Copywriting so good, A-Listers Urge You to Hire Now ...

(Here's how you can get proven copy from an "up and coming" copywriter quickly... it comes with an unprecedented triple guarantee that'll remove all risks and maximize your success)

From: Lynn Swayze, 20 Sep 2020

RE: Converting Copy to Boost ROAS and ACV

Dear Busy Offer Owner,

If you want to get converting, big idea-driven copywriting for your offer...

... Yet don't want to risk wasting money on copywriting that won't work, then you're exactly where you need to be.

That's because I'm going to hand you the "keys to the kingdom" to getting fast, converting copy that's guaranteed to convert.

It works even if you're selling...

  • Supplements and nutraceuticals
  • Info-marketing products, courses, or membership sites
  • Health and Mindset programs
  • Consulting services

... and if you keep reading, I'll show you how to get started for 1/10th the results you'll get in return.

Hi, my name is Lynn Swayze and
I'm a proven direct response copywriter

I've worked with some of the biggest marketers in the industry including...

  • Tony Policci (Joe Polish's brother and amazing direct response copywriter)
  • Kevin Rogers (founder of Copy Chief)
  • Mike Weiss (the brains behind Digital Marketer Lab, a program that earned $2MM in < 2 years without ad spend)
  • Jon Bowen (founder of CEG Worldwide, a successful program for financial advisors)
  • Jason Hanson (former CIA spy turned guru and best selling author)
  • Aaron Crocker (health and fitness copywriter whose work has been featured in one of Dan Kennedy's books)

... not only that, but... 

... I have consistently gotten results for everyone who's brought me on board!

When one brilliant software consultant wanted to turn a side gig of $10,000 a month into an organization capable of hiring a whole team, little did he expect his $25,000 investment in me would add $36,000 EXTRA per new contract and allow him to hire 5 people a mere three months later. 

When a supplement owner couldn't hire Jon Benson for their next campaign, they turned to me to write a few long-form pieces of copy for their new weight loss supplement for $10,000. The result? Almost $13,000 in the first month and consistent results since.  

In 2015, an eight-figure information marketer needed to hire three new copywriters for his team. Two were in-the-trenches financial copywriters. The other was a new female copywriter. In every test, the new copywriter out-pulled the “industry insider”. That copywriter was me, and that was my first copy job. 

During an informal conversation, an idea for a specialization for a fellow copywriter was suggested by a friend. At first, the copywriter was hesitant to take on such a niche. The friend was adamant that it’d work. In the first month of niching, the copywriter earned a podcast interview, a new job, and a positive testimonial. Needless to say, that "friend" was me. 

In 2017, an up-and-coming Facebook group owner and course creator (and friend) wanted a new landing page for her launch. In exchange for the $500 fee she paid, she got $9463 in return in <30 day period it ran. Needless to say, I was the copywriter who gave her that copy.

In 2020, when a $30MM tech firm wanted to get leads from marketing, they turned to a copywriter to help craft positioning, a unique mechanism, and a funnel for LinkedIn. Within the first week of launch, the organization received an inbound request to talk about a project. Their $10K investment paid off.

... and that's just what I'm allowed to share. I have data and pieces I've been sworn under contract not to reveal to anyone - or else. 

Why am I sharing this with you? It's simple...

You can't afford to waste money on copy you can't test!

How many times have you "tried out" a copywriter you met online...

... only to feel the shame and regret of getting copy that doesn't sound like you, doesn't hit the necessary pain points, and is basically UNUSABLE?

If you haven't had that experience, you're lucky. But if you have, you know first-hand just how painful it is hire the wrong person for your project.

That's why, if you take me up on my insane offer today, you'll get ALL THREE RISKS you face as an offer owner completely and utterly cleared from the table.  

Risk 1: Copy Isn't Delivered Quickly (or at all!)

One fear many business owners will have, if they're honest, is that they're afraid they'll invest a good chunk of change into a copywriter and then they won't get the copy. So you're out $5,000... $10,000... even $50,000 and your copywriter just... walks? It's crazy but it's a real risk,and I want to make it super easy for both of us to avoid that. So not only do I have systems in place (RMBC, 11 Marketing Factors, etc) which virtually eliminate the risk I'll be staring at a blank screen for a month, I also created Crazy Copy Guarantee #1...

Crazy Copy Guarantee #1: We will agree on timelines, including delivery of big ideas, the outline, first draft, and final draft. If I miss a deadline, I will PAY YOU back $500. So it's going to be really, really painful for me to "miss the mark". 

