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Over 87% Of Businesses Cite Lead Quality As Their Most Important Metric for Content Marketing Success. (1)

Yet it's hard to even think about lead quality when you aren't even getting a high enough quantity of leads in the door. This is especially true if you're starting from scratch and can't rely on referrals or re-engagement campaigns like established businesses can. Even worse, getting enough leads is tough when you also have a cash flow problem and can't invest a large amount of money in lead generation efforts. So what do you do? 

The answer is that you have be strategic in your marketing efforts. You can't rely solely on inbound methods like content marketing or building a website; you have to reach people where they are and attract them into your business using a focused yet multi-pronged approach. 

Here's what we recommend when you need leads in a hurry:
1. FOCUS. Many with lead generation problems have a problem because they're trying to sell too many services to too many different people. Focus on ONE PROBLEM you solve for ONE TYPE OF PERSON through ONE PRODUCT. (I have an "11P" worksheet for this, if you're interested.)
2. Use outbound marketing efficiently and affordably. When you have a short runway, time and money are of the essence. Outbound marketing like direct mail, LinkedIn messaging, and cold emails are effective but low-cost ways to get in front of qualified prospects. In fact, direct mail has a 1300% ROI, even when you're selling to "digital first" millennials! (2) Of course, you can try Facebook or Google advertising, however this tends to be a more expensive route than directly contacting prospects so tread carefully.
3. Automate inbound marketing. In my "Marketing for a Year" product, I help businesses create a year's worth of marketing in less than 60 days, and then put it all on autopilot. I recommend that you at least automate your social media posts and content marketing a month out, so you can have more time for prospecting. 
4. Build a multi-step (TOFU/MOFU/BOFU) marketing funnel. Every 7 and 8 figure marketer I've ever worked with prioritized funnel building. That's because funnels are designed to pull leads in and nurture them until they buy. Not having one in place causes you lose out on prospects who won't buy today, but who might in a few days with some more marketing.
5. Create joint venture partnerships. Affiliates and joint venture partners can help you launch inexpensively, because you only pay them after you make the sale, rather than before. Expect to pay between 10%-50% of the sale to JV partners. 

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