The MOST Important Element in Marketing (It’s NOT Copy)

by Lynn Swayze // January 10 // 0 Comments

When I work with business owners, I find that there’s one element which separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

This difference is so critical to project success, I no longer take copywriting clients who don’t value this factor.

That factor? I’ll spill the tea ☕ in a moment, but first listen to this:

In 2021, I had a client who complained of a lack of sales and conversions. They desperately wanted to earn $1 million dollars (or more!) in their business, yet nothing was working as well as it “should” have:

🥺 Their ads were converting at less than 10% on Google and Facebook

🥺 Their existing customers were refunding at >50% rates

🥺 They were being labelled “scammers” by online reviewers

They just couldn’t understand where the issue lay in their minefield of marketing efforts, so they contacted me.

Now, “Old Lynn” didn’t screen clients for alignment with how *I* work to get results, so I took them on without paying attention to this “one element” in marketing.

(I’ll share that in a moment).

When I surveyed the landscape, I found those mines and pulled them out. I felt confident I could turn these “profit bombs” into gold, and we laid a course of action.

And this is where the problem happened:

As far as I could tell, they hired me as their copywriter with the understanding that copywriting meant me writing magical copy in a vacuum.

(As if the right magic words, like fairy dust, would somehow solve their problems.)

They also:

❌ Refused to attend OfferTherapy™ calls with me to pull out their offer’s sexy elements and develop a unique mechanism, powerful promise, and proof.

❌ Refused to change ANYTHING about what they were doing, despite knowing what wasn’t working and having fixes, from me, on how to make it right

❌ Refused to do anything other than “copy our competitor’s website”

Which brings me to the “Most important” element.

This element trumps ANY copy I could write for you.

This element is the “secret” of the successful projects I’ve had with clients.

Are you ready?

You probably already know that the secret element to ANY winning campaign is THE OFFER and HOW WE POSITION THE OFFER.

That’s the magic. That’s the secret.

While I know and write great copy, I can’t really begin until I’ve figured out your positioning and your 11 Marketing Factors™.

And all that comes from digging deep in OfferTherapy™ with me BEFORE I ever set pen to paper.

And you, the client, have to be on board and willing to do this work.

That’s why I call it THERAPY. . . it’s intense and sometimes personal work we do together.

Look: if you want “magic fairy copy” or feel entitled to sales without building a valuable offer, then please don’t contact me. There are plenty of fish in the sea who will write something without addressing places where your offer and funnel are failing you.

Yet when you’re ready for a copywriter who can help you ELEVATE your product, “stack the deck” in your favor, and call you out where you’re holding back from conversions . . .

And THEN write great copy for your campaigns – emails, landing pages, ads, opt-in pages, upsell pages, cart pages?

I’m your gal. Contact me to start the conversation when you’re ready.

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