Are Your Offers as Abundantly Successful
as They Could be? 

Dear Results-Minded Business Owner,

If you have any blood in your veins, chances are you want to. . .

  • Effortlessly attract HIGH QUALITY clients who'll pay top dollar for your services . . . 
  • Generate RAVING FANS who sing your praises and come back for more again and again . . . 
  • Create TRUE WEALTH and FREEDOM from your business . . . 

. . . all in as short a timeframe as humanly possible!

If even ONE of those statements are true, then you know you cannot afford to have a limp, under-performing marketing.

You need POWERFUL, ATTRACTIVE, and CONVERTING offers, and you need them now. . . before your competition beats you to it.

Hi, I'm Lynn Swayze

I'm a Direct Response Marketing Strategist and Copywriter for Info-marketers, Supplement Companies, and Solution Providers. I'm also the founder of OfferTherapy™, a positioning system for experts.

Over the last 6 years, my industry-leading clients have obtained results like:

  • Seeing 2.5% conversions on a new women's weight loss supplement and earning millions using that copy over the next few years
  • Effortlessly landing a $42K project after a website rebuild and lead nurture campaign
  • Getting featured in ABC News, Forbes, USA Today, and more
  • Scaling from $0/month to $30K/month in 30 days using an offer I generated with them
  • Landing a $1MM staff aug project after applying my 11 Marketing Factors™ to their offer and then running new LinkedIn ads to a new landing page
  • Going from being "ghosted" by copy clients to landing two high-paying retainers within WEEKS
  • 70% conversion rates on a new productized software development service that led to an even higher tier backend offer
  • 10X the usual webinar registrations in HALF THE TIME after updating the copy and switching from ActiveCampaign to HubSpot
  • Seeing an almost IMMEDIATE increase in open rates from an average of 12-14% to 30-42%, leading to "too many booked calls" for this FinTech client

. . . all thanks to the powerful, authority-building positioning and proven direct response marketing campaigns we created together. 

And if you've hired copywriters, marketing strategists, 
or an agency before . . .

Then you know how difficult it can be to find someone who'll help you optimize ALL PARTS of your offer and stick around until you actually see ROI.

The Truth is that most copywriters and agencies
work on a limited and transactional basis. . .

How it normally works is you both agree on the line items in the Statement of Work (SOW), there's an exchange of value (hopefully), and then your help leaves after the work is done or the time period is over.

"I'll give you $50K, you give me a sales page/funnel, and hopefully it works."

The problem is. . . 

Not all scaling problems are acquisition problems. 

Sometimes, the problem is in order fulfillment. . . or upsells . . . or customer service. . . or customer experience. . . or positioning. These are aspects of your overall offer which can't be helped just by launching more front-end copy.

And even if your marketing problem were an acquisition (ad) problem, chances are the first one, three, or five leads won't convert as well as the ones which come after data-driven trial, error, and segmentation. 

Almost NO OFFERS convert amazingly out the gate the first time around,
no matter how great the copywriter. 

Now, there are things we can do to help shorten the learning curve. My Offer Therapy™ process is one of them.

But so, so often, what we think will work just won't.

Good copywriters and advisors will help you develop a testing mindset and stick around until you convert. 

Good copywriters and advisors will THINK BIGGER than just the copy or the ad campaign. 

Good copywriters and advisors know how to not have an ego about their work.

Because as my  mentor says, "RESULTS matter, feelings do not!" 

Which begs the question . . . 

  • Do you want marketing help who's OBSESSED about results and who will STICK AROUND until you actually see ROI, ROAS, and rising LCV? 
  • Do you want someone on your side who'll keep testing, optimizing, and "stacking the deck" toward conversions until (and after!) they make money for you?
  • Do you want marketing help who's incentivized to work toward RESULTS (and not just "getting things done")? 
  • Do you want a proven copywriter to generate multiple leads and tests out the gate to guarantee successful results, now and in the future? 
  • Do you want marketing help which doesn't cost you $10,000, $20,000, or more out the gate . . . but is worth that much?

If the answer to ANY of those questions is yes, then keep reading because. . . 

