Autodidact (noun):  person who has learned subject without the benefit of a teacher or formal education; self-taught person.

In an age of almost unlimited information available at our fingertips, not being an autodidact is a shame. Never before has so much information been available to so many at such low costs. If you have the time to find it and persevere, you can learn almost anything you want to learn. And often, you can learn it without spending a lot of money. Gone are the days when you had to go to college or university to learn something new. Nowadays, you can read streaming books, watch videos on YouTube, even read "open textbooks" without leaving bed. You can even, if you so choose, find mentors who will help you take your learning to the next level. You can showcase your skills through portfolios and open source projects and put out your shingle in the gig economy. The sky is the limit, if you have the willingness to learn. 

This page is dedicated to all those with the desire to advance our knowledge through self-taught means. Whether that's a MOOC, a book, or some other means, this page highlights resources and thought leaders in this space, as well as follows my own self-education goals and journey. I'll also talk about the perks - as well as the perils - of the autodidact life. 

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