The Easy Way to Enjoy More Profit in Your Business By Writing Hater-Inspired Copy (even if you’re a “bad” copywriter)

If you want to overcome your fear of being a “bad” copywriter for your business, so you can enjoy the fruits of even more sales thanks to better copy?

If you want to effortlessly write stronger copy that pulls people in and makes them emotionally salivate over what you’re offering like a steak to a dog…

… then listen up.  Today’s post is all about how to write better copy today by tapping into something much deeper.

But first, I gotta ask this question before I get to the meat of the issue.

Have you ever had a “hater”?

By hater, I mean someone who either to your face or behind your back talked negatively about you?

Bonus points if you’ve had one who only came to light after you became successful.

I had one who made fun of me directly behind my back, in front of my husband. Thankfully, I was blissfully unaware of the taunting at the time, but man.

When my husband told me what was said, my heart sank to the floor. All my suspicions about this person – and the people who seemed to be in agreement –  were validated in that moment.

What I didn’t realize then, that I do now, is that what this person felt and wanted had nothing to do with me.

They may have wanted me gone.

Hell, they may even have disliked me and my methods.

But deep down, this person’s taunts had more to do with them than me.

👉Their insecurity at being ignored.

👉 Their insecurity at not being charismatic.

👉 Their insecurity at being a poor copywriter.

👉 And probably other internal BS I know nothing about

It had nothing to do with me. Not really, anyway.

Sure, I might have annoyed this person by being my badass self.

But did I cause or deserve to be the brunt of their jokes, to be called names, or outright sabotaged?

No, no I didn’t.

Although at the time, I made it all about me.

I was wrong.

The same is true when you write copy.

Your ideal buyer (the “Person”, if you know my 11 Marketing Factors) isn’t thinking about you, your product, or your benefits.

They aren’t even thinking about what they “say” they want.

No, they’re thinking about something deeper.

They’re not thinking about “more leads”. They’re thinking about the frustrating dissonance between their self-perception of their skills as an “expert” and their apparent lack of demand… even though “less attractive” businesses seem to draw in clients like a frat boy in a college bar.

They’re not thinking about “more sales”. They’re thinking about the embarrassment that their kid is the only one without orthodontia, and it’s embarrassing to have evidence that they’re not as financially “well off” as they pretend.

And they’re not thinking about whatever it is you think they are thinking, most likely.

No, they’re thinking about what they desire… what they fear… what they really want and need.

And honestly, that has more to do with recognition, relief, acceptance, and winning than anything else.

If you want to write BETTER and STRONGER copy, you’ll keep this in mind.

You can write shitty copy but if you touch the exact right emotions, you’ll sell more.


Instead of stopping at “who else wants more leads this month”…

… why not dig deeper, and tickle their sloth bone? (effortless, easy, autopilot)

… why not dig deeper, and feed their pride monster? (scraps)

… why not dig deeper, and feed their greed drive? ($25,000 a month)

So instead, you could write…

“Effortless” 15-minutes-a-day ‘Foolproof Growth Blueprint’ gives you 150 leads a day… closes at LEAST 20% of all leads… and guarantees you’ll make $25,000 a month or more in 30 days… so you can sit back and relax while everyone else “hustles” for the scraps …

Okay, so that might not be the best on-the-fly headline, but can you see where we’re starting to poke at deeper emotions and building on the promise that whets their appetite?

Again, marketing has nothing to do with you…

… and everything to do with the mind monkeys prospects have rattling around in cages deep inside their psyche.

Which is a great relief, if you ask me. 🙂

Incidentally, this is another reason compelling stories work so damn well at capturing attention and converting prospects into buyers. You could make a marketing campaign entirely out of stories and do well, if you had enough of them.

If you need some help, I’m offering a two-hour consultation call with me to dig deep into the psychology of your buyer, pull out your 11 marketing factors, and identify the stories most likely to push the sale. So you can write better copy, faster. Simply send a message to start the conversation.


About the Author

Lynn Swayze is a Direct Response Copywriter, fiction author, and NLP Master-in-training who uses empathy, visualization, and time-tested persuasion techniques to write better copy. She writes copy for consultants, course creators, alternative health supplements, mindset coaches, and IT companies. She can be hired for landing pages, funnel copy, webinars, VSLs, and story-based email series. Send an email to to discuss your next marketing project and how Lynn can help.