FREE: How to Use My 11 Marketing Factors to Come Up with Your High Ticket Offer

So as you may know, Adam Hall and I have a product we’re building called the “11 Marketing Factors”. It’s a system I’ve used for over a year to perform copy research and build better offers.

Just this week, I had a client who wasn’t sure what he wanted to sell as his high ticket offer. He knew he wanted to move from one-off hypnotism sessions to products and consulting, however didn’t have clarity as to how to do that effectively.

He’d already watched some training by Sam Ovens, which only confused him more. He was walking toward the road toward reinventing the wheel before I stopped him in his tracks.

“Remember my 11 Marketing Factors, and how each of the factors must be in alignment with the others?”

“Yeah,” he responded. We’d already had an hour-long call to go over these factors for his CURRENT business, so it should have been fresh in his mind.

I continued:

“Well, you already have a few of those factors nailed down already, which means you need to consider what works around THOSE… not try to do market research to build some new business.”

Because look, this guy DIDN’T need to go and spend a week on market research or whatever the high ticket expert suggested.

For example, this guy already knew…

His PERSONA. He was the face of his company. He wasn’t planning on changing who he was for this new offer.

His PRESTIGE FACTOR. He had a specific way of going about solving problems that, while not named, served as his unique mechanism which he wasn’t currently including in his marketing.

His PATH. He already had stories to tell and wasn’t going to tell completely new stories based on this high ticket offer.

His PRINCIPLES. Again, he wasn’t changing his values when he switched to his high ticket offer… he just needed to make sure he was building these in.

His PACKAGE. (ha ha, not THAT package. His product!) He already knew he was going to sell a product based on hypnotherapy. So he didn’t need to go researching new ways of delivering his proprietary system. We just needed to figure out how to PACKAGE it.

His PROOF. He had plenty of testimonials and case studies. So while we did need to work on building them into the marketing, it was clear he didn’t need new proof here either. Although I did strongly encourage him to BETA TEST first, so he could get feedback and some early wins to piggyback off of.

When I told him all this, he relaxed a little. He could see that he DID have things figured out a bit already.

So now we had to decide on the PROBLEM, which would help us figure out the PAIN POINTS, PROMISE, and PRICE.

And that’s a LOT easier than thinking you have to start from scratch, eh?

If you’d like to have a handy printout for these 11 factors, I’ve got your back. Just go to the original Facebook post and slide your favorite gif into the comments and I’ll rush you a free copy. You don’t even have to sign up for my crappy email list to get it. 😉

About the Author

Lynn Swayze is a Direct Response Copywriter, fiction author, and NLP Master-in-training who uses empathy, visualization, and time-tested persuasion techniques to write better copy. She writes copy for consultants, course creators, alternative health supplements, mindset coaches, and IT companies. She can be hired for landing pages, funnel copy, webinars, VSLs, and story-based email series. Send an email to to discuss your next marketing project and how Lynn can help.