Your Funnel's Already Converting . . . 

But what if we could make your offer

Give me ONE HOUR of your time and I'll transform your lagging campaign into a lead and sales-generating machine . . . 

For an Info-marketing or Consulting Business
Good Copy Means Positive ROAS, ROI, and LCV . . . 

the con man's persuasion formula by Lynn Swayze

If you're here, then chances are you probably already have a funnel of some kind: 

  • A webinar leading to a coaching program
  • A $7 book, leading to a DIY offer, leading to a high ticket offer
  • Ads leading to advertorials, leading to a supplement, leading to upsells

Which means. . .

You know enough to know what to track to know what you'd LIKE your copy to do for you.

And you know what to expect out of the market and your niche. 

BUT,  as you're reading this, you have a sneaky suspicion (or maybe a GLARING RED FLAG!):

It could be better. 

It's not that you don't know how to write copy, because whatever you're doing now got you this far.

But now, you need some "big guns" to help figure it out and spice it up.


. . . For Some Funnels, It's Crazy to Drop $25,000 (or more!) 
and Waste Months Trying to "Figure it Out"!

Hi, my name is Lynn Swayze. 

I'm the "Offer Whisperer" and Copywriter for experts, agencies, info-marketers, consultants, coaches, and authors.

My clients hire me when they want RESULTS from their marketing campaigns.

These business owners go from, "Oh shit, this is causing negative ROAS" to . . . 

"Okay, we can scale this up now. . ." 

to. . . 

"This is finally making a consistent profit!"

Unfortunately, I can't work on every project.

I've seen good business owners get burned by copy which didn't move the needle. 

I've heard stories about "A List" copywriters charging $15,000 . . . 

$25,000 . . . 

Even $85,000 or MORE. . . 

Just for a single sales page! 

(And that doesn't count the %% on top.)

And what's worse is that sometimes these hefty investments just don't work out. 

The REASON WHY expensive copy doesn't work isn't always the copy (although sometimes it is!).

The answer is, sometimes, the problem is actually the entire funnel. This is especially true when the offer hasn't yet hit a positive ROAS/ROI. 

In fact, I've discovered THREE reasons funnels don't convert like planned. . . 

Three Myths About Funnel Optimization
Savvy Marketers Pay Attention to. . . 

Myth 1: Each Funnel Step is Independent

I liken a funnel to tumblers in a lock: it takes adjusting each piece, one by one, until you can open a lock. The same is true of your marketing and your campaigns. We have to optimize each step in order to "unlock" the secrets to greater success.

What DOESN'T work, though, is pretending like each step in your funnel is independent, so you swap out new copy or offers randomly. Each step has its place, and changing one element (price, person you're targeting etc) may very well throw other steps off. 

Myth 2: Funnel Failure is Merely a Copy Problem

Let's face it: copywriters, in general, see all problems as copy problems. Just throw more/better copy on it and problem solve, amiright? 

Unfortunately, marketing doesn't work that way and not all problems are copy problems. Sometimes, yes, updating a headline or lead/hook WILL get you a bump. But BIG bumps require alignment of what I call the 11 Marketing Factors™ and 3 Power Levers.

Get these aligned across your funnel. . . and "stack the deck" at each step. . . and watch the magic happen.

Myth 3: Complete Rewrites are the ONLY Solution

I'm just going to come out and admit what we copywriters don't want you to know:

You don't need to rewrite, from scratch, every single page of your funnel in order to get results. 

(Phew. I feel better getting that off my chest.)

Chances are, all we need to do is make a few tweaks in the buyer journey, offer, hooks, headlines, or unique mechanisms. . . add "Stack the Deck" elements which might be missing. . .  and rewrite small portions in order for you to attract higher opt-ins, see higher click through rates, and experience more sales coming through your order form.  

If you're nodding your head right now thinking,

"Okay, that's great Swayze. But I don't know what those 11 Marketing Factors are and I don't even have time to 'tweak' this funnel, let alone rewrite it . . ."

Then I get it, and I got your back.

