My #1 Recommended Resource

Discover why I recommend Copy Chief to everyone I meet - and why I joined the Copy Chief team as COO. With Copy Chief on your side, you'll receive...

- Exclusive VIP access to Copy Chief Kevin Rogers via private threads and one-on-one calls
- UNLIMITED copy critiques of your sales letters, landing pages, emails, direct mail copy, et cetera et cetera...
- EXCLUSIVE, members-only job offers not found anywhere else
- Personal connections with the best in our industry right now, including up-and-comers you might not have ever heard of but who are quietly making a splash and gaining traction
- "Behind-the-scenes" marketing case studies on what's working...and not working... in marketing today
- Access to a stable of working, pro copywriters to add to your team
- The DOZEN PLUS trainings on everything from freelancing, to copyboarding, to E5, to USPs... or the implementation help they come with...
- Reviews of your current marketing assets, positioning, and more...

PLUS... because you're in my circle you'll have me as your personal ambassador through the boards and if you have any problems or questions. 

Recommended Tools & Resources

Studio1 serves the best in the business for a reason. They're fast, high quality, and produce stunning, conversion-oriented design.

Their focus on quality service, FAST site speed, and ultra secure WordPress hosting make them the best for growing sites with a lot of traffic.

I use the Thrive Themes suite of tools to help me build conversion-ready websites. I highly recommend their suite to all my clients.

Use to automate your processes across your team (no project management tools required!) Great for process-heavy organizations.