A Few Quotes

Lynn is a talented and dedicated writer, and she is consistently seeking ways to grow and improve in her craft. She is a rare combination of talent, intelligence, and diligence with an easy going personality that makes her a pleasure to work with.

— Chris Spangle, Web Director at Bob and Tom

Lynn Swayze gives my content a wonderful flair. She takes some good work and makes it exceptional with her capability to take an article to the next level. If you are looking for a copy writer/editor/word maven, hire her.

— Matt Scherer, LinkedIn Expert

Lynn Swayze is a phenomenal talent! Very multifaceted in the Technical Writing aspect, and has unmatched editing and copywriting skills! There are talented people out there, but Lynn provides the kind of talent and expertise that make her candidacy to employment dominant! You will get your bang for the buck here! I highly recommend Lynn Swayze for anything that involves Technical Writing and Copywriting! Unmatched talent here!

— Ray Embry, Embry Consulting

I worked with Lynn at Moser Consulting. Lynn is a deep thinking, well-focused individual who is passionate about what she does. When faced with a project, she digs deep into the nuances of process, requirements, and production needs/wants/goals to provide successful solutions to client problems. She is a pleasure to work with; always kind, open, attentive, and positive. Everyone loves working with Lynn. A self-starting, self-educating, eloquent communicator such as Lynn is a must have in any organization, at any level. I’d highly recommend Lynn for any and all future employment opportunities.

— Marc Lane, Eli Lilly & Company

Lynn is an excellent writer and she created a lot of value for [our company] through her copywriting, technical writing, and editing for internal and marketing initiatives, including the company blog. She is very driven and has pushed herself to learn a variety of technical skills including HTML, programming, and SQL Server. Her strength is finding problems and identifying repeatable procedures to solve them. Lynn has a good understanding of operations and was a pleasure to work with.

— Michael Dowden, Author and Java Consultant

Lynn was a great part of our team and always put forth her best effort. She has a great ‘can-do’ attitude and looks for ways to not only help move projects to fruition but to also add value towards the project goals. One of her greatest talents is her ability to learn and adapt. This enables her to tailor her already impressive skill set to be an even better fit to the project that she is working on. Any project or team would be lucky to have Lynn as a part of it.

— Jack Mansfield, Vice President at Bell Techlogix

It was a pleasure to work with Lynn. She is very communicative and has a good feel for words 🙂

— Michal Mackiewitz Owner, Berrolia