The Really Awesome News for Savvy Marketers . . . 

The good news?

You DON'T  have to sink $10,000, $25,000, or even $85,000 to update your funnel copy . . . 

And you WON'T have to waste hours pulling new testing ideas out of a hat in a blind attempt to figure out else to tweak, optimize, or rewrite. . . 

And you WON'T have to wait weeks to get your copy 

You can throw all that headache out the window.

That's because I've already built a solution designed just for business owners like you. 

I'll tell you that in a moment (or, I guess, scroll down!), but first, some house keeping:

WAIT! Don't Read Further UNLESS:

  • You have an ETHICAL offer, product, or service running and merely need to find those few missing pieces
  • Your offer gets results for people, and you have some testimonials and other "proof" we can use if needed
  • You're ready to optimize your positioning, guarantee, premiums, and unique mechanisms to "stack the deck" toward conversions
  • You want to virtually "drop off" this project at the beginning of the week and "pick it up" on Friday, and. . . 
  • You're able to test the new copy and share the results after 30, 60, and 90 days 
  • You suspect you could earn at LEAST $30,000 within 90 days from funnel improvements 

IF all of the above apply, then keep reading because I'm offering select business owners access to a breakthrough program I'm calling OfferTherapy™ Funnel Refresh. 

Presenting. . .
The OfferTherapy™ Funnel Refresh

The OfferTherapy™ Funnel Refresh is a fixed-scope, fixed-price project we'll work on together to give you almost UNLIMITED success, if we do it right.

That's because I'll take you through my proven "Stack the Deck" process to: 

  • Pull out the "gold" hidden in your copy, in your other marketing materials, and in your testimonials and bring it to the surface
  • Align each of your 11 Marketing Factors™ so you have an offer that converts to all kinds of traffic
  • Give you at least one new "hook" to test your existing copy against, based on data, research, and the 11 Marketing Factors™ System
  • Update your messaging across the funnel so it effectively attracts . . . indoctrinates. . . and CONVERTS the right people to take the right action, right now
  • Optimize your offer so it's ultra compelling to the type of person you want to reach

PLUS, I'll make sure that YOUR copy sounds like YOU, using words, "dog whistle phrases", stories, sub-modalities, and more that mirror your brand. 

What People Completely Unrelated to Me Say About
My Proven Copy Chops and Keen Marketing Eye . . . 

These are preliminary results after changing ONLY the headline . . . more changes to come through the rest of the funnel. 

One Hour of Your Time Grants You Almost Unlimited Marketing Success
WITHOUT the Hassles Normally Associated with Hiring Copywriters

After you pay for your session, here's how we'll optimize your copy using a standardized process I've honed after 5+ years as a consultant to info marketers, agencies, solution providers, professionals, coaches, and authors: 

Step 1: We Meet, on a Monday, via Zoom (1 hr)

I work Monday through Friday so I can spend my weekends with my family, community, and so forth.

So we will meet on a Monday for about an hour to discuss your funnel, offer, and anything else you think I should know. During this recorded call, I will also get a sense for your natural voice, sub-modalities, and other "sparks" I get a feel for. 

Step 2: I Review Your 11 Marketing Factors™, Marketing Materials, and Existing Funnel and Data 

I spend about a day or two going through your funnel, your marketing materials, your 11 Marketing Factors™ and positioning, and any data and reviews you have. During this quick burst, I will be immersing myself in your world and aligning myself with your voice so I can optimize your copy. Of course, you will get all these notes and optimization suggestions as part of your package. 

Step 3: I Optimize Your Funnel Copy and Offer

For the next 2-3 days, I will be optimizing your funnel copy from start to finish. If I feel like you need to make core offer changes, such as pricing, bonus, guarantee, proof, et cetera, then I will make them in the copy and we will discuss the suggested changes on Friday when we meet about your project and what was done. You'll learn how I think about copy and what to change to boost conversions based on your unique market and 11 Marketing Factors™.

Note that I am not changing anything in your marketing automation systems, page builders, etc. This is merely a copy, strategy, and OfferTherapy™ project which you will then take and implement. 