What Professionals Say

Susan Baroncini-Moe

Executive Coach & Marketer

"I've worked with Lynn on several projects now. She's a talented writer with the rare ability to write in whatever voice a brand requires."

Tony "Stark" Policci

DR Copywriter & Brother to Joe Polish

"Lynn knows what she's doing and delivers winners. I almost hate writing this testimonial because I want to keep her all to myself!

I'm Making an Outrageous Offer for Results-Minded Entrepreneurs Who Need Marketing Help

I am on a MISSION to partner with businesses who want to serve their clients and make the world a better place. 

Which is why together, if you're up for it, we'll create MULTIPLE CONVERTING OFFERS to grow your business exponentially bigger and exponentially faster than you ever thought possible.

Together, we'll dig deep into the buyer psychology . . .

Develop your truly compelling unique mechanism. . .

Launch exciting BIG IDEAS. . .

And optimize your entire business based on the DATA.

So you can truly and finally see RETURN ON INVESTMENT
from your marketing efforts.

When I come on board, I help with: 

  • Optimizing each of your Eleven Marketing Factors™ so your offer is congruent and "in alignment" (read: CONVERTING with your ideal buyer)
  • Positioning you in the marketplace so you're perceived as an in-demand expert 
  • Creating Marketing for a Year™, so we can leverage organic traffic and social media and put it all on autopilot
  • Writing all the funnel copy, from your ads to your fulfillment emails to everything in between (as needed)
  • Advising on back-end and tech tools, and sometimes building as needed in conjunction with your media team/tech team
  • Exploring new pricing strategies, offer types, and markets to tap into so your offer never "goes stale"
  • Uncovering "underleveraged opportunities" in your business that could be used to scale. (Strategic partnerships, hidden traffic opportunities, cross-industry breakthroughs, and more!
  • Leveraging advanced segmentation strategies using tools like LeadsHook or Thrive Quizzes

The Performance-Based Model Aligning Your
Needs and Mine for Long-Term Success

By now, you've seen the case for why merely hiring a copywriter to write a single lead is expensive and potentially ineffective, because your copywriter is incentivized to get your copy done as quickly as possible and then move on - not caring whether it works long-term.

You've also seen everything I can do for your business, such as overall strategy, positioning, offer development, copy, content, and even technology. 

You probably already know this, but getting this kind of help bundled together is like getting a CMO for your business.

That kind of help doesn't come cheap. On the market, a CMO will cost you $150,000 to $500,000 depending on your company size. And they'll almost always want to get a percentage. I've personally been offered $150,000 - $250,000 to do this exact thing full-time.

Today, I'm offering my services in a way that will make both of us happy. 

If you apply. . . qualify. . . and we jive, I'll do everything in my power to ensure your campaigns and offers launch successfully. We'll design multiple leads, segment your audience, optimize based on data, and continue to "stack the deck" on the front end and the back-end. 

Even better, I'll stick around long-term to ensure they STAY successful in an ever-changing marketplace.

And I'll do it for $20,000 a  month to start or a lower fee + a percentage of all revenue generated above your current baseline, paid monthly. (Or some middle way between those.) We'll meet weekly for the first month to launch quickly, and then slow down to meeting every two weeks to optimize your offers, content, copy, and positioning as needed - for as long as we're working together.

So if your offer starts to "get stale" after six months or a year, I'm there to help optimize.

If you want to launch a new product, I'm there to help you launch.

If you need some new ad creatives. . . or a different VSL script. . . or more emails. . . 

You probably guessed it: I'll be there to keep you moving forward successfully.  

This partnership should last for years, with both of us experiencing more success and growth than we each could have achieved alone. 

When this interests you even slightly, then I welcome
you to fill out the contact form below. 

Contact Lynn about Performance-Based Marketing 

Once received, I'll touch base to schedule a time to have a chat about your business, about we might work together, and what a performance-based project might look like for us.

I have a screening process because when I come on board, your project is going to occupy most of my headspace. I'm going to get as close as I can to caring about your business as much as you do . . .because that's the ONLY way I'm going to help you achieve the MASSIVE success you deserve.

I look forward to the success we'll generate. . . together.

P.S. If you're in the US and have at least a 600 credit score and $10K+/month in revenue, you could qualify for business funding. Click here to apply.