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John Carlton and Kevin Roger’s Market Research Secrets

TL;DR: Copywriters John Carlton and Kevin Rogers share their market research tips in this YouTube video.

Research is so important in copywriting. All of the copywriting training I’ve ever read suggested that you perform some basic market research first. Research differentiates flat, hyped copy from copy that’s so seamlessly powerful even indebted blokes decide to whip out their credit card and make the purchase.

It’s that important.

Thankfully, Kevin Rogers hosted a video with John Carlton to reveal master copywriting research secrets.

You’ll Discover…

  • The simple secret to smashing writer’s block (and why these guys don’t think it even exists)
  • Where to get the best source of product information… and why it’s not the CEO
  • How to become a “sales detective” …and get the real info before you ever write a lick of copy
  • Why John says that the top guy in any company is an unreliable narrator about his product
  • Where do you go for research online? Kevin Rogers weighs in.
  • What to look for once you’re inside a forum (Kevin gives examples to make this easy)
  • How to make your mind write your sales letter for you…even when you’re not sitting at your desk
  • Kevin’s “Secret Interrogation” method for determining if he’s done enough research
  • 2 phrases you must keep in mind when you write copy
  • Write copy in “twenty minutes” using Carlton’s bucket tip



  1. Create a hierarchy of credible sources within a company. Poke holes in any sales information you get.
  2. Find out why people return a product or service.
  3. Resources for information: Google, forums, books
  4. Interrogate yourself from two sides: 1) the sales person 2) the most skeptical buyer out there
  5. John Caple’s “so what” and “no” test
  6. Create 3-6 profile categories based on your research and write the arguments within those profiles, e.g., “the ex-smoker who wishes he could smoke again and is at risk of going bakc to smoking,” “the smoker who still is not ready to quit yet,” “the smoker who just quit and is a high risk”
  7. “Literally copy and paste their language into their copy… especially the slang”
  8. Don’t waste time stating the obvious (e.g., “Doesn’t it suck to be broke..”)


“You are in the position of communicating the sales relevant elements of whatever it is that you’re selling.” – John Carlton on copywriting

“Get the information first. And then you want to start trying to poke holes in it, like a good detective…” – John Carlton on market research

“You have to be able to speak like a real person to them. And they’ll be sold much easier by someone who understands their situation and understands their needs rather than coming at them fully armed with the salesman’s bible from that corporation.” – John Carlton on copywriting

“To test my research I will interview myself on paper as the most skeptical prospect I can possibly imagine. So a conversation between the product owner I’m writing as and the most jaded prospect I can think of.” – Kevin Rogers on market research

About the Copywriters

John Carlton is considered a living legend among copywriters. He’s known for emotionally powerful copy that tells a story and keeps you reading… even when you’re not interested in the product or the market. He wrote ads such as the one about the “One-Legged Golfer”. His courses have launched the career of some impressive copywriters. His Marketing Rebel Club discusses everything from Facebook ads to writing a powerfully persuasive headline.

Kevin Rogers is a best-selling author, copywriter, stand up comedian and the leader behind the copywriter’s forum Copy Chief. He’s known for the “60 Second Sales Hook“, a formula for writing stories that create an instant bond with your ideal buyers.

About the author

Lynn Swayze

Lynn Swayze is a direct response copywriter for information marketers and info products. She helps entrepreneurs build a unique, competition-proof platform based on authority and personality. So you make more, sell more, and LOVE more of what you do.

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