"Yes, I want faster results!"

If you're a tech consultant, agency, or solution provider who wants to create more accountable and profitable marketing, then the following resources are for you. I offer everything from books and on-demand courses to expert one-on-one help. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me to figure out what's best for you. For ongoing HubSpot help, please contact me to explore your project needs. 

OfferTherapy™ Positioning Workshop - $1,497

Not getting the respect and revenue you deserve as a go-to expert in your industry? Then this 2-hour positioning workshop and custom messaging report will help. Together, we'll identify your unique Eleven Marketing Factors™ and the associated marketing messaging, positioning, and "Power Offer" that comes with it. 

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HubSpot Assessment & Acceleration Project - $2,497

New users to HubSpot can waste hundreds of hours trying to "figure it out". Or they can book an Assessment and Acceleration Project that assesses and documents the current state of HubSpot, clarifies the requirements, and gives you a robust plan (based on B2B Marketing best practices!) for making the most of HubSpot. The entire engagement lasts 7-14 days depending on your team's availability, and the blueprint is applicable to any future work together.

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HubSpot Marketing Operations Advisor - Hire Lynn

Wanting expert help with your HubSpot, positioning, copywriting, and best practices for growing your tech firm? You can bring me onboard on a monthly basis to quickly knock out your project and get you fast wins as your strategic advisor and expert implementation help.

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"Get Unstuck" Session - $495

Just want to pick Lynn's brain on a topic related to positioning, copywriting, marketing, or HubSpot? Book a "Get Unstuck" power session for $495. (Comes with bonuses! Click to learn more.)

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Monthly Funnel Breakdowns via Patreon - $29/month

I offer weekly funnel breakdowns, behind-the-scenes marketing campaign walkthroughs, and more via Patreon. Click to become a patron. 

The Authority-Building Book Funnel - $4,997

A non-fiction book is one of the best ways to position yourself as an authority after you've developed your 11 Marketing Factors™ positioning and ideal offer. We'll work together over 7 days to write your book, develop your funnel, and launch your authority-building book that sells more of your high ticket services as a technology consultant or solution provider.

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Tech Consulting MVP Website - $997

We'll work together over the course of 3 days to develop an MVP website (on WordPress) for your tech consulting services that generates leads, highlights your expertise, and can be expanded to include courses, a client portal, and more. Comes with a FREE ThriveThemes license and 30 days free of ActiveCampaign OR HubSpot free CMS ($360/year value). 

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The 11 Marketing Factors™ Course - $199

Want to improve your positioning so you are seen as an indisputable authority? Then this course is for you. By the end, you'll have developed each of your unique 11 Marketing Factors™ elements necessary to become competition-proof. Includes video, audio, text training plus worksheets and an opportunity to get a FREE positioning statement review. 

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The Marketing for a Year™ Course - $49

Life's too short to worry about your marketing. That's why I developed a system to help you plan, develop, and automate your marketing for an entire year. . . so you can get back to more important things. Includes the Marketing Asset Tracker Template. 

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The Conference Funnel Course - $29

If you're in tech, chances are you are planning on speaking at conferences, sponsoring conferences, or getting a booth (or the equivalent virtual actions!). Discover how to build lead-generating campaigns around your conference presentations, follow up with leads after, and re-use your presentations for ongoing marketing and revenue. 

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The Irresistible Lead Magnet Course - $29

Discover how to create and launch more profitable lead generating funnels for your consulting or info-marketing business. Includes a printable worksheet you can use to guarantee each campaign is a success. 

The Marketing Asset Tracker Template + Course - $19

Track your landing pages, blog posts, social posts, testimonials, and more using my proprietary marketing asset tracker. Comes with a mini-course to help you learn how to use it and make it your own. Includes the Weekly Scorecard reporting template and training.

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