Step 4: You Launch, then Come Back to Me in 90 Days

Once I hand you the materials, you'll implement the changes either replacing what you have now or by split-testing my updates against what's already running. Then, you'll come back to me no later than 90 days to discuss the data. 

Imagine What Could Be If . . . 

Take a moment to imagine what would dramatically improve if you could get this campaign to the point of positive ROAS. 

What would you be able to do that you can't now thanks to our results working together? 

  • Would you invest your profits back into this campaign, to scale it higher? 
  • Would you continue to test new hooks, to see how far you can optimize the funnel? 
  • Would you update other areas of your business so you can provide even better products, services, and experiences to your customers?

I can't answer that question for you, but just think:

What if, today, you pressed that button and booked this project to get on my calendar sometime within the next 4-5 weeks. What if we worked together and I helped you uncover "hidden marketing assets" (as Jay puts it) in your business, funnel, and copy? And what if we then strategically highlighted those golden opportunities so your offer SHINED for the right buyer? 

How would it feel when you look back on the success you attracted because you made the right call today? 

Today is that day. When we work together, you'll get . . . 

Your Premium OfferTherapy™ Funnel Refresh Includes . . .

Your investment in optimizing your funnel through the easy OfferTherapy program includes all of the following. . . 

11 Marketing Factors™ Deep Dive Interview (1 Hour) - $1997 VALUE

Meet with Copywriter Lynn Swayze for one hour to go into each of your 11 Marketing Factors as well as your market and business as a whole. You'll walk away with a recording, report, and actionable feedback you can use IMMEDIATELY to improve all of your marketing. 

Complete OfferTherapy™ Funnel Refresh - $9997 VALUE

Your entire funnel/campaign will get an experienced second eye for areas where we can "stack the deck" toward better results. This might mean headline tweaks, copy improvements, offer optimizations, cart page updates, more emails, etc. The exact number of steps and assets I'll review will be something we'll negotiate when we talk. Getting access to this level of copywriting normally costs $9,997 OR MORE, which is what I normally charge to spend time on a full funnel and offer.

OfferTherapy™ Funnel Review Meeting - $497 VALUE

Once I document the changes and rewrites, I'll meet with you on Friday to review them so you learn to think the way I do about offers and marketing. (I'll record this so you can have it for your marketing team.)

Launching Updates Increasing Your ROI/ROAS - $PRICELESS$

Finally - and most importantly - you're getting updates which will dramatically improve your success at every stage of the buyer's journey. In fact, this success is guaranteed. (I'll explain that in a moment.)

OfferTherapy™ for Almost Unlimited Funnel Success

  • 11 Marketing Factors™ Deep Dive ($1997)
  • OfferTherapy™ Funnel Review and Refresh ($9997)
  • OfferTherapy™ Funnel Review Meeting ($497)
  • Launching Updates Increasing Your ROI/ROaS (PRICELESS)

Combined, your investment in OfferTherapy™ SHOULD be

Value: $12,491

But your value doesn't stop there, because . . . 

You're ALSO Getting an Unprecedented Premium Gift . . . 

As you can see, I like to practice what I preach. As a copywriter, I've included almost all the elements important for offer success, including having a compelling offer, having a unique mechanism, and more. And now, I want to make it even easier for you to say MAYBE and keep scrolling, hopefully stop only once you've invested in this program.

If you invest today, you and your team will ALSO get ONE YEAR'S access to my Marketing Vault when it goes live in September. This membership will include training on things like:

  • How to use HubSpot for Information Marketing & Consulting Services
  • Marketing for a Year Content Planning
  • 11 Marketing Factors Positioning
  • How to Beat the "Expert-Commoditization Scale" 
  • How to Write Great Marketing Ops Documentation and SOPs
  • Marketing Team Project Management: Agile for Marketing Teams 
  • Recorded Funnel Reviews & Templates
  • The Irresistible Lead Magnet Checklist
  • Marketing Asset Tracker & Training

And much, much more! 

