January 30, 2020


If you’ve ever worked with me on a project or read some of my content, you’ll know that I love seeing brands highlight their professionals and boost their own marketing efforts through their employee thought leaders. I’m also crazy about professionals using personal branding to boost their visibility, increase their salary, and become competition-proof. Today’s article will show you one metric you can use to see how well positioned you (or your employees) are to make an impact in the marketplace. 

That metric is called the LinkedIn Social Selling Index, or SSI. I am not in sales, so I am only just now digging into the sales side of sales enablement. And in that search, I discovered this neat LinkedIn score that is the SSI. 

Here’s mine, for reference: 

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I haven’t optimized mine in any way other than using LinkedIn as I normally do, I am surprised to have such a high score. So I wondered – how the heck do I improve this number now that I know such a number exists?! Thankfully, LinkedIn shares what they take into account so you can easily optimize your profile and LinkedIn activities.

What is the LinkedIn SSI 

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) measures a few variables which correlate to having social sales influence. The score helps you measure your profile and activities on LinkedIn and gives you some easy ways to optimize what you’re doing. This score is measured daily, so you can quickly see how what you’re doing is paying off. 

Components of the SSI

The LinkedIn SSI has several components. Each of which is 25% of your total score: 

  • How established your professional brand is
  • How connected you are with the right people
  • How much you engage with LinkedIn Insights
  • How many relationships you’ve built on LinkedIn 

Ways to Improve your SSI

LinkedIn gives you several ideas for improving each metric of your Social Selling Index score on this page – of course, conveniently selling their Sales Navigator Tool as one way to do it. 

Ways to improve your score include:

  • Complete every section of your profile and update it regularly enough that it’s up-to-date
  • Connect with more people outside your industry, especially thought leaders and those in buying roles
  • Engage with LinkedIn’s “trending content” by liking, sharing, and commenting and contribute to trending comment via your own posts
  • Build relationships with people by recommending them, getting recommendations, and sharing the skill levels of others 
  • Post regular thought leadership to LinkedIn via the Articles tool
  • Have conversations with others using the LinkedIn messaging tool

This sounds like a lot, but doing this well will help people find you more easily, engage with you better, and trust you more as your authentic voice, interests, and experience shines through the noise. 

Why You Should Care about your LinkedIn SSI

Now for the meat and potatoes of all this – why should you care about the LinkedIn SSI at all? 

If you’re a professional, the activities which go into having a higher SSI should contribute to:

  • Greater ability to be hired and promoted
  • Greater value to potential employers/clients
  • Higher salary
  • Ability to influence contacts for your employer’s brand 
  • If in sales, easier time filling your sales pipeline and increased likelihood of being responded to

If you’re an entrepreneur, the activities which go into having a higher SSI should contribute to:

  • Easier time reaching potential clients
  • Higher KLT – know, like, and trust – because you’re seen as a thought leader and are getting recommendations from others
  • Greater referrability, since people clearly know what you do and what your philosophy is
  • Greater sense of community, since you’re engaging with those in your industry and local community on a regular basis 

Discover your LinkedIn Social Selling index HERE. 

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