How You Can get compelling, converting, and congruent direct response copywriting for your next marketing campaign...
oh, and it's "triple guaranteed", too!

Direct Response Copywriter Lynn Swayze

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Client Stories

When the man who created the strategy for Digital Marketer HQ’s $0 to $10MM success story needed to hire a copywriter for his own projects, he turned to Lynn Swayze.

When a weight loss supplement creator wanted to launch a Jon Benson-style VSL and sales page, he hired Lynn Swayze. In the first month, Lynn's copy earned him $13,000 and more than recouped his investment.

When a brilliant software consultant wanted to turn a side gig of $10,000 a month into an organization capable of hiring a whole team, little did he expect his investment in one woman would create $36,000 per each new contract and allow him to hire 5 people a mere three months later. He hired Lynn.

When media celebrity Jason Hanson wanted to get a handle on his marketing campaigns and make sure all the T’s were crossed, he sought the one woman who’d turn the chaos into a humming machine. A few months later, they had systems, established processes, and two new products ready to launch.

When a weight loss consultant wanted to hire someone to create a gripping sales page for a weight loss product in the Christian market, she turned to two people to get it done after working with so-called “heavy hitters”.  One of those two was Lynn Swayze.

In 2015, an eight-figure information marketer in the financial advisor space needed to hire two new copywriters for his team. One was an in-the-trenches financial copywriter. The other was a new-to-the-industry female copywriter. In the test, the new copywriter out-pulled the “industry insider” every time. They found their woman in Lynn Swayze.

“Lynn is an excellent writer and she created a lot of value for our company through her copywriting, technical writing, and editing for internal and marketing initiatives, including the company blog. Her strength is finding problems and identifying repeatable procedures to solve them. Lynn has a good understanding of operations and was a pleasure to work with.” – Michael Dowden (Pluralsight Author, Writer, Java Expert, Speaker)

“Lynn is clearly enthusiastic and has some chops… get in touch with her.”  - Brian Kurtz

“Lynn is a talented and dedicated writer. She is a rare combination of talent, intelligence, and diligence with an easy-going personality that makes her a pleasure to work with.” – Chris Spangle, Media Director at Bob & Tom

Dear Results-Oriented Consultant,

If you're like many consultants I know, you face one nagging, incessant problem. And that problem is getting enough leads and buyers for your business. "Enough" means that you can pay the bills on time, maybe make a profit, and remain an independent business owner for as long as possible. (I don't know about you, but the 9-5 cubicle life is pretty terrible, amiright?)

And unfortunately, everyone and their mother has a solution for what ails you. And you've probably heard it all at this point -  Write a book! Launch a webinar! Search Engine Optimization! Content Marketing! Facebook Ads! 

(And between you and me, the truth is that almost all* of these strategies could be used to generate an almost unlimited stream of highly qualified buyers. The trick is picking one and knowing how to build a funnel around them.)

The trick is knowing how to design these pieces so you can predict, with almost magical certainty, what kind of results you're going to get. And then you can repeat it month in, and month out, as if taking money out of a vending machine. So you can go back to doing what you do best...which probably isn't worrying about where the cash is going to come from. 

That's where I come in.

I create converting marketing campaigns which establish you as an expert, make your competition virtually obsolete, and bring you a steady stream of buyers.

When you bring me on board, we'll tackle all of the following:

  • Your Positioning (who you are and how you'll make your competition obsolete)
  • Your Ideal USP, Pricing, and Big Idea 
  • Your "Unique Mechanism" (this transforms you from commodity to "Google Proof" expert)
  • Your Overall Marketing Campaign (the simple system you'll use to generate leads on autopilot)
  • Your Mindset (because your marketing has more to do with your fears and beliefs than you've been told)

Get Almost Unlimited Success ...

WITHOUT the Risks Normally associated with Hiring Copywriters

When I speak with entrepreneurs, I hear some of the same feedback. And to be honest, I'm shocked that most copywriters do nothing to make it super easy for you - the non-marketing pro - to create kick-ass marketing campaigns. Before you hire anyone, you should ask the following 9 questions.

question #1 -"Does my copywriter know Direct Response Marketing?"

It seems that lately, everyone who's ever taken a cheap "How to Sell Facebook Ads" course is calling themselves a marketing expert. Yet many.. many... have never discovered the foundations of truly effective marketing. And those at the top know that the best marketing is built on direct response marketing. That is, marketing which requires a response from a prospect such as: to reply to a letter, click a link, opt-in to a form, or watch a webinar. It requires action and its effectiveness can be directly proven.  And a good direct response copywriter knows how to make marketing work online and off. 