When I launch in September 2021, I'm going to charge $99/month for this. But if you invest today, you and your team will get seats FOR FREE for a year.

That's a $1,188 Dollar GIFT - Yours FREE When You Invest Today! 

Combined Value: $13,679

But that's not all  you'll get when you invest in this copywriting service today. You're ALSO covered by  my ridiculously outrageous and beneficial 90-day "Alignment is Abundance" Guarantee. 



You are fully protected by my Alignment is Abundance 90-Day Conversion Guarantee.

I'm SO convinced in the power of my 11 Marketing Factors™ System and my ability to help those I choose to work with that if, in the unlikely event you launch my copy updates to traffic and your new funnel does not give you improvements at every step of the buyer journey leading to increased trust, more opt-ins, and increased sales, then I will "eat" the cost of redoing the process and the rewrites. I will also hire an A-List copywriter to help me see what I might have missed.

Simply contact me at within 90 days with your data and I'll take care of the rest.

It's the least I can do to ensure you get FULL ROI from your investment today.

Value: $2,997

Everything You'll Get from OfferTherapy™ Refresh Today

When you invest in this copywriting service today, you're getting all of the following in addition to copywriting delivered within one week of starting:

  • 11 Marketing Factors™ Deep Dive ($1997)
  • OfferTherapy™ Funnel Review and Refresh ($9997)
  • OfferTherapy™ Funnel Review Meeting ($497)
  • Launching Updates Increasing Your ROI/ROAS (PRICELESS)
  • 90-day "Alignment is Abundance" Conversion Guarantee ($4997)
  • BONUS: One year of Marketing Vault access for you and your team ($1,148/ea)

Combined Value: $18,676

You know where this is going, right? You won't pay $17,836 . . . or anywhere near that . . . to get all this value from me today. My "A-list" mentor said I should charge AT LEAST $9,997 , but for now, it's just $4,997 for a very limited time. 

Your Investment Today
This is a 50% savings off the $9,997 my mentors said I should charge for this outrageous offer. 

Pay easily and securely with debit cards, credit cards, or PayPal balance today. Click here to explore business funding as an alternative.

The Answer is OfferTherapy
The Time is Now. . . 

If you've been in marketing, you know this is the part where I remind you what you're going to be missing out on if you step away. 

If updates to your campaign could bring in AT LEAST $30,000 in the next 90 days, then this offer is a NO BRAINER: you're exchanging $2997 and an hour of your time for $29,997 . . . $99,997. . . or even 10X more than that in increased sales. 

And none of that is counting the LCV gains you'll get from the long-term nurturing you'll do. 

My clients have gotten results like: 

  • Going from $0/month to $30K/month within 30 days of launching an offer I helped them develop and go to market

  • Landing a ONE MILLION DOLLAR staff augmentation project within 30 days after launching a new offer, a unique mechanism, and updated LinkedIn + ABM outreach

  • Seeing over $10K in low ticket course sales in <30 days, 10X  higher than they ever saw before

  • Seeing an open rate increase from 12-14% to 30-42% immediately after switching to HubSpot and adding in my copy updates, also causing them to see 10X the usual webinar registrations in 1/2 the time. . . basically right out the gate. They begged us to put in a different CTA because they had too many demos booked.

  • Landing a $42K project within weeks of launching a new website and an updated lead magnet + nurture campaign sequence + sales sequence

  • Earning an extra $18K/year per client and growing from a team of ONE to a team of FIVE, all within 6 months of us reworking his business model. We also launched an MVP offer that sold at $2500/each and upsold to full services 70% of the time

And some of those wins were when I was brand-spankin' new to marketing. Imagine what we can do together now. 🙂 

To Recap, You're Getting . . . 

  • 11 Marketing Factors™ Deep Dive ($1997)
  • OfferTherapy™ Funnel Review and Refresh ($9997)
  • OfferTherapy™ Funnel Review Meeting ($497)
  • Launching Updates Increasing Your ROI/ROAS (PRICELESS)
  • 90-day "Alignment is Abundance" Conversion Guarantee ($4997)
  • BONUS: One year of Marketing Vault access for you and your team ($1188/ea)

Normally: $9,997
Your Investment: $4997 

Pay easily and securely with debit cards, credit cards, or PayPal balance today. Click here to explore business funding as an alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What times are available to start? 

