This Easy “Marketing Trifecta”​ Simplifies Your Campaign Planning Process

If you’ve ever looked at the marketing “blueprints” some experts put out, you know how convoluted and complicated they seem to be. Their three-step process turns into five, ten, or even twenty steps by the time you actually get into the nitty-gritty.

I have a way to simplify your understanding of marketing so you can create your  marketing campaigns with a bit more confidence.

This simple solution was discovered after working to explain marketing funnels to my husband. Now my husband is a smart, smart man. He’s an absolute whiz with tools and knows medicine and healthcare topics like the back of his hand. And his experience with people make him a great sounding board for copywriting ideas and angles, which is why I wanted him to work with my for my direct response agency, Indiana Direct Response Marketing.

The hard part came when I began to introduce all the various marketing assets involved in a campaign…

Opt-in pages…

… Lead Magnets…

… Upsells…

… Downsells…

… Nurture sequences…

… and more…

I forget how much time and energy it really takes to master it all.

So I needed a way to introduce the CORE IDEA of what we’re doing as direct response marketers.

That idea is what I’m going to hand to you on a silver platter today. I’m going to eventually write a book about it, but for now all you need to know are three things which I call “The Marketing Trifecta”.

The Marketing Trifecta simplifies marketing down to its core activities, which are:




That’s it.

Let’s break that down.

The first step is ATTRACTION. What you’re doing here is targeting the teeny tiny slice of the human population who:

  • Has the problem you solve
  • Wants to solve that problem
  • Can afford to pay for that problem
  • Will actually be a joy to work with
  • Resonates with your approach

… and then puts them into a list. Note that we don’t need to SELL them yet, just attract them to us.

To do this, marketers use a  “front-end” or “top of funnel” campaign to grow a database of qualified leads/prospects. This is where lead magnets, webinars, free guides, and other “honey pot” offers are used.

Okay, so you’ve grown a list. Now what?

The next step is to INDOCTRINATE. Here, what you’re doing is indoctrinating those qualified, problem-having leads so they’re ready to buy.

As I explained in this video a while ago,, what you’re doing with your marketing is taking your prospect along the path from being completely unaware of who you are and what you’re selling to becoming so convinced of you, their need, and their future result that they purchase whatever it is you’re selling.

In this stage, you’re introducing your unique worldview, making them hyper sensitive to a problem they already have, and giving them HOPE that they can live a life free of the problem.

It’s a bit like getting someone to join a cult, which is why I call the second stage “indoctrination”.

You’re not just hard-selling at this stage. You’re inviting them to join you in the world of sunshine and rainbows where life is magically, automatically, and painlessly better than it is right now.

Cleaner, Brighter, Sexier.

As a marketer, you do this with marketing assets like:

  • Email sequences or daily email campaigns
  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts and video content
  • Webinar content
  • Case studies or other storytelling mechanisms
  • Podcast interviews or episodes
  • Public speaking
  • White Papers and book content

Now, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to years for someone to decide to invest in you and your product. The more self-indoctrination they’ve done, the faster they’ll come to the conclusion to invest.

Finally, the last step is “conversion”.

At this step, you’re making the offer. It’s the end of the sales page, VSL, or webinar asking for the sale. It’s the sales call with your enrollment specialist. It’s the proposal after the open-ended discussion.

If someone buys, you can start the process over again with upsells or cross-sells to other products. (Such as the “Mastermind” after the high ticket coaching program.)

If they don’t, you continue to indoctrinate until they buy or wash out….

… or you start the process over with a NEW Product, using a different attraction mechanism.

When you think about marketing in this way, it should be easier to come up with a complete funnel and make sense of all the steps you need to take to grow your business.

Hey, if my handsome bearded husband can learn marketing, so you can you. 🙂

And of course, if you need help with this, you know where to find me. or email Adam and I at


* At least an expert by “online coaching” standards. 😉 Seriously though, I hope this formula helps you make sense of marketing and reduce the complication so you grow your list, get more buyers, and make more money in 2019… and therefore have a bigger impact on the world.

About the Author

Lynn Swayze is a Direct Response Copywriter, fiction author, and NLP Master-in-training who uses empathy, visualization, and time-tested persuasion techniques to write better copy. She writes copy for consultants, course creators, alternative health supplements, mindset coaches, and IT companies. She can be hired for landing pages, funnel copy, webinars, VSLs, and story-based email series. Send an email to to discuss your next marketing project and how Lynn can help.