Risk 2: Copy Doesn't Convert Well (or at all!)

The second risk is that the copy written for you doesn't convert well... or at all. So you're out tens of thousands of dollars in combined ad spend, copy, and building out your funnel... and you get nada. And while there are a lot of factors I can't control, there are many I can. First, I always use proven systems (again, RMBC, 11 Marketing Factors, training by AWAI, E5 Method, Copy boarding, etc) to guide what I write. Second, I run it by my proven, A-list copywriting friends at Copy Accelerator Lite and elsewhere. I am also willing to test 2-3 leads if you feel you'd like more hits at bat. But more than that, I am offering you Crazy Copy Guarantee #2...

Crazy Copy Guarantee #2: I guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the copy produced and you'll get ROI within 90 days. But if you aren't happy... and it's something to do with the copy... I'll rewrite again until you get ROI.

Risk 3: You Need to Test... but Your Copywriter is Already Gone

Finally, the third risk is that you need someone who'll be with you for the long-haul to test new copy and creatives, but you can't afford to spend tens of thousands each time you want to test a new lead, big idea, or angle. That's why every project comes with Crazy Copy Guarantee #3...

Crazy Copy Guarantee #3: If we agree to a small profit split on the campaigns I'm a part of, I guarantee to continue to work with you to keep your offer alive and kicking for as long as you want me to be a part of your world. That way you get the help of someone who knows your business, knows what's working, and can give you converting copy quickly. 

If this interests you, then you'll want to know... 

How to Get Triple-Guaranteed Copy Today and Secure Your Spot on Lynn's "Virtual Rolodex" Of Offer Owners She Helps

I want to help you make money.

I want to help craft your next "big idea" and blockbuster campaign. 

I want to help you get the unique mechanism that makes you virtually competition-proof.

But I can't do that without you. 

Here's how it works...

If you're interested in working with me, fill out the form on the page after you click below. It signals your interest and gets you the link to pay for an hour of consulting and book time on my calendar for a chat. 

If we both think we're a good fit (and the timing is right), I'll send over a contract, SOW, and invoice and schedule time for a proper kickoff call. 

If not, no hard feelings. I'll likely refer you to someone else who might be a better fit. 

Click now to get started.

Other than the initial fee to claim an hour of my time, there is no obligation to hire me as your copywriter. Click the button above to start the process today. 

But wait! There's more!

When you decide to work with me, you'll get Lifetime Access to my Marketing Vault.

My Marketing Vault includes resources like...

  • My Irresistible Lead Magnet Checklist + 5-Hour Course ($139)
  • 11 Marketing Factors Workshop ($997)
  • CEO One Page Template and Training ($19)
  • Marketing Asset Tracker Worksheet and Training ($29)
  • Weekly "Office Hours" with Me 
  • Membership area to ask questions and get real-time help
  • Exclusive Interviews with experts on marketing, mindset, and copywriting
  • And much much more ... 

When I launch, I'll be selling access for $997/year. But you can get lifetime access FOR FREE when you become a client.

Click the button below to begin the application process and secure an hour of time with me.

Questions You May Be Asking Right Now

What's the investment to hire you for my business? I charge up to $15,000 for a long-form sales page plus a percentage of revenues generated. For shorter assets, fees are $100-$5,000 depending on the copy, market, and turnaround time. Most of my clients earn back their investment - and then some - in the first 30 days. If $15K is a stretch, I'm probably not the copywriter for you (yet). 

I need copy really quickly. Great! I can probably help... but it costs extra to get faster turnaround. Think about it: would you pay extra to get the leak in your bathroom that's spraying crappy water all over the place fixed faster? Yeah? Same applies here. When you get copy faster, you make money faster. So the fee is slightly higher for top priority delivery.

Can I see samples? Maybe. Let's talk about it. 

Can I hire you full time? Maybe! Let's talk about it. I'm looking for a good base + commissions and an opportunity to copy chief in the future... plus visibility into the data. If you can provide that, then I'm willing to chat.

I know everyone! How come I haven't heard of you? This is a fast-moving industry and from about 2018-2020 I was out of the picture. I left my memberships, stopped working, and even deleted my Facebook account with 1000+ connections. I am only now returning... and so you might not have heard of me. That's okay. But I'm here to stay, so chances are that the opportunity you see today will cost 10X more in the future.

"Lynn is clearly enthusiastic and has some chops... get in touch with her." - Brian Kurtz