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Fictionist (noun):  writer of fiction; a novelist or short-story writer.

Thanks to the internet, almost anyone can self-publish a book and call themselves an author. Yet to become a great writer, one must take advantage of the almost unlimited stream of resources - books, courses, mentorsing, and more - that are available online and offline. It means moving from worrying about word count to worrying about telling a good story. And that leap requires patience, hard work, and perseverance. Above all, it means reading a lot and writing a lot. 

This page is dedicated to all those with the desire to tell great stories and self-publish them. Whether you're writing that book of poetry, compiling some short stories, or even publishing that Great Fiction Novel, this page will hold helpful resources and articles for you. I will also document my journey in writing and mastering fiction, especially writing "pulp fiction" and writing at what Dean Wesley Smith calls "pulp speed". 

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