About Lynn Swayze

Lynn M. Swayze is a direct response copywriter, entrepreneur, marketing technologist, storyteller, polyglot,  persuasion/propaganda specialist, and NLP coach. 

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Lynn Swayze on Persuasion, Propaganda, and Copywriting.

Lynn's Writing on Marketing, Propaganda, Persuasion, and Copywriting can be found on Medium.

Lynn Swayze on Marketing Automation and Tech Consultant Positioning.

Lynn's Writing on Technology Consultant Positioning, Marketing, and Marketing Automation is on LinkedIn. 

Lynn Swayze on Language Learning and Being a Polyglot.

Lynn shares her polyglot journey on her language learning site, "The Polyglottery"

Lynn Swayze's Storytelling.

Lynn Swayze is also a prolific fiction author with books coming out in 2021. Explore her fiction at Wolf and Raven Media.