Bought a Marketing Course? Here are 5 Ways a Copywriter Can Help…

by Lynn Swayze // August 12 // 0 Comments

Congratulations – you just bought a marketing or sales course. The welcome email has rolled in… you’ve joined the associated Facebook group… and you’re ready to get rolling.

If you’re like many, you’ll get about a fifth of the way through before you have a suspicion you are in way over your head. Like a fish out of water, you’re gasping for breath before you try out the shiny new strategies, scripts, and tactics yourself.

Or, maybe you’re like many visionary-types: you’re more than capable of getting the work done… if only you can find the time.

I get it. And as a direct response copywriter, I want you to help you get the most of your $197… $1997… or even $19,997 purchase before it sits so long on your hard drive it becomes utterly outdated. Kind of like all those amazing goals we had for 2020 and 2021. <img role=<img role=<img role=<img role=

But all is not lost! Here are five ways a copywriter can help you maximize your course or high ticket program ROI and get maximum results.

  1. Answer Marketing Questions
  2. Dig Deeper into the Materials
  3. Edit Copy Written
  4. Write Copy for You
  5. Optimize The Copy/Marketing

Answer Marketing Questions

So you’re following along with the course and at first, it’s great. But then you have questions. You can ask them in the course community, of course, but what happens when the information you get isn’t helpful? Or, what if you don’t want to share too much about what you’re working on?

One benefit of working with a copywriter is the ability to have them sign an NDA… and to have private conversations with industry experts. As a copywriter, our job is to stay abreast of industry definitions, best practices, strategies, and tactics… as well as how to apply them to businesses.

Even better is having a copywriter who knows the program you’re working through and who has written copy or run marketing strategies using the program before.

Dig Deeper into the Course Materials

Another benefit of having a course-trained copywriter at your disposal? You can dig even deeper into the materials.

What do I mean?

Simply put, most courses are generic and are at the somewhat surface level. There are exceptions to the rule (Todd Brown’s materials come to mind), however for the most part this is the norm. Your job, as the consumer of the program, is to learn, implement, and dig deeper.

But what if you want someone to help you do that because let’s face it… you didn’t buy the course because you know it all.

That’s where a copywriter comes in. An experienced direct response copywriter can help you make the most of the program and connect the dots in ways you haven’t yet thought of.

Edit Copy You’ve Written Already

Another way a direct response copywriter can help? They can help you edit, refine, and optimize the copy or content you’ve already written for your business. So even if you don’t want to hire someone to write fresh, you can at least hire someone to take it the last mile over the finish line.

Write New Copy For You


You can have a direct response copywrtier familiar with the program just write it for you. So if you’re going through Todd Brown’s E5 Program, you could post on the job channels and say something like,

“I’m looking for a direct response copywriter who knows the E5 Method and “Big Idea” copy. I need help with developing a unique mechanism, writing website copy, and building my first marketing campaign. If you can help, send an email to….”

Voila! If you post in the right places, you’re bound to find copywriters who can help. (Scroll down to the bottom to find good places to find copywriters!)

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy/Campaigns Long-Term

Finally, having a copywriter on your side once you’ve launched your course-inspired marketing campaigns, strategy, or copy is the final win. Because the course will tell you how to launch it… and maybe how to scale it… but you still have to do it.

Direct response copywriters are trained to value offer and copy optimization. We know that the best copy is tested six ways from Sunday and then tested again for new measure. Which is why if you want to keep getting results from your marketing efforts, you’ll want a direct response copywriter at your side who can keep writing new angles, testing new hooks, and trying again.

Where to Find Copywriters Who Know The System

If you’ve gotten all the way through this post, a natural question might be, “Where the heck can I find copywriters like this?”

Good question!

The best place to find copywriters who know the course or program you’re going through is within the program itself. If the course creator doesn’t recommend any copywriters off the bat – or offer the service themselves – then you can always ask them for a referral. You can also usually ask if there are copywriters in the group, and more than a few people will usually pipe up offering to help.

Other places to find good copywriters:

There are also plenty of copywriters who know lots of other copywriters. The good ones will refer out work they don’t do or don’t have time for to other copywriters they know. (Beware the copywriter who doesn’t know anyone else in the industry!)

If this post has inspired you and you’d like a copywriter at your side, I can help! I have been through (or am familiar with) many marketing and sales courses, especially Todd Brown’s E5 Method, Jon Benson’s Sellerator VSL Formula, Clayton Makepeace’s stuff, Dan Kennedy’s programs, and anything Digital Marketer, HubSpot, or AWAI has published.

When you’re ready to talk, book a no-obligation, totally-free 15-minute discovery call with me here.

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