December 9

Your Pricing is NOT About You…


Having trouble pricing your services? Want to figure out how to price? Then today’s video may help, because in it I explore a new way to think about your pricing that has nothing to do with your internal sense of self-worth. To get more videos like this, go to and subscribe.

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Automated Transcript:

Hi, Lynn Swayze here founder of the offer therapy, 11 marketing factors, copywriting system, founder of marketing for a year, and a couple of other systems that are really cool. I’m a proven, direct response copywriter. And today I am here to talk to you about pricing specifically, this foundational principle, that your pricing is not about you. And I think somewhere, you know, whether you’re just a freelancer, whether you call yourself a consultant, whether you’re an agency of some sort, you, in some way, I think intellectually probably recognize that your pricing is not about you, but emotionally you may not be there. So what I hope you will take away from this video is some ways to turn down how intense this feeling, that I am not worth it. I do not deserve X. You know, I do not deserve to get so many thousands per product.

I do not deserve to get this kind of salary. I’m gonna just stop because here’s the thing your pricing has less to do about you, you as a person, the value of your work, your work, what you deliver, the price for that has less to do with you and more to do with one, the person that you’re trying to reach to how painful the problem is that you’re solving three going back to the person, you know, what they consider the norm and what their Goldilocks zone is for pricing you either too low or too high. Just something I will talk about in another video check on this channel for the Goldilocks zone of pricing. It has more to do with the promise, the value that you’re anchoring your pricing to, you know, whatever it is you sell, whether it’s a product I service course or hourly consulting, or, you know, you’re an employee.

What do you bring to the table and is what you bring to the table and more valuable than what the person on the other side, where’s my hands here. The person on the other side is going to pay you, right? All of these things. Oh, wait, one more thing. It also is more to do with the proof and all that. You know what I call stacking the deck and how well you’ve stacked the deck that you are an expert and can justify those fees because you can prove that you’ve gotten the results. You’ll prove that you’re capable to get the results. You are certain that you can get them the results that you’re promising, all of that is more important and more, more important to how you price. And yeah. So your pricing has more to do with those factors than it does that.

You deserve it, right? You deserving, you deserve everything, right? There’s abundance, everyone, you deserve abundance. So why limit yourself to what you were able to get your last project for? Why limit yourself to what you made in your last position at work? Why limit yourself to what everybody else is charging? You don’t know what everybody else is charging their premium people in every industry, in every market, right? Your job is to stack the deck and have all of your 11 marketing factors in alignment so that you can charge an ideal price, sell it to the ideal person and solve their painful problem. That is worth the price that you charge. So you can give them their promised solution, which is worth what it is they’re paying for. It is a more than fair exchange. So the exercise I want you to think about right now is to put yourself, get yourself really thinking about the, the value of the problem you solve.

Right? For me, what I do is I help visionaries and entrepreneurs and creators create a business, specifically an offer, but ultimately a business that is in alignment with who they are and this vision that they’ve been given from the universe or from God or whatever your belief system is. So I believe my job is to get them in alignment so that they can then manifest abundance. Because when they’re in alignment, there’s going to be less internal resistance to launching a case. In point, I had a guy, a well-known client that I worked with he’s had well known clients and we were in the middle of, of a project and he just kept changing things. No, I’m going to do the funnel this way now, after we’d written it, now I’m gonna do the funnel this way. And finally, at one point he changed his name, his business name in the middle of a launch.

What should have been like five pieces of copy turned into 118 different pieces of copy because he wasn’t happy. And I’m guessing it’s because he wasn’t in alignment with what he really wanted. He wasn’t being honest about what he really wanted to do. We really wanted to go what kind of visionary he was and wanted to be. And so his insecurity and his internal resistance caused us to continue to change course. And we didn’t launch, obviously we didn’t have the time to launch effectively. And as far as I know, he’s not making the revenue that he deserves to make period. That’s the kind of problem that I solve. I love connecting with visionaries and seeing the vision that they have, I see in my head and I feel it, I kind of step into it and I help them get into alignment.

So they have ultimate clarity on who they are and what they’re selling and who they’re reaching. So then they can put that into the marketing messaging. So then they can create products that are in alignment and they can sell it for what it’s worth, not what they think they’re worth, but what their ideal person is willing to pay. Because here’s the thing you may not have ever purchased something for $10,000, right? Hopefully you can do that at some point, if you’re selling a product for 10, but you don’t need to be at that point before you sell something for 10,000, your person, if they ha, if they regularly purchase stuff for 10 to 20,000, you saying I’m at 10 is more is within their Goldilocks zone. Right. And that’s where I want you to be, is to find that Goldilocks zone of pricing that so at the Hyatt, so, and it’s, it’s dependent on the person that you’re selling to.

