August 30, 2021

Back in 2019, I led a HubSpot marketing meeting for an enterprise-level client who wanted to inject smarter lead scoring into their marketing and sales processes. In order to build an actually-useful lead scoring matrix, I helped them think beyond lead activities. 

You see, most marketers stop at lead activities:

“Did they open any emails? Add a point.”

“Clicked three emails? Add two points.” 

“Booked a call? Now they’re marketing qualified.” 

While activity is an important factor, I personally believe it shouldn’t be the only one. 

When considering adding any kind of lead qualification or scoring into your marketing, one of the WORST mistakes you can make is focus only on a lead’s activity and not on their overall fitness to rise up the ascension funnel. 

Because it doesn’t help to have someone take action and meet with sales if they will NEVER be able to purchase or stick with your product. 

Therefore, lead scoring needs to include TWO types of factors: 

  • Signs of Interest
  • Signs of Fitness

Signs of Interest

Most lead scoring tends to focus on signs of interest. Signs of interest include:

  • Opt-in status
  • Content engagement
  • Email opens, clicks
  • Website visits
  • Low ticket purchases 

These are important indicators of interest, but don’t do anything to tell us the quality of the lead. For all we know, these activities are being generated by a competitor who has no interest in buying. 

Signs of Fitness

That’s why I recommend also adding in signs of fitness. Signs of fitness include: 

  • Lead source (channel, referral source) 
  • Industry (if B2B)
  • Company (watch for suppression lists)
  • Target account status (yes/no)
  • Business size/revenue (if B2B)
  • Buying role (if B2B) 
  • Demographics
  • Jobs to be done / aligned problems 
  • Affinity 

Ideally, you begin gathering fitness factors BEFORE you ever hop on a sales call. This can be done in a number of ways depending on the business, but one of the easiest methods is a survey. (There’s a reason Dan Kennedy pushes a survey after you purchase a book!) 

The Takeaway for Your Lead Scoring Efforts

TL;DR: When you build your lead score, make sure to include BOTH types of factors into your score, and try to push away those who might be a bad fit. 

About the Author of This Post

Lynn Swayze

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