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My name is Lynn Swayze and I'm a direct response copywriter and marketing funnel consultant for consultants who want to build a stronger, more profitable, more enjoyable consulting business. On this site, you'll find resources to grow your high ticket consulting and information marketing business, including SEO, Funnel Building, Marketing Automation, and Positioning.

Does your copywriter walk the talk?

Unlike so many other direct response copywriters, I don't just write for successful consultants. I put my money where my mouth is and build my own brands, too. And even better? I share my secrets with my  members in weekly "Brand Roundups" where I disclose, in depth, how I build each funnel. Explore the brands I've built and projects I've worked on. 

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The One LinkedIn Metric You’ll Want to Improve ASAP

Introduction If you’ve ever worked with me on a project or read some of my content, you’ll know that I love seeing brands highlight their professionals and boost their own marketing efforts through their employee thought leaders. I’m also crazy about professionals using personal branding to boost their visibility, increase their salary, and become competition-proof.

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Lynn Swayze is a direct response copywriter and marketing strategist who empowers high ticket consultants and information marketers to position themselves as experts and sell more of their products and services. 

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