So at the high end, you know, so you’re in not another too high where they’re like, ah, this I’m not used to paying this much for this thing, but it’s neither too low. Or they’re like, that’s not valuable. Like I’m at the point in my financial journey where $97 is nothing like, okay, great. You know, I’m not going to respect a program that charges $97 and claims to be this all-inclusive thing. Even worse if it’s like 27. Okay, great. You’re selling me some all-inclusive program. That’s going to make me millions and you’re selling it for 27 bucks. Get out of here. You probably have repurposed, you know, worksheets and really shallow stuff. Or you don’t respect yourself and you’re not likely to help me. Right. That’s the Goldilocks zone. Now, if you’re selling to newbies that Goldilocks zone, it’s kind of like the Overton window, right?

It’s going to be lower. But if you’re reaching, you know, six and seven-figure entrepreneurs, it needs to be higher because they’re Goldilocks zones up here. You need to anchor to this and not to you and not to what you think you’re worth is you likely think you’re worth far less than what your solution can actually do for people. Again, we’re anchoring on the solution. We’re anchoring on what you sell, not on your internal sense of worth and over time, your internal sense of what’s normal and what your worth will change. Right. But for right now, I need you to remember and feel it in your bones, that your pricing is not about you. Okay. that’s why I’ve got today. Again, another reason we talked more about the Goldilocks zone, we’re going to talk more about the price commoditization scale and price objections, and some other things.

So that’s all I’ve got. If you’d like to get more into my world join my daily offer therapy newsletter, go to F R E EO F F E R. I am giving away seven days of video lessons on fundamental offer therapy principles. So not these, but just other foundational principles about like, are you a visionary or not? Here’s how you can find out if you’re a visionary the three entrepreneur types we’re going to dig into why marketing is math. We’re gonna dig into a bunch of things that are foundational to 11 marketing factors and offer therapy systems as well, you’re going to get some other freebie goodies that I’m not advertising. And also you’ll just be in my world. Anybody would ask me questions and you’ll just get more of this foundational, how to think about marketing and reduce the noise because here’s the thing marketers like to make it super complicated.

The marketers who are selling to you, you know, selling all these courses and want, they want you to be overwhelmed. They want you to think that there is just one system, you know, and that is the only way to do it. And it’s gotta be super complex and they want you to feel like you can’t do it so that then you hire them. Okay? And I’m not saying that I don’t do that either because it’s it’s marketing, but I don’t want you to feel like you have to purchase yet. Another thing to make marketing work for you. I want to give you these fundamental foundational principles to think about marketing differently. So you can do marketing differently. So you don’t have to rely on other people selling you something. You can feel appropriate. Marketing in your bones, make better marketing decisions, stack the deck at every step.

That’s what I want for you. So again, offer. So subscribe, please subscribe. And I’m not running ads on these, so I’m not here for monetization. I just want you to subscribe. So you can hear when I post a new, you get notifications when I post a new video. So I’m going to post them every day. I’m here for you. Also Send me your questions. You w what kind of marketing questions can I answer? What’s bothering you. Like w where are you stuck? I want to know. And finally, super important. As I mentioned, in other videos, you’ll hear this over and over again. This is a group be free zone. I want you to take these principles. I want you to chew on them intellectually. I want you to feel them emotionally. I want you to question them. I want you to try to apply it in your life.

I want you to respond back to me and tell me where I’m wrong. I want you to ask for the questions to dig deeper. I want you to implement and get results. And then let me know, because I love it. When people go, Oh I had one guy I talked to, he didn’t even pay me. Right? I’m just like, Hey, fix this fix systems. And your website, he came back to me, was like, yeah, I booked, you know, five new clients. And it was great. You know, all because of, you know, this free advice you gave me off the cuff. That’s what I want for you. And I want to hear, I want to hear your results because they know you will get results when you start implementing. So yet today I’m rambling. Now you’re basing is not about you. Okay? I want you to feel it, absorb it.

You know, two on it, two on it, apply it, start thinking about what kind of value you bring and start pricing an anchoring towards that in the conversation, reminding them, Hey, if you get even 10 more sales this next year, as a result of what we launch, you’re gonna make this much money, but it’s likely you’re gonna get 10 more sales each month, or a hundred more sales or a thousand more sales or whatever it is. That’s worth millions. Maybe it’s not, you know, I mean, I’m just, I’m just giving an example, right? So shouldn’t, you have a little tiny portion. I think you should, your client hopefully will think you should as well, because that’s money that they’re not getting right now or whatever it is you do, maybe it’s, I’m not going go in. I’m going to keep rambling. That’s all again. Let’s raise it back on four slash free offer subscribe.

So you get notifications again. These are ad free. At least all these new ones I’ve done are ad free because I’m not here to be monetized on YouTube. I’m here to get you in my world. So can start implementing so you can start getting results. And hopefully, yeah, you buy my books, you buy my courses, you buy consulting, or maybe we partner together and make real magic happen. But I’m not here for piddly sense on YouTube. Okay. leave that to other people who have nothing better to do with their lives. So subscribe, you know, you’re not, not hurting me, not paying YouTube. You’re just getting notifications. And again, daily videos, you know, you get on my newsletter as well. You’ll get those notifications of when I post new videos. So I hope to see you in my world and subscribed in joining the community. And yes, implementing

Talk soon.



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