As of the last page update, the next available times are:

  • Start 9/6, delivered 9/10
  • Start 9/13, delivered 9/17
  • Start 9/20, delivered 9/24

How can you deliver this so quickly?

First, unlike a full OfferTherapy funnel write from scratch, in this offer I am merely updating and optimizing what you already have. Sometimes, yes, that means new copy. . . but it's not the same as coming up with tens of thousands of words and a full campaign and 11 Marketing Factors™ positioning from scratch. One week focused on your project is more than enough time to deliver massive value to you

Second, due to my years of experience, But if you pay me double, I'll take two weeks if it makes you feel better. 

Third, I really don't WANT to spend more than a week on this, and I hate the feeling of people waiting on me to get something done. A week is enough for me to maintain excitement about you and your project.

Do you know FOR SURE you'll make a difference in this campaign? 

Honestly, no, but the odds are very likely it will because I know where the "gold" is we need to shape. 

Imagine that your funnel and assets is like gold-rich dirt. Sometimes, you've buried it and don't realize it. I know how to come in, find that dirt, and shape it into something magically delicious. 

And if for some reason the changes DON'T move the needle for you, I'll do it again at my own expense and bring in someone smarter than me (again, at my expense) who can help me spot what I missed. 

But truthfully, I don't take on clients I don't feel I can help.

If I say I can't help, it's probably for one of these reasons:

  •  I can tell you won't listen to marketing common sense when I present it (e.g., you won't make the changes you need to get results)
  • Your niche/industry isn't something I'm familiar enough with to feel comfortable
  • You don't have the financial bandwidth to run good traffic or make product improvements 
  • Your energy/vibe doesn't jive with me, and you'll fare better with someone else 

I need a funnel written from scratch. Can I use this program for that? 

No; this offer is ONLY for funnel refreshes. My offer creation program is a full month and between $9,997 and $14,997 depending on if you already have an offer or if you need some deeper consulting on it. I will have a page for that soon. If you're interested before then, email me at or contact me on the platform where we're connected.

I have other questions. Can I reach out?

Sure. Send me an email at and let's chat. 

About "Offer Whisperer" Lynn Swayze

Since 2015, Lynn Swayze has served as a Direct Response Copywriter for Experts.

Her clients have included information marketers and "experts" like Kevin Rogers, Jon Bowen, Mike Weiss, Jason Hanson, and Dr. Kien Vuu . . . plus brands like ROI Machines, Nuance Software, and Agora's Nutrition and Healing. 

She's been trained in programs like Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing, Copy Chief, Jon Benson's 3X Sellerator, Trevor "Toe Cracker" Crook's Copywriting Program, iNLP NLP Certification, Digital Marketer Copywriting and Customer Value Optimization, HubSpot Inbound Methodology, and AWAI, giving her a broad base in marketing that WORKS in B2C and in B2B.

She brings a unique positioning methodology - 11 Marketing Factors - to every project she works on, virtually guaranteeing unique insights that lead to conversions, sales, and marketing-sales alignment.

She lives in Bloomington, Indiana with her four kiddos, three cats, rescued Collie, and bearded husband. 

Get OfferTherapy™ Funnel Refresh Today

  • 11 Marketing Factors™ Deep Dive ($1997)
  • OfferTherapy™ Funnel Review and Refresh ($9997)
  • OfferTherapy™ Funnel Review Meeting ($497)
  • Launching Updates Increasing Your ROI/ROAS (PRICELESS)
  • 90-day "Alignment is Abundance" Conversion Guarantee ($4997)
  • BONUS: One year of Marketing Vault access for you and your team ($1188/ea)

Pay easily and securely with debit cards, credit cards, or PayPal balance today. Click here to explore business funding as an alternative.