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My name is Lynn Swayze and I'm a direct response copywriter. What that means is that I write copy - or the words on the page - that your ideal buyer is going to read. If we've both done our jobs well, this person will happily take the next step in the journey - be that opting in, clicking a link, booking a high ticket sales call, or investing in your product.  

In order for that to happen, though, you and I have to have your business' ducks lined in a row. Like tumblers in a lock, all of the components need to be in sync for you to make the maximum revenue possible by attracting and engaging with the highest quality leads and nurturing long-term client/customer relationships. And frankly, that takes time and optimization. A lot of time and optimization. And maybe you're a big publisher who's already there; if so, that's swell and yes, I will write for you. 

But if not, then here's the pieces we'd need to optimize over time using effective strategy, positioning, and copy: 

Top of Funnel 

At first, you need MORE leads. And then you need BETTER leads. All of this requires copy and content, as well as outbound methods like ads. 

Middle of Funnel

Once you have the leads, then what? This stage involves ongoing nurturing, remarketing, and again, lots of copywriting and content.  

Bottom of Funnel

At the bottom of the funnel (BOFU), we'll address your sales conversion rates and how to optimize sales for your core product/service. 

Pricing & Offer

And throughout the whole shebang, we'll need to continually tweak your offer, pricing, guarantees, etc to find what works best.

That's a lot, right? 

And I'm the type to always come up with new ideas for marketing and for expanding your business. Honestly, we could go for years together. You and your team enjoying the profits and engaging with clients and customers, me writing copy and defining your marketing strategy... it could be win-win. 

But maybe not. Sometimes personalities don't jive. Or budgets. Or the sky is green that day. Whatever the case, sometimes consulting relationships just don't work out. And that's okay. Which is why I recommend we start with a Starter Project first. 

What is a Starter Project?

A starter project is a fixed-price, limited-scope project that I've predefined based on common business problems clients have and the copywriting solutions I can provide. That is to say - I've done the project definition, planning, and pricing for you so all you have to do is sign, provide information where asked, and launch when we're done. If you're interested you can jump to the project page here, or you can read about the five ways a fixed starter price project will benefit you more than if you'd gone the traditional copywriter hiring route.  




With a Starter Project, the scope, cost, and timeline is clearly defined and blissfully short. Together we'll define the problem and solution, work out the timeline, and get to work. When I'm done, you'll design/launch and send me the data. If we want to work together on another project, great! If not, adios with no hard feelings on either side. Compare that with a retainer project, which is squishy in scope, timelines, and deliverables and requires basically firing each other if you want to move on, change direction, or change pricing. 



The great thing about starting small is that we'll be focused on getting you ROI. So if it's a lead magnet project, we'll immediately work to get you more opt-ins. If it's a landing page for a course, obviously we'll want sales. And so forth. Instead of waiting months for results, you're waiting only as long as it takes to launch. Compare that to trying to fix all your marketing at once, which could take a longer time to see results. 



The pilot copywriting project we'd work on together will be a fixed, flat price. No hourly billing, no percentage splits, none of that. Instead, you'll have a single price you can budget for and then invest in getting more long-term revenue for your business. No hidden fees. No revenue share. Just results. And we can keep doing that for as long as you'd like.



With retainer agreements, you're left finding me work or justifying my fee with ongoing marketing projects. Not every business has need for lots of copy, and almost every business has slower budget times. With the starter project structure, you can engage with me at your pace, project by project. 



Instead of you booking a call... and then me sending a proposal... and then both of us wondering what the next step will be... you simply tell me what project you want to start and we move forward thanks to a clear and up-front process, pricing, and project plan. And you could do it all without having to have a discovery call first (if you wanted).


At this point you're likely saying one of three things. Either:

1) You're ready to move forward with exploring the starter project offerings

2) You need more information to explore and mull over

3) Hiring a copywriter isn't for you (ye) and/or you'd rather DIY

I've included options here for all three. Take your pick, and I look forward to working with you soon. 


P.S.  I know it's cliche to say this, but my calendar does fill up quickly. At the time of this writing, I generally fill my calendar at least a month in advance with copywriting and marketing strategy work - and that's without marketing this service. I plan to ramp up marketing in Q1 of 2020.  Which means... if you have a pressing need, better to book now and get started sooner than wait until my calendar is full. Click here to explore available projects.

Lynn Swayze is a Bloomington, Indiana Direct Response Copywriter.
Inbound Certified Certified Copywriter. AWAI Verified Direct Response Copywriter. Digital Marketer Certified Copywriter. b2b/b2c copywriter.
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