Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response Marketing (noun):  a type of marketing designed to directly target the type of individual who is most likely buy and elicit a response via a targeted offer and a call to action. 

When I say I am a marketer, what you "hear" may be different than what I mean. When I say marketer to someone in the corporate world, they think branding. At best, they might think SEO. Yet when I say it in the online world, someone may understand what I mean. And when I say it, I mean "direct response marketing". Direct response is a bit like outbound + inbound with a different set of rules and methodology. Direct response is marketing funnels, sales pages, and video sales letters. It's hitting the potential buyer in their buying bone and making them buy. That's the type of marketing I'm trained in and prefer to do.

This page serves as a resource for those interested in learning more and implementing direct response marketing and direct response copywriting. 

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