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Hi, my name is Lynn Swayze.

I'm a direct response copywriter and positioning strategist for purpose-driven brands who serve as not-for-profits, solution providers, info-marketers, agencies, consultants, and coaches. 

I'm the creator of Offer Therapy™, the 11 Marketing Factors™, and Marketing for a Year™, all proprietary systems I've developed to help business owners get almost UNLIMITED SUCCESS from their marketing. 

My industry-leading clients have seen results like: 

  • Going from $0/month to $30K/month within 30 days of launching an offer I helped them develop and go to market

  • Landing a ONE MILLION DOLLAR staff augmentation project within 30 days after launching a new offer, a unique mechanism, and updated LinkedIn + ABM outreach

  • Seeing over $10K in low ticket course sales in <30 days, 10X  higher than they ever saw before

  • Seeing an open rate increase from 12-14% to 30-42% immediately after switching to HubSpot and adding in my copy updates, also causing them to see 10X the usual webinar registrations in 1/2 the time. . . basically right out the gate. (They begged us to change the CTA because they had "too many calls booked"!)

  • Landing a $42K project within weeks of launching a new website and an updated lead magnet + nurture campaign sequence + sales sequence

  • Earning an extra $18K/year per client and growing from a team of ONE to a team of FIVE, all within 6 months of us reworking his business model. We also launched an MVP offer that sold at $2500/each and upsold to full services 70% of the time.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of how I've helped non-profits, tech agencies, marketing agencies, information marketers, supplement owners, and more launch new products, get positioning clarity, and generate bigger IMPACT.

Can You Handle the PROOF?

And in case you've reached this page and are thinking, "Lynn isn't really worth the hype!", then I urge you to explore the proof on this page before you get in touch.

"Biggest Project to Date!" says $30 Million-Dollar Technology Staffing Firm of their LinkedIn Ad Campaign Results . . . 

When a $30 million/year tech agency didn’t believe marketing could generate leads but DESPERATELY needed new strategies, they turned to ONE WOMAN for help... and got “the largest contract to date”... a 40-person staff aug project with one of their target accounts. 

May be an image of text that says 'Tue 9/22/2020 12:16 PM To: Lynn Swayze ook.... It worked...! From: Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2020 12:13 PM To: Subject: RE: Your Covid-19 Inquiry Hi have availability on 9/23 from 1.00-2.00 pm cst to discuss.'

Headline Changes Alone Caused Conversion Jump from 14.22% to 17.2%. . . 

Results in less than 30 days of running traffic with JUST a headline change. Wait until they implement the rest of my funnel optimizations. . . 

FinTech Company says, "We have too many demos booked!" 

When a FinTech company wanted help optimizing their HubSpot instance and inbound marketing to generate more demo calls, they turned to ONE WOMAN to help. Lynn Swayze and her team mates moved the entire company from ActiveCampaign to HubSpot, optimized their email subject lines and preview text, and added more compelling and benefit-driven CTAs. 

As a result, their open rates improved from 12-19% to 30.3 - 45.7% within the first week, and they had so many demos booked they had to rethink subsequent campaigns.

They found their expert help in Lynn Swayze.

When an industry-leading copywriter and brother of Joe Polish, creator of "The Genius Network", "Piranha Marketing", and the "I Love Marketing" podcast wanted to hire a B2B copywriter, he turned to ONE WOMAN. . .

Lynn Swayze (a B2B copywriter and HubSpot expert) created a landing page, email sequence, and HubSpot automation strategy for a B2B startup. The client was pleased with the copy and the copywriter was able to get more work from this client as a result of Lynn's help. 

Here's what the copywriter said of Lynn's work:


When a PR Expert Wanted to WOW a Financial Technology Client with HubSpot work. . . but didn't know how to do anything herself. . . she hired ONE WOMAN to Join the Year-Long HubSpot project . . . 


When a Non-Profit Expanding Child Abuse Awareness Could no Longer Trust Their Agency, They Turned to ONE WOMAN to Help . . . 

When a Non-Profit Expanding Child Abuse Awareness Could no Longer Trust Their Agency, they knew they needed trusted help to rebuild their website from the ground up. They turned to ONE WOMAN to help . . . Lynn Swayze. 

Lynn built an entire 20-page website on WordPress and Thrive Themes, replicating and upgrading their existing designs so the site was conversion-friendly, responsive, and ready for traffic. The site was ready to go in less than a week and is now fully under the non-profit's control, complete with SEO setup, back-ups, and documentation.

Needless to say, they found their expert help.

FULL Marketing Strategy for $25 Million -Dollar Technology Consulting Agency Delivered Fast Wins and Ultimate Clarity. . . 

When a $25MM/year tech agency needed a full marketing strategy incorporating and prioritizing over a dozen services, expounding on all parts of marketing activities (and ABM), and outlining a few basic funnels (a new concept for them!) . . . they turned to ONE WOMAN for help. 😉

They got a robust, 30-page strategy providing clear direction on where they needed to grow and which content they needed to optimize. ✨

As a result, they subsequently launched their first “funnel”, which garnered a few leads (and a new client!) and trained them in how to think differently about their services.

Aaron Crocker, Health Copywriter Featured in Dan Kennedy's "No BS Guide to Brand Building by Direct Response", says this of Lynn's Copy. . . 

When a FinTech Wanted to Rewrite their "Blue Print" and Turn it into an Effective Lead Generating Resource . . . 

"10X'd Their Webinar Registrations in HALF the Time. . . "

When a financial technology and consulting client wanted to optimize their webinar funnel, they turned to ONE WOMAN to help. Along with her team, Lynn moved the registrations to HubSpot, launched a new landing page with updated copy, updated registration emails, and updated follow-up emails.

In just TWO DAYS, the client pulled in 3X as many registrations as they usually do... surpassing their registration limit by 50%! 🥳 (A good problem to have.) By the time it was done, their total registrations were 10X'd in half the time. 

Even MORE Testimonials, Praise, and Feedback

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