Consultant?

Yes! Lynn Swayze hold several HubSpot certifications, including:

  • HubSpot Marketing Software
  • HubSpot Sales Software
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound

She also holds certifications from Digital Marketer in Content, Customer Value Optimization, and Direct-Response Copywriting.

What kind of tech companies has Lynn worked with?

Lynn Swayze has provided expert-level marketing, positioning, and copywriting to:

  • Technology Consulting Agencies
  • Technology Solution Providers
  • Independent Software Developers 
  • Marketing Agencies serving Tech Companies
  • Startups/SAAS Companies
  • FinTech Platforms
  • SAAS + Service Companies

What is Lynn's approach to projects?

Lynn Swayze likes to think big at first, and then narrow down to tactics.

Unless it's just a copy job, Lynn starts by discussing your long-term business goals. Then, she'll work with you on the ideal strategies to best achieve those goals and the KPIs which will be most important to show success. Then, she'll define the tactics and move forward with you and your team and begin writing copy, content, and whatever else is needed to help you launch successfully.

What kind of copy and content can Lynn write?

Direct Response Copywriter Lynn Swayze can help with almost any part of the funnel:

  • Landing Pages (for ad traffic)
  • Website Pages
  • Long-form sales pages & VSLs
  • Webinar Scripts
  • Opt-in Pages
  • Ad sequences
  • Email sequences 
  • Blog content
  • Lead magnets
  • Authority-building books
  • Case studies
  • Proposals

We already have content writers. Can Lynn help train and direct them?

YES! Lynn Swayze has served as a marketing manager in several roles, where she had to guide and train content writers on best practices and the buyer journey. She's available to "copy chief" as well for copywriting.

How much will it cost to hire Lynn Swayze for our next marketing campaign?

At this time, Lynn Swayze is only taking on Revenue Sharing/Incentive Deals. 

For her to come in and act as your CMO and assist with marketing, copywriting, metrics, and direction, revenue sharing applies. (Generally, about 7-10% above your current monthly baseline.) This is a long-term commitment generally lasting years, with touchpoints at least every 2 weeks.

If you'd only like Lynn's help for a single product/funnel, then per-sale incentive applies. Generally, this might be a dollar amount per sale OR a percentage of revenue attributed to the campaign Lynn is working on with you. The work will involve a lot of time up front to launch, and then ongoing optimization over time to keep your offer viable. 

Send an email at with the subject line "Revenue Sharing Opportunity" to discuss further.

What copywriters does Lynn Swayze follow?

Lynn Swayze's favorite marketers are:

  • Todd Brown - E5 Method
  • Dan Kennedy - "No BS" books, Magnetic Marketing, GKIC
  • Jay Abraham - Business Strategist and Million Dollar Consultant
  • Trevor "Toe Cracker" Crook - former copywriting mentor and genius positioning
  • Mark Pescetti - Health VSL Copywriter and Mindset Mentor
  • Marcella Allison - Financial/Health Copywriter, Founder of Titanides

Who has Lynn Swayze been mentored by in the copywriting/marketing space?

Lynn Swayze has been mentored by Trevor "Toe Cracker" Crook.

We'd like to interview Lynn Swayze. What's the process for that?

Thanks for your interest in interviewing Lynn Swayze for your site, channel, or podcast. To contact Lynn, go here and submit the form.

Can Lynn Swayze write for our blog?

Maybe! Contact Lynn Swayze via the Contact Page with more details.

Is Lynn Swayze familiar with (insert tech tool)?

Probably! On her own and on various projects, Lynn Swayze has used:

  • HubSpot (all license levels/Hubs)
  • ActiveCampaign CRM
  • Salesflare CRM
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • ThriveThemes Suite
  • Divi WordPress Page Builder
  • Elementor Pro Page Builder
  • Bootstrap
  • Confluence
  • Discord, Slack, FB Workplace
  • Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint
  • Lucidchart, Visio
  • Google GSuite, Microsoft Office
  • GitHub, Git
  • Atom Editor
  • Intercom
  • Teamwork, Asana, Clickup, Trello, Microsoft Project
  • And many, many more . . . 

She's also served as a Tier 3 Technical Team Lead in a helpdesk and a Technical Writer, so she understands and can learn new software products very quickly.

What languages can Lynn Swayze speak?

Lynn speaks American English fluently. She also speaks French at the B2/C1 level, Spanish at an A2 level, and German at an A1 level. She is always looking for opportunities to stretch her business language skills. 

How fast can we get started?

Lynn Swayze is usually busy with projects, however it doesn't hurt to contact her and get more information. If the stars align, you can expect to be able to get started within two weeks.

What are payment terms like? (Due on receipt, NET 15, NET 30?)

Any on-off payments are due before work starts. Monthly incentive payments should be made NET15 after the end of the month for sales minus refunds or revenue minus refunds. 

Can we work via Upwork?

Only for one-off projects.

Marketing Strategy, Copy, & Ongoing Optimization for Growing brands

Proven Direct Response Copywriter & HubSpot Strategist Lynn Swayze serves companies in info-marketing, consulting, or technology who want more leads, sales, and revenue - FAST. 

Direct Response Copywriting

Lynn Swayze is a trained Direct Response Copywriter with experience in SEO Copywriting and Inbound Copywriting. She writes landing pages, web pages, blog content, case studies, ad sequences, and more, plus help you plan your content with ACTION in mind.

HubSpot & MarTech Expertise

Lynn Swayze doesn't just write copy. She also knows MarTech tools such as HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce, and Zapier, to help you design, launch, track, and optimize your efforts together. She holds several certifications in HubSpot and has acted as the SME for it.

Full Funnel, Holistic Approach

Lynn doesn't just focus on top of funnel. Instead, she looks at the entire buyer journey to create content which pulls prospects through the lifecycle. Her recommendations and work will enhance your campaigns at all buying stages, from "TOFU to BOFU". 

Positioning & Messaging Guidance

Through her proprietary Eleven Marketing Factors™ Copywriting System, she helps technology brands optimize their positioning so they can be perceived as the GO TO brand in the marketplace for their ideal buyer. This positioning is also cemented in a messaging guide. 

Hi, I'm Lynn Swayze

I'm a Direct Response Marketing Strategist and Copywriter. Over the last 6 years, my industry-leading clients have obtained results like:

  • Effortlessly landing a $42K project after a website rebuild and lead nurture campaign
  • Scaling from $0/month to $30K/month in 30 days with a new offer
  • Landing a $1MM staff aug project after applying my 11 Marketing Factors™ to their offer and then running new LinkedIn ads to a new landing page
  • 70% conversion rates on a new productized software development service that led to an even higher tier backend offer
  • 10X the usual webinar registrations in HALF THE TIME after updating the copy and switching from ActiveCampaign to HubSpot
  • Seeing an almost IMMEDIATE increase in open rates from an average of 12-14% to 30-42%, leading to "too many booked calls" for this FinTech client

. . . all thanks to the powerful, authority-building positioning and proven direct response marketing campaigns we created together. 

When you're ready to have a conversation, feel free to click below to request an Info Packet and get more information on pricing, project strategies, and how we could rock your next marketing campaign.

What Professionals Are Saying About Lynn Swayze

Susan Baroncini-Moe

Executive Coach & Marketer

"I've worked with Lynn on several projects now. She's a talented writer with the rare ability to write in whatever voice a brand requires."

Tony "Stark" Policci

DR Copywriter & Brother to Joe Polish

"Lynn knows what she's doing and delivers winners. I almost hate writing this testimonial because I want to keep her all to myself!

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