To see if your copywriter knows direct response, as k them their opinion on:

  • Testing their copy (against themselves, the control, someone else). Look for words like "control" and "split testing". 
  • Their all-time favorite direct response copywriters. (My favorites are Gary Bencivenga, John Carlton, Gary Halbert, and Dan Kennedy.)
  • The best marketing books they've ever read. (A good copywriter should name Eugene Schwartz at the top of the list.)
  • Their opinion on hand copying proven ads to absorb the cadence of winning copy. (I'm on the "hand copy every day" side of the fence.) They should be able to tell you if they've ever done it, why they do or don't , and their favorite ads of all time. 
  • The difference between content marketing and copywriting. While there is overlap between the two inside a marketing funnel, they are still two very different pieces of content. Your "copywriter" should be able to very, very clearly explain the differences to you.

Question #2 - "Does my Copywriter Walk the Talk?"

You know the whole "the cobbler's children have no shoes"? The same applies to many copywriters on the market today. Many, many professional copywriters employ absolutely no marketing themselves. Which is kind of odd, considering this is what they do for a living! Your copywriter should be able to tell you what they're doing for marketing, how well each piece is doing, and how they can apply the lessons learned to your business.

For example, I do all of the following to market my business, or have plans to in the next 3 months:

  • Use a webinar campaign to sell people on using my copywriting services
  • Establish myself as an authority (and generate leads) via print books, lead magnets, free reports, guest posts, and podcast interviews
  • Use email marketing (autoresponders and daily emails) to indoctrinate my audience and create warm prospects
  • Create and sell a course/membership site as an Information Marketer
  • Create social media marketing months in advance
  • Use content marketing and lead magnets to grow my top-of-funnel prospect database
  • Track my data and results, so I know which funnels are working and when to optimize
  • Testing copy and approaches

Question #3 - "Does my Copywriter Deliver on Time?"

One of the biggest risks I hear from entrepreneurs is that their copywriter won't deliver on time. (Yikes!) Your copywriter must have a system in place to deliver on time.  For example, in my business I not only help with the project planning, I also put everything into Teamwork so my schedule runs like clockwork. I also offer an On Time Guarantee which pays you if I'm late. 

Question #4 - "Does my Copywriter Have A Process for Gaining Alignment with My voice and my audience?"

This is another common fear among entrepreneurs, and it's not an insignificant one. I believe that your buyers are smart, and they'll know when your marketing isn't congruent with you. (And if that happens, your credibility will be shot.) There are many ways to nail down your voice... and here are some ways I do it: 

  1. I completely review your current marketing messages. This includes recording your sales pitch, reviewing your written material, and interviewing you extensively.
  2. I look for aspects specific to you - words you use, your dominant modality, and the persona you've cultivated. I employ those words in my copy whenever possible.
  3. My "secret sauce" is something I call the Eleven Marketing FactorsThis allows me to pull out all the gold you're keeping in your head and put it into the copy I write.

Question #5 - "Does my Copywriter Have A Process for ensuring there will be an ROI?"

Obviously, there is no way that any of us can 100% guarantee that you'll make a certain amount of money, any more than a surgeon can guarantee that a procedure will resolve your problems. What your copywriter can do, however, is stack the deck in your favor. For example, when I work with someone I employ all of the following "tricks of the trade" to ensure that we hit you a home run. (Because home runs benefit both of us!)

For example, I... 

  • Perform thorough market research. Like most professional copywriters worth their salt, I spend more time researching than I do copywriting. You know that saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln about sharpening his axe? For us copywriters, it's the same deal. So I will ask you a lot of questions so I can write copy that I know will convert like you hope. 
  • Run through a 20+ step copywriting process after the research is done. This includes listing out features and benefits, brainstorming objections, performing an Agora-built outlining method called "Copy-boarding", drafting 100+ headlines, drafting 100+ bullets, headline/bullet peer review, rewriting, reading the copy aloud, and finally passing it off to you. 
  • Run my "big idea" and copy by my control-winning copywriting mentor. All good copywriters have a bigger fish to back them up, and I have a couple in my pocket whom I pay with my own money to ensure that I write you excellent copy. 
  • Compile my own deck of winning advertising, big ideas, and strategies. I've spent over $15,000 of my own money (probably more at this point) in learning and staying on top of what's worked, what's working, and what's likely to change moving forward. 
  • Run all copy by you, the client and expert, to ensure that it resonates with you.  
  • Provide guidance on reporting, so you can figure out if we're making progress with your marketing. (Cost per click, cost per lead, cost per registration, conversion rate, et cetera.)

Any copywriter you hire should be able to give the same kind of answers. 

Question #6 - "Does my Copywriter Have Skin in the Game?"

Any copywriter or marketing strategist you hire should be open to some kind of revenue sharing deal as a way to give them skin in the game. For example, you should be able to negotiate a lesser up-front fee in favor of a longer-term revenue sharing percentage. (This is a win for your copywriter, too, since this arrangement usually encourages accurate data collection.) I offer this as an option to all clients and it's pretty industry standard. (Try asking Jay Abraham to work for you without a Success Fee and see how far you'll get!)

Question #7 - "Does my Copywriter Stay On Top of the Latest Marketing Trends?"

Oooh man... this is such a good question to ask your marketer or copywriter. Because there's nothing worse than someone recommending a digital marketing tactic which hasn't worked since 2009. Whoever you hire should be able to tell you:

  • Which marketing, mindset, or business books they're reading right now. 
  • Which conferences they've attended in the last year and which they plan to attend next year. (e.g., Copy Chief Live, Traffic & Conversion, MFA Live, etc)
  • Which courses or membership sites they invest in to stay up-to-date (e.g., Copy Chief, Digital Marketer, etc.)
  • If they hire a mentor to help them up their game, and if so, who. (Not all will reveal who their mentor is, but some will.)
  • Which blogs, podcasts, or Facebook groups they follow (e.g., Cult of Copy, CopyHackers, Truth About Marketing, etc.)

Do not hire anyone who isn't utterly obsessed about marketing. Professionals are always looking for an edge, and anyone who isn't doing that isn't one.

Question #8 - "Can I Afford a Copywriter At This Time?"

Here's the thing... copywriting isn't "magic pixie dust sprinkled on words" as my friend Aaron Crocker calls it. It's written salesmanship meant to promote a compelling offer. And sometimes, what happens is that entrepreneurs hire copywriters when they're not yet ready.

Signs you might not be ready for me include:

  • You're down to the wire. You are looking for a magic bullet to save you from absolute failure. 
  • You have no money to invest in traffic (e.g., Facebook ads) or tools (ClickFunnels, WordPress, ActiveCampaign, etc.)
  • You've never launched a marketing campaign yourself. (e.g., your only marketing before now has been referrals or networking)
  • You've never invested in yourself or your business before (e.g., training, coaching, contractors, etc.)
  • You tend toward "shiny object syndrome". That is, you're constantly changing your business, who you help, what you do, how much you charge, etc. 

That being said, for the right entrepreneur who is mentally and financially ready to level up his or her business, I do offer flexible payment options (and two tiers of "skin in the game") so that you can find the option which works for you. I can also refer you to someone who offers financing for well-qualified individuals.

Question #9 - "Is my copywriter an expert in my business?"

One question to ask your marketing consultant or copywriter is 1) if they specialize in anything or if they're a generalist, and 2) if they're a specialist, if they specialize in what YOUR industry. 

For example, I work best with experts who are consultants, coaches, or information marketers (e.g., authors, course creators, membership site owners).  If you want someone who specializes in ecommerce or fitness or something like that, I would be glad to make a warm referral. 

You win With my Proven 20-step copywriting process and 90-Day "triple guarantee"

Risk-Busting Guarantee #1

"I know that receiving copy on time is very important for keeping your project on track and money flowing. That’s why I offer a “100% On Time Guarantee”. If in the unlikely event I am late to deliver copy to you on the agreed upon date, we will pay you back 2.5% of the total project fee for every 24 hours late." 

Risk-Busting Guarantee #2

"I personally guarantee that every piece of copy written will pass under the eye of at least one proven, control-winning A List copywriter. On top of my years of experience, this extra quality control measure virtually guarantees you'll launch strong, proven copy. "

Risk-Busting Guarantee #3

"In the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied with your business thanks to the advertising, copy, and marketing strategy we’ll implement, then simply let me know within 90 days and I will write a split test for free. I can’t be any fairer than that."

The Process

In order to virtually guarantee you receive complete return on investment and meet your revenue goals with your marketing, I've developed a 20+ step project process based on the proven processes of "A List" Copywriters. The good news? The bulk of this work is on my shoulders, not yours.  And to make it easier, I have the entire project process systematized using Teamwork so everything stays on track. (We can talk more about this process when we speak.)

How to Get Started

If this sounds interested and you'd like to work with direct response copywriter and marketing strategist Lynn Swayze, go ahead and click the button below to book a consultation call.

Here's to your health, wealth, and abundance!

All the best,