How the “Messaging Gap” Made My Agency Client $1 Million Dollars

by Lynn Swayze // August 21 // 0 Comments
Eugene Schwartz "Awareness Levels" turned into a flow that helps you understand copy.

Eugene Schwartz "Awareness Levels" turned into a flow that helps you understand copy.

I talk a lot about what I call the "Messaging Gap", which is the space between where your marketing/sales messages are coming from, where your prospects currently sit. . . and where they need to be in order to buy.

My technology consulting client at the time was completely ignoring the gap.

Everything they did supported solution-aware messaging because marketing was entirely run by sales.

This is common in B2B/Tech marketing, so while it was a lost opportunity, I knew EXACTLY what to do to make it work out.

I couldn't get him to dramatically change the fact that we were only targeting the small percent of the small percent who were ready to buy now.

But what I COULD do was make the messages more compelling.

I performed an OfferTherapy™ Funnel Refresh on the campaign they were already (unsuccessfully) running thousands in ad spend to.

Over a few weeks, I helped them:

  • Optimize the offer itself, including its name, its presentation, and its unique mechanisms
  • Add in 11 Marketing Factors elements, like PROOF and PATH (the story)
  • Create a lead magnet and nurture sequence to generate more engagement overall
  • Launch an ABM + advertising campaign to "warm up" social leads at the same time they were being messaged on LinkedIn
  • Update their sales messaging so it was more value-driven and less "we're so awesome!!"

And finally, I made sure the messaging across the funnel was CONGRUENT, reduced friction, and addressed objections.

As a result, they were able to get a few conversations. . . including the one leading to a $1MM tech project.

Obviously, the results weren't all on me.

But let's face it:

It's easier to find that needle in the haystack when you have a stronger magnet.

The kind of copy I write for clients, especially my agency clients, is like giving yourself a stronger magnet.

You'll find needles faster and they'll stick better, if you follow the